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Found 87 results

  1. Hello QLDAF, At Pet City we have incorporated a card system for the QLDAF members. This card will allow you to still get the 10% OFF aquarium livestock. This system aims to help make things easier and quicker (after the initial sign up) and to make everyone's lives better. To receive a QLDAF - Pet City Discount Card either: A) Fill out a form from the aquarium department in store or Send an email to marketing@petcity.com.au with the following details: - Name (full name please) - Forum Alias - Mobile Number - Email (if different from the one sent from) - A short statement saying you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Note: The card may take several business days to make and be available at the Aquarium Department - however the discount is available at time of purchase, and from then on the card must be used. Thanks! Terms and Conditions: 1. Card must be presented at time of purchase to receive the discounts, and must be valid. 2. Valid only for card holder (name will be on front of card). 3. Pet City Club Members still receive an additional discount. 4. Only valid in store. 5. Exemptions may apply. 6. Terms and Conditions are subject to change.
  2. Hey guys and girls, Lately i've noticed Petbarn's prices and stock varieties of tropical fish have been quite good compared to fancy aquarium shops around Brisbane. What are peoples thoughts on shopping and buying fish at a petbarn rather then their LFS? They have a policy if the fish dies and your waters ok they will replace or give u a discount on your replace fish within a few weeks apparently. I know you'd never go there for the advice but the fish stock seem 90% healthy not to many dead or sickies in there and pretty clean tanks. Curious who shops there for fish or aquarium products bc of price or shorter travel times and their thoughts on how it compares to their LFS cheers,
  3. The guys at Pet City today confirmed my phosphate and nitrate are looking good. Now started feeding the corals and gone the Reef Roids. Seems to do what it says on the label. Think I was told to feed twice a week but may have that wrong. How often do people use the roids? Also checked out the red dragonets, showed Mrs Gingerbeer, and decided to be sensible and get the Dwarf Halkfish. Some other real nice fish in the marine section at the moment. Mrs Gingerbeer loves the red dragonets after seeing a small one at Marine Mates.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. When we saw this tank at the Pet Expo recently showing off its stylish design we just had to take it home and is now on display in the store. The planted layout was designed by John Bailey from R&J Aquatics and Pets specifically for the trade show, some may recognise the name as the previous owner of the forum. Unfortunately we had to transport it so it had to be dismantled and we have redone the scape adding a few extra plants. The Glossy tanks will be available through us and ordered in as required and comes with the tank stand and as well as the LED light - the lighting is what sets this tank apart from other planted tanks as the LED is in a tube style allowing the twin LED light modules to be directed highlighting specific area's. If you are looking at a Elegant Display planted tank - pop on in and see the tank - the pictures just do not do the tank justice. Aquael Glossy 4ft with LED Lighting
  6. Went to Pet City on Sunday ( don't get over that way much ) was really impressed with the American section normally just have the run of the mill fish but this time Wood cats Neets Uaru (but out of stock) Red hooks Bass mono Acara electric blue just what I can remember shops nice and clean as well as tanks and fish are nice and healthy if you haven't been for awhile it's worth a drive FJ
  7. Check out more photos of the Killifish here: https://www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt/posts/10153217009051843 Visit our Facebook page to see the other cool fish we are constantly getting in: www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt
  8. Just found out that for the second time in the last 12 months, the Pet Barn chain has bought out and taken over a longstanding independently owned Gold Coast pet shop. 100% Pets at Tweed Heads has now joined Coomera Pet Barn as a member of the Pet Barn chain Now neither of these shops was a specialist lfs, but both did have a strong interest in the fish side of the hobby and tried to maintain a wider range of fish than the basic "bread and butter" species usually stocked by these chain stores. Both shops as part of the Pet Barn chain are now required to stock only a limited range of fish purchased exclusively from a Melbourne based wholesaler. You may be aware that the Pet Barn chain also took over the City Farmers chain last year. This appears to be a corporation intent on dominating the whole pet supply industry by taking out the competition. Reminds me of a couple of other major corporations that started by dominating the grocery industry. If this has happened twice in the last 12 months on the Gold Coast, it is probably happening around Australia. Personally I don't believe this situation is beneficial for the fishkeeping hobby. We can't blame the struggling owners of existing businesses for taking the money offered, we can only help make that decision harder for them by supporting their businesses. Think about this next time you, your family and friends are looking at supporting your local chain pet barn by spending your money there.
  9. So driving to the coast. Like at least 4 pet barns on the way. good for the hobby or bad? Thought?
  10. Hi guys sorry its been a long time between posts. It has been a crazy few weeks and it seems like its going to get even more crazy. Some cool fish to check out: Albino Blue Dolphin 5cm (First time we have seen these) Moba Frontosa 7cm Simochromis Diagramma 6cm Rhadinocentrus rainbow Blue Poona 3-4cm Pacific Blue eyes (Great for ponds) Silver Scats 3-4cm Tandanus Catfish 6cm Paratilapia Polleni 8cm (only $14.95) Marbled Fenestratus 5cm Festivum Cichlid (only $12.95) Neon Blue Acara 8cm Marbled Woodcats (Very cool fish) Flagtail Prochilodus 6cm Red Hooks 9-10cm (Nice Fish) Killi Bitaeniatum Logos (German) Killi Blue Guilaris Killi Australe Chocolate (German) Whitefin Ornate Tetra Striped Metynnis (Very Rare) Neon Tetra (Fish of the Month only 5 for $10.00) Motoro Stingray Rhinopias Eschmeyeri (Marine Rare) Kuda Seahorse (Mareine fish of the Month only $39.95ea) And plenty more to choose from in store. Just remember to ask for the QLDAF Discount on livestock. Gavin/Tangy Aquarium Manager Pet City Mt. Gravatt
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hello QLDAF! Here are the specials available in store at Pet City this month: Specials not available online. Club Pricing relates to Pet City's VIP Club. Ends 28/02/15. Only while stocks last. QLDAF Discount does not apply to Fish of the Month. Other individual terms and conditions may apply!
  13. Redlands Pet Centre is now an official sponser of this forum. Thank you to Brad and the other moderators for allowing us to be a part of this forum. As our 1st official sponsership we have arranged for a day trip to Bayfish (Bay Tropical Fish Farm) to be held on Monday 07/07/08. I am currently arranging the itinery for the day, but it will be something like this: Meet at Redlands Pet Centre Tim from Aqua Blue will give a talk on the nexus filter systems. He is also a bit of a marine fish expert. (Tim is still to be confirmed) Leave by Bus from Redlands Pet Centre Arrive at Bayfish Tour of Bayfish Demo and talk on Eheim filters Have lunch at Bayfish (Probably a sausage sizzle) Return to Redlands Pet Centre by bus I am currently arranging with Bayfish for you to be allowed to purchase fish on the day. They are happy to do that, but they can't and won't sell direct to the public, so all purchases will have to be through Redlands Pet Centre. They cannot make their wholesale list available to the public, but we will hopefully have a good list of fish at great prices on the day. Also as they don't sell direct to the public they will only allow people in that arrive on the bus from Redlands Pet Centre. I know this will be a bit of a problem for some of you that already live on the Northside, but I can't see any other way around it. I am also trying to arrange for good prices on Eheim filters and Jager Heaters on the day. Maybe a few other things as well. There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day. When we return to Redlands Pet Centre, we will also have some great prices on stock that will be only for QLDAF members. Trust me there will be some bargains. Those who know me, will know how good these will be. So, as there is catering and a bus to be arranged I would really like to get an idea of how many of you would be interested. Please respond to this topic so I can get an idea of it's popularity. I will arrange final bookings and numbers closer to the day. Oh, and the cost. Redlands Pet Centre will be meeting the cost of the Bus Trip, Lunch and Drinks on the day. So it should be totally free. This trip is only available to QLDAF members. If you have friends that may want to come, please make sure they register on the forum. I look forward to hearing from you. Russ Redlands Pet Centre Ph. 3823 3733 Email redpets5@bigpond.com
  14. https://www.facebook.com/petindustryassociation/posts/867294436667341 The aquarium industry is facing the most serious threat it has ever had to deal with since 1999. Changes due to commence March 1st., 2015, will significantly impact the industry. If you want to help and already know about this problem, then please go straight to the bottom of this document, where there is an action plan. If you want more information then please read on ….. What is Iridovirus? There is a family of viruses called Iridovirus. They include a sub-group called Megalocytivirus and one member of this sub-group is commonly called gourami iridovirus. For the sake of consistency, the term gourami iridovirus is used in this Fact Sheet. The gourami iridovirus is NOT recognized internationally as an OIE listed disease of significance or importance. The OIE (Office International des Epizooties) is the World Organization for Animal Health. It is therefore not considered an important disease internationally and hence there is very little background testing to see how common it is. History in Australia This entire process came about because of an illegal practice by the aquaculture industry in 2003. An outbreak of Iridovirus occurred on a Murray Cod farm that killed many young fish. This outbreak was linked to the illegal practice of feeding gourami fish to the Murray Cod broodstock (breeders). At the time (late-summer) the water temperature was 26 to 27oC . Murray Cod should be kept at a temperature below 25oC, and in fact prefer less than 20oC. They are a temperate fish, not a tropical fish. This high temperature for the Murray Cod was a major contributing factor with heat stress reducing their immune system and making them more susceptible to disease. The disease problem went away with NO Government intervention, did NOT escape into the wild and has NOT been seen since in Murray Cod or any other native Australian fish since 2003. Testing by researchers at the Sydney University replicated this outbreak. However, they conducted this by stressing the Murray Cod at high temperatures of 27oC. There has been no study to confirm that the virus can affect Murray Cod at their normal temperature range of below 25oC. There has never been a serious disease outbreak in Australian native fish in our waterways due to the importation of aquarium fish into Australia. The current import system is effective because up to 20 million fish are imported into Australia every year and surely by now if there was a potential for a disease outbreak it would have occurred by now. Aquarium fish are generally a dead end for disease transmission with no contact with the wild environment. Most fish owners are responsible and therefore, any fish that die are placed into the rubbish bin or are buried in the ground. Hence, direct contact with waterways is very limited. Current Quarantine requirements In Australia, there is insufficient local breeding of fish to supply the home aquarium market and so importing fish is necessary to meet the demand. The importation of fish into Australia operates within a highly regulated Federal Government framework controlled by the Department of Agriculture (previously Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry or DAFF). Only species on the National Allowable Permit List can be imported into Australia, and these fish then enter a Federal Government audited Quarantine Approved Premise (QAP). The fish are held in the QAP after their arrival for 7, 14 or 21 days depending on the species. The fish are released from quarantine only after they have been inspected and found to be healthy by Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) officers. Proposed fish quarantine changes due to Iridovirus Due to the iridovirus problem in 2003 and some further research, in 2008 the Federal Government elected to undertake a new Import Risk Assessment (IRA) for potential fish affected by iridovirus. The final document was released in September 2014. The PIAA attended many meetings with Government and argued on many occasions that the proposed changes were not necessary. The Australian Government is about to introduce dramatic changes to the current fish importing requirements. They are demanding off-shore, batch laboratory testing that will result in the killing of thousands of healthy fish. This means that every consignment of fish to be exported will need to be tested before being sent. There is no test currently available without killing fish and collecting their internal organs. The testing regime is all based upon statistics and for example if you wish to import 20 of Fish type X then you need to kill 19 of them. If they test negative the remaining one can be safely imported. If you want to import 50 of Fish type Y, then you need to kill 35 of them. If they test negative the remaining 15 can be safely imported. Finally, if you want to import 2000 of Fish type Z, then you need to kill 58 of them which if they test negative will mean that the remaining 1942 can be safely imported. So many fish will be killed unnecessarily to justify this testing requirement. Apart from the cost of the laboratory testing (originally estimated at $2000 per batch by the Australian pathology laboratories), the loss of healthy fish becomes a welfare issue. The only alternative to batch testing is to demonstrate source freedom. A process that normally takes two years, and yet in less than three months the Government expects overseas authorities to be able to somehow satisfy these requirements. These measures will drastically increase the cost of bringing the remaining fish into Australia and for some it will no longer be economic to import them. Estimations are that the cost of all fish will increase and up to four times for some species. This will have a major impact on many small businesses and make the keeping of fish in home aquariums prohibitively expensive for many people. All because of an illegal feeding practice back in 2003 by the aquaculture industry. The other important point to note is that research funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC – report 2009/044) in June 2013, found the gourami iridovirus on an aquarium fish farm in Queensland, indicating it is already in the country. It appears that once again, there was no eradication conducted by the government and so the disease is already present within Australian borders. The same report undertook some testing in wild fish and did not find the virus once again indicating the fact that the current quarantine controls are working. It is important to note here that Biosecurity Australia (part of the Department of Agriculture) has been providing the scientific advice and policy for the government to consider and then for AQIS to implement. Unfortunately, the outcome provided by Biosecurity Australia and AQIS is completely impractical, commercially unviable and also unnecessary. The Future The PIAA fully supports the current quarantine of fish and does not see a system that is broken and needs such a radical repair. We ask you to express your concern at what is proposed by sending emails, letters, signing petitions and discussing the problem on social media. Please see below for contact details and what we ask you to do. I thank you in advance for your co-operation with what is the most serious threat ever to the home aquarium industry. Dr Rob Jones (‘The Aquarium Vet’) Director of Pet Services, PIAA ACTION PLAN Please talk on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word. Please contact the following Members of Parliament to let them know your concerns. There is a draft letter below with some ideas. Ministers Minister for Agriculture, The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP B.Joyce.MP@aph.gov.au Facebook: Barnaby Joyce Twitter: Barnaby_Joyce Minister for Small Business, The Hon. Bruce Billson MP B.Billson.MP@aph.gov.au Minister for Trade and Investment, The Hon. Andrew Robb AO, MP Andrew.Robb.MP@aph.gov.au Minister for Industry and science, The Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP Ian.Macfarlane.MP@aph.gov.au Shadow Ministers Shadow Minister for Agriculture, The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon MP Joel.fitzgibbon.MP@aph.gov.au Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment, Senator the Hon. Penny Wong Penny.Wong.MP@aph.gov.au Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, The Hon. Julie Owens MP Julie.Owens.MP@aph.gov.au Dear XX I have been keeping fish for XX years. I talked to my local pet / aquarium shop and they say they will need to close down some of their fish tanks as the cost of aquarium fish will increase substantially after March 1st., 2015, due to unreasonable changes to the quarantine situation. I understand that it may become impossible for me to obtain some rarer types of cichlids and Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) due to financial consideration of these new import restrictions I understand that despite the aquarium industry importing many millions of fish into Australia for over 40 years, that there has never been a serious disease outbreak in Australian native fish in our waterways due to the aquarium fish. The current quarantine system is effective and does not need to be changed. There are many health benefits to Australian who own fish and so this change may actually increase the medical expense budget for the Government. I therefore urge you to investigate these changes, which appear to be totally unnecessary. Yours Sincerely
  15. Shame to see petbarn chain take over another independent pet store.
  16. Hello fellow QLDAFers, here are the Aquarium pages from our January Catalogue: You can also check out our other sections here: Dog&Cat - Dog - Cat - Bird - Reptile - Small Animals Specials not available online. Club Pricing relates to Pet City's VIP Club. Ends 31/01/15. Only while stocks last. Other individual terms and conditions may apply!
  17. .Hey guys, does anyone one know what pet shops on the Northside would consider buying my venustus?
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Tried to find him a couple girls to choose a mate from but never came across more Eret Cyano Mpimbwe & didn't wanna cross locales. He's become a pet lol Tried to measure & photo but only have 2 hands & couldn't take a pic & hold him flat over the tape, he curls when out of the water. He's just under 15cm by bout 2-3mm & the tamest tang I've ever seen not only hand feed but:
  20. yep a new pet shop in kawana pet barn and its got a vet there to just like best friends across the road from them
  21. very impressed with the level of service at the Redlands Pet Centre got a great discount, and really nice guys great stuff :beer:
  22. Once again 2 of our great sponsors have impressed me while doing the rounds with a long time friend from S.A.After looking at the clean healthy tanks at Marine mates it was time to talk sumps chemicals and lights.Well how nice it was to have someone who knows what they are talking about without trying to bull**** or upsell and explain to my mate who is no beginner by any means but a bit out of his depth with the progress in technology in keeping marines in todays society.Must say the time we spent there was well worth the trip and would like to thank the staff member as well as the owner for making it such a pleasure to visit.After hopping around looking at shops we made our way to pet city to be greeted by a shop full of people good to see the place busy.Running out of time we a-lined to the first salesperson we saw free.Just happened to be the same person we saw 2years ago when my mate visited You should of seen my face when he remembered me although I myself had only been in the store twice in the last 2 years.He and who I believe to be the manager were both taking the time to explain to my friend all about the advancements in lighting and additives to help maintain his new saltwater reef tank and build.Can say ITS been a long time since I have been so impressed with the quality of service provided at any aquarium QLD or out of state.:clap2:
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  24. My harlequin crab has been good lately and it deserved to be spoilt, lol, with a big chunk of food.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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