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Found 67 results

  1. how is this blue guy, I miss all 18cm of him, pretty electric blue iceberg he is.
  2. Thought id do a BIG thread full of pics of my fish and tanks. Phone quality, I have 36 pics all up, please don't comment until I get them all up, have to add five or so at a time, so bear with me ENJOY! I have a 6x18x18 5x2x2 4x18x18 4x2footers and a 20 litre fighter tank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hi all, my eldest daughter loves guppies and has been breeding them for years so she has decided to try and develop her own strain. In her tank there is high dorsal blue endlers, gold tiger endlers, red chilli endlers and other assorted guppies. This is the progress so far. Guppies suck to take photos of lol. Cheers mick
  4. Hi all, Just thought I'll share some of the photos of my own fish with you. I am not a photographer and mostly use my phone:oops: to take photos, and with an occasional good camera. Fundulopanchax amieti Fundulopanchax filamentosus Fundulopanchax cinnamomeum Fundulopanchax deltaense Fundulopanchax gardneri Udi Berge Fundulopanchax gardneri N'sukka Fundulopanchax gardneri Makurdi Fundulopanchax gardneri P82 Fundulopanchax gardneri GOLD Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Ijebu Ode Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Lagos Chromaphyosemion biateniatum AMAR11 Chromaphyosemion poliaki Aphyosemion striatum Aphyosemion calliurum Aphyosemion australe Chocolate Aphyosemion australe Gold Epiplatys sexfasciatus AMAR11 I am always looking for species/localities of killies that I do not have and happy to swap pairs/eggs with other killifish keepers. Killifish are usually hard to find, so you'd be surprised to know most of the fish in the photos were bought from the two major wholesalers on the east coast; one in QLD the other VIC. The fish are out there, it just takes someone like me to chase them! The key is once you get them, to make sure you breed them so the fish do not disappear from the Australian hobby. Hope you like the photos. Cheers, Serkan
  5. Heres a little thread i've wanted to get going for awhile .. So this might stir up some opinions but I think we are wrongfully crossing our black calvus varieties not aware of the differences...seems people arent really aware of the yellow faced type but I believe its a true variant and I think we have some real deals lurking in oz(I myself vaguely remember seeing the odd black calvus around with a yellow streak down the front of the face).... The yellow body colouring seems to fade with aging(as is happening with stock overseas)...and certain fish genetically carry stronger colouration...i know some here in oz have mentioned it could be from cross breeding etc but I beg to differ...having seen images of wild caughts in the US with this colour pattern and also and how the yellow can fade with generations,crossbreeding etc has me thinking the natural occurring variety does display a strong yellow band down the face...this is apparently much stronger on the boys and a very reputable breeder by the name of Russ(Razzo) in the US had a beautiful boy with a super strong marking thus making his fry some of the most sought after calvus in the US as they were throwing heavy yellow facial markings..unfortunately he no longer breeds this variety(concentrating on frontosa I last read)but I have supplied a bunch of his great images and would love to hear thoughts etc on this variant or on the state of our own black calvus...seems we might be crossing variants and inturn trying to destroy different variants all unknowingly..if this is the case...maybe we should be trying to breed back towards the yellow pattern on the front of the face plus other visible features to save this type of variant!!!...I personally think if it was the result of crossbreeding it would also affect a much more wider or random area of colouring/patterning(as I have now seen in some potential hybrids).... So some calvus eye candy...some beautiful patterning on these F1 juvies... And so now some of the adults....... Could put pics up of these guys all day long...beautiful fish if you ask me
  6. Hi hi, I'm currently in love with the Jaguar Cichlid. My boy is about 30cm nearly 5cm thick. A stunning fish if i say so myself. Does anyone else have a big Jag? If so please post some pictures so i can drool some more
  7. These little guys are as common as mud in local waters where the salinity remains constant with temps above 18c with low to weak swell actions, and that doesn’t happen much this side of Moreton bay. In the past say from 15 to 20 years back, the open ocean temps out off here usually bottomed out at 16c at Flinders and flat rock reefs and thermo clines below 80 feet could get as low as 12c and with in shore reefs and estuaries and some times got down to 14c and lower. So back then, near nothing of any quality regarding reef aquarium fish and mobile inverts made it all the way through winter! In SEQ these days constant salinity let alone clear water is not all that common because of rain events, especially the last three warmer parts of each of the last 3 years, excluding this year of course, so far lol. For most inverts to survive, salinity from 1.022 to 1.026 is required all year round to build quite substantial numbers of these to choose yours from, so these days they are only common in some areas! Rain falls greater then 100 mill in a 24 hour time span for any particular area will kill near all marine life. Then onto dirty waters from up north which harms a great deal of life down here that comes from heavy rain from anywhere above us in Q will make contact as it goes out to sea with the east auzy current and arrive here as dirty waters while the phytoplankton works hard to process much of this organic matter, that is dirty water. What the phyto works on also includes many toxins like oil spills,etc, etc and most of earths carbon dioxide. But these little guys don’t do overly well till the waters get further south to cooler temps, then the real work by marine algae/phytoplankton and cyano gets into it and then that water now purified of crap, circulates out from way down south and up it goes, still in the pacific and heats and then back down here again. Some of this mix heads off to Mexico at times, but over all that’s the cycle The sunshine coast dirty water from heavy rain takes some days to a week or so to get here and soup up our waters and massive rains from up Cairns way usually takes from several weeks, “depending on the east auzy currents activities at the time”, up to two months to get here as dirty water but not so dirty the further it comes from, because it gets a little processing done along the way. Each year now for three years, what comes to us as planktonic life, as do near all marine life forms, even marlin and of course all corals, suffered severe losses. Also most blends in with the plankton as a transparent planktonic sized life forms. At some stage of their planktonic life they will have to head down and find a home when they are attaining colours and are at risk of being seen now or sense the sounds of reefs or smell/sense an anemone and then they hit the deck where ever that may be, usually over sand, deep water, cold water or to warm of water or to far up estuaries and they die. A small percentage of these trillions and trillions, “to many to count in any way”, finds a home to grow and show them selves, more so from late Feb into April at the largest amounts, then less then one percent make it to adult hood. But so far no massive rains kill off this year? The rains in recent years have wiped out quite a lot of what lives and breeds close to shore and completely wipes out what starts their lives in the estuaries from 100 mill and up of rain with in a 24 hour time frame, so a sports diver with out much knowledge of pretty much anything oceanic which is fair enough, will see just the usual brackish species and the more hardy chaetodons like Guentheri, flavirostris, vagabundus and some crapy wrasse, etc,etc that can with stand quite a lot of what many others will just croak from and become masses of food for heaps of line fish waiting near the bar/entrance to the open ocean of each estuary or from bays. The estuaries are sometimes completely wiped out to just bare rocks, or left only with the more hardy and brackish species, to nothing at all. So some less knowledgeable marine biologists and some conned new divers and the regular no nothing divers that know everything,lol,will now most likely think, bloody collectors took it all!
  8. Just looking back on some underwater pics this arvo. This little bat wing sea slug is one of the first underwater photos that I have taken and I took it badly. It was approximately 6 mill in size and so cute. I was hunting crays and as I came up this little guy/spec was mid stream swimming along and after a lot of bobbing up and down I got a few hundred pics and this was the best of them, I couldn't focus on just it. Not a great pic and I have taken it down to not many kilobytes to use on the net, but what can you do while free diving and trying to take a pic of a tiny marine creature in motion, in that way.
  9. Myself and a couple of the guys were on a collecting/field dive trip recently and this scene presented itself to me and after hundreds and hundreds of pics I have taken, this one I feel like I can call it something special! Finally I have one I am proud of. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201219276315198&set=pb.1569796931.-2207520000.1390656364.&type=3&theater
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hey guys and girls, I thought I would start a new thread as all my fish are now TANGS TANGS TANGS only in my fishroom. With the breeding aspect of these fish: I will try my best and always up for a challenge with the breeding side of things so fry will be available at times if not pre sold so if your interested please PM me. For you interstate members I do ship fish. I have a decent camera now and my pics are only average from it until I can learn and work out the art of photography. Enjoy
  12. Re-scaped my 6 foot tank and added some new friends. Got some lovely F1 Princess Brichardi, tried adding them to an exisiting group but they were rejected, they new have themselves a new home and have already made themselves tough against all the other Big Boys in the Tank............... love their attitude!! (Sorry bout the $h!tty phone pics!)
  13. Thought id do a progression thread on my three Flowerhorns, i will try and do pics every wed Any info/advice etc welcome as im very new to these guys. I plan to keep only one, but will grow them as big as i can. Ok so ive got nick names kinda happening, and yes im a chic so they are kinda girly. Helps when im uploading pics So i will have seperate the posts as i can only do 5 pics at a time, Ill start with 'Little Miss' Shes the sweetest, least meanest but least colourfull.
  14. Recently I've been unable to change my avatar, and now my profile pic and avatar have gone and when I try to get them back it says upload failed. Anyone else having similar issues????
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. a few years ago i lost all faith in canister filtration and have had minimal space to fit sumps etc, so i googled diy filters and couldnt find much. i decided to have a fidle n make my own over top filters using a container with holes drilled in bottom or on bottom side. for media i use gutter guard on the bottom layer some gravel and carbon second layer dacron or matting as third layer and sponge for final layer. then conecting some garden hose together with 9o° 13mm bends plumb a pump or power head up so it flows onto top of the container presto you have a filter which alot of the time you can construct for.virtually nothing if you have the pieces sitting around. i use the on most of.my tanks and water quality is very good. my 4foot kigoma grow out havnt changed water for 3 weeks cheers frontosa dave
  17. Only tablet quality, but ive been wanted to do a big thread like this for AGES, Stocking is located in my siggie Enjoy and please let me know what you guys think!
  18. Just thought id share a pic of my fav boy, red fin kadango. i have 1000's of fry from him and his girls and hes definately a very nice fish! The whole colony are all over 15cm.
  19. My dad came up for my birthday and we knocked this together using a shelf (particle board) as a square and 50lb braid as a level line. We put it together in one evening, sealed and painted what I couldn't do later the next evening as the tank came in from Sydney the following day. I don't think it could have came out better even if we were carpenters with proper tools. will still seal and paint it aswell as add on side panels and a skirt around the foam before it is filled as we ran out of screws. front inside under extra floor rail so I can screw in a floor later adds some extra support extra Side rails also add extra support and ease of installing the side panels
  20. Just a few updated pics of my Ellioti. I'll be advertising some of these for sale in the near future so stay tuned
  21. first ever time at putting up some pics
  22. Found this little 'sprout' while water changing the 75gal today. I have anubius, java fern, crypts and amazon sword in this tank, but this sprout seems odd, any ideas what it is?
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