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Found 5 results

  1. hi guys iam going to start up a cichlid tank can anyone give me a few tips on some bright fish that can be in the same tank
  2. Hi All , just seeing if someone can help. I'm looking at getting some fish of doug DFISHKEEPER who lives at Palm Beach and bring them to northside of Brisbane or Morayfield as I cannot get down there due to time constraints of working away from home I am seeking the help of someone who can pick them up for me between the dates of 27th to 31st of march. If you can help I would need a few days notice as doug works nights. The fish will be paid for before pickup by myself. So if your going down the coast from brisbane or coming up to brisbane from the coast and can help call me on 0419383886 Dan. Travel costs will be paid
  3. I just got a boy dovi at 13cm my malw Jag 15cm challenge him the dovii submitted and did flare back. But my 8.5cm texas boy keep picking on the dovii.....the next day the texas had bite marks all over him but continued to jarras the dovii, next day the dovii now swims freely around the tank (outside of the jas home) and the texas swims away from the dovii if it comes close. I guess the dovii had enough and told him what is what. Tank is back to normal. Stock also includes $$ and clownloaches, female festea, syn and grwoing out umbee. Bit over stocked but will good for a year 8x2x2 and sump.
  4. hi guys and girls; so i have decided on getting mbuna or peacocks as my fish of choice. i am wanting to create a show tank here. my question to you guys is on choice of tank. i currently have a 4 foot tank (standard aquariums r us) tank; which is great. HOWEVER i want a nicer looking tank as i think it is a bit boring and blah. I have the option on purchasing a nice bow front tank.. Looks to be around 3 foot, But much higher then my 4 foot. Dimensions of width; 33cm at smallest point, 50cm at biggest width and 70 cm high. getting mbuna or peacocks, would i rather stick with my 4 foot tank or could i purchase a bow tank that is slightly smaller length but much taller. Hopefully you understand what i am asking. Thanks for your time guys and girls.
  5. My tank feels like it's missing a species, I'm getting an itch to put something else in it. It is 8x2.5x2.5 with a 4x18x18 refugium and 3x2x2 sump and 1' cube trickle filter. At the moment we have a pink gg, a jardini toga, ~20 clown loaches, ~15 bala sharks (for sale), 4 large yoyo loaches (for sale), 2 gold spot (1 x 30cm, 1 x 15 cm), 1 sailfin 30cm, a breeding pair of common bn, and a few randoms. When the balas and yoyos are gone it is going to look very empty. I want a large (rare if possible) L or pleco or other kind of cat. Nothing too small. Ideas??? My dream is L191 but you know... $$$ .