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Found 64 results

  1. photo thread only, no chat, photo of my old goldfish pond that i sadly had to sell,
  2. Just thought I'd share a photo of my fronnie tank after today's water change.. Thanks to dean from AOA for selling me some of his personal lava rock the fish are loving the extra hidy holes.. The fish are all in hiding lol
  3. Just thought I'd share a photo of my fronnie tank after today's water change.. Thanks to dean from AOA for selling me some of his personal lava rock the fish are loving the extra busy holes..
  4. I'm not sure if anyone has done this already, but FaceBook seems to be the best place to upload your photo's to to get a good link to here. You don't have to pay for the service and the photo links don't seem to die over time like a lot of other photo hosting websites do, they only crap out if you delete the picture itself. Nearly everyone on this website has an account on there already. Go to the picture you have uploaded, right click it, {Copy image address} Come back to here and paste the link between the codes . Just be aware that some pictures in old albums may not work.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey all, managed to borrow a camera to try and get some photos. Obviously had no clue what I was doing, just clicked a few buttons and swirled a few dials to find out what worked the best. The camera is a Pentax ___ with Pentax ___ lenses. I got lucky on a few of the hundred I took, and would like some advice to help improve my luck. I am an absolute novice with cameras. Anyway the photos:
  8. So I was at my LFS the other say and seen in 2 seperate tanks a "manaconda" and a dovii seperated by a divider, In the other tank they where selling there juvi's labbeled "stir fry fish" lol I asked what is a stir fry fish and they told me " just a big mix of things that worked" lol juvi's where a beautiful yellow with blue fins. They where asking 40ea. A bit pricey but would have been beautiful to see what they grew out like. Went back yesterday to get one and the tank was empty and parents where sold. =( one of those moments were I'm kicking myself for it. But the main reason for this thread is to confirm that the mix if fish would work?
  9. The oceans beauty is nicely shown by this pic from last weekend as we headed out as to why the ocean for me equates to liquid gold-liquidg and its value as well from some years back.
  10. In this three footer is: empire, striped and coxs gudgeons, plus butis butis and nt f/w crabs (acting as "talapia" are spare humphead female and full grown a.cacatuoides male)
  11. Took some photos of our fish noticed one very well timed photo while looking back through them....
  12. These are wonderfully strange fish.... and they are Australian. Does anyone else have photos of their butis butis? Post them up for us to see!!
  13. Hi , I do not have any picture of the fish since the fish is too small to capture from my mobile phone. I saw many group of small fish around 40 numbers in a creek besides Edmondstone Road Bowen hills, exactly behind Virgin Australia office. I would like to know if anyone could give a guess which fish they are. They are small in size. I only saw them from a few meters away. They looked like female guppies, and when the direct sunlight was falling i could see that a silver colored shining was on there body. If anyone could give me a guess on that fish it would be much appreciable. I am not an Australian, so I am ignorant about the natives fish available here.
  14. Can anyone please tell me how I can enter monthly photo competitions.
  15. Stumbled onto this and was just blown away by the images. If you use the link to go to the photo's you can change the weeks which will give you more pics. Nature - Week 2 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic Here are a couple of samples........ Enjoy.....................
  16. This may sound strange but my wife just looked in my sump and noticed quite a few fry swimming around, they can be either common BN or OS bn however as I have never breed O/S before I am not sure if they are O/S) I can not take a photo as you would not be able to see them anyway so I am hoping someone out there has a photo of a batch of young O/S bn floating around. I can best describe them as looking like commons but have a white strip in their tale, sorry but thats the best I can do. Can any one help.
  17. Just to share some quality wild discus at my friend (cedric)'s place. FTS Group shot Let me get his permission before I post the individual pieces
  18. Some photo's from a recent trip to Singapore Zoo. Cheers Loachlover. -Damn the 4 photo limit.
  19. Hey guys, i remember there being a photo that a picture of every fish in the vieja geuns with their name below them. I was looking for it but cant seem to find it anywhere and yes i know the vieja genus doesnt exist anymore but its way to hard to relearn all of the names
  20. Found this interesting vid made by this great fish photographer.
  21. hi guys thought i would share some photos of these shrimp as i finaly worked how to do the whole photo thing for people wondering i will only be letting 100 of these guys go as i dont want to flood the marked hope u enjoy
  22. So what programs do all you photo people use? I have one I use for basic cropping and little adjustments to contrast etc that came with my camera, I think its called ViewNx2.....otherwise I have photoshop but apart from being able to smooth my double chin I find it a little too complex to figure out lol What else is out there that's not too complex and not loads of cash to buy lol
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. So I was lucky enough to have Brent Smith "Greenterra" come round on sunday night to take some photos of my Fish. A few didnt make it into the final cut which was a shame, but the ones that did make it in, look fantastic! So here they are, hope you enjoy, and a big thankyou to Brent for the pics!!!! .....think I need to get a good camera
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