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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING Okie dokie There has been a lot of discussion and questions about sumps lately So i thought i would start a thread just for sump pics. Post a pic of your sump here, list some details ( size, pump, media etc) Please don't post any questions JUST pics, if you have any queries regarding somebody's sump set up, please PM them or start a thread in the DIY & Technical section. NON picture posts and such will be removed from this thread.
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  3. Crappy phone pics. The male is about 7-8 years old and the female is young. This is there first spawn from this pair. That sponge filter is the really big ones from AOA for size reference
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  5. So I thought I'd share a few pics of my new set up taking the place of 8x2x2.5.. Big thanks to marry Ann's (Dennisen) stoked with the tank and how it turned out love the sliding lids... I would recommend his tanks to anyone looking for a well priced well made aquarium awesome dude and a pleasure to deal with... Tank is 10x2.5x3 blue vinyl wrap on back and bottom 2x40mm out lets 1x 25mm return 6x2x2 sump few pics to put up not set up the way it will stay just to give an idea of depth and style I'll be goin with...
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  8. Hi [MENTION=9766]spiesie[/MENTION] as per pm, i couldn't get the photos to load so i started this thread to show you what i'm talking about. You'll see as soon as i dropped down out of the bulkhead i reduced out to 40mm instead of using a Tee, i like this method personally.
  9. This area is dedicated to showing off your pictures of your Shrimp, Snails and Crayfish
  10. This thread is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy. So please use this to post up all your home set ups or just pics of your caties owned or wanting to own.
  11. Just wanted to share a few pics of my agasizzii fry! Also got a batch of borelli wrigglers I discovered while doing a water change.
  12. I have been playing with a new toy ( Micro-Nikkor 60mm lens ) The pics are at best ok and were taken with only the strip lights on the tank . The pics are of very small Rhadinocentrus ornatus fry . Not sure if anybody would be interested but here goes !
  13. Was very lucky recently to have the opportunity to get my hands on some of these L.attentuatus...It took a nice long road trip but was well worth the effort and hope to be getting these great guys back into the hobby some more.... Very sexy fish when displaying and the boys get a black "army" style patterning which looks very cool with the neon blue/purple that they have running down their sides... So heres some pics..
  14. You can buy wide bam torches for under water pics but at much more then it cost me to convert one. I got a 2000 lumen single diode torch recently from Hong Kong I think it was for around $14 to my home here in aus and then the ultra fire battery and charger that was held up in customs for a week or so for around $12, lithium ion batteries are closely looked at before being let in. The torch I cut down to put the diode nearer to the glass so the affect would be a wide beam and it worked out great, these are just a couple of pics of that cut downs results and two pics of the colours that the torch helps with. Torch cut The result A couple of pics with that light in use. \
  15. Better late than never Standouts this week week were the large anubias. One lucky person is going to score the one with a very nice bristlenose tunnel through it. Plenty of medium and mini, plus some 3cm potted species to choose from if you want to try grafting. Lots of swords (reds and chain), crypts and moss(java and xmas).
  16. First up one of my oldest anem crabs likes to keep up high and be ready to raise its claws, plus it’s the apex crab in the tank, lol, its nearly 4 years old now, well in tank years that is. I think it stays there to be higher then the other two in the tank. The harl pair are just plan creatures of habit, sort of, they go out from behind the hammer coral and grab a sea star, drag it back and they stay there till either its soft tissue is completely consumed or the sea star as just an arm or two and escapes, then they track that down later on, then back to behind the hammer.
  17. Hey all, Thought Id share some pics of my Americans that Ive been keeping for the last few months.
  18. Thought I'd do an update with pics of my 80l nano as Iv been slack and haven't put any pics up yet. Let me no what use all think
  19. Here's a few pics of my jack from last night after a big feed of mackerel pics are from iPhone so not the best
  20. .Thanks to [MENTION=2023]shon982[/MENTION]
  21. . Playing around with the camera - trying to get better at taking fish photos - a few of my fish All pictures © 2014
  22. Coupla more tang pics - still editing .... Probably the yellowist of emperors I saw - hard to correct exposure with green water. Dive buddy Heinz entering one of many Cyp caves.
  23. Most of the stock has arrived - bit more to go. Here are some pics of it. Running out of room already...lol These are the tanks that we finally put moved and got up and running last night and today.
  24. I recently come across a couple bay snooks and in all honesty these are a fish that i have walked by a million times in the past and never even taken a second glance at. The more i watch them the more interesting they are becoming. I think they are a cool looking fish. lets see your bay snook pics. greens or reds.
  25. I'm about to embark on a rebuild of a 75cm X 45 X 36, approx 120L tank. Apart from one or two chips on the edge of a single pane, the glass looks to be in good condition and I think will clean up nicely with acetone. My wife has already cut down an old shelves/cupboard/hutch thing and she'll be customising it further to fit the tank. The questions I have below were asked in another thread about sealing, but I plan to embark on the project tomorrow and need to get a grip on how to proceed. It'll be a few weeks at least before this is completed due to kids birthdays, my own 40th and a stupid amount of work. 1) Structure In CichlidWife's build, the sides are the same depth as the base and go back on first, with the front and back panels being mounted on the three outer edges of the base and two sides. The tank I'm about to rebuild was built the other way around: the front and back panels went on first and then the sides were mounted to the outer edges of the base, front and back. Apart from the aesthetic of not seeing the sealant from the front of the tank, is there any good structural reason to do it Cichlidwife's way, rather than just rebuild the tank the way it was cut? 2) Cutting down to remove chips (and improve structure) There's a good non-structural reason for cutting down the sides - I could trim off the edge of the one page that's chipped. Because it'd be an 'internal' sealed edge, it wouldn't matter if my cut wasn't beveled, I assume. That said, it's a big long cut to get right and I'm a little wary of doing that as part of my first project. 3) Do I need a top front-to-back brace? It seems possible, likely even, that the reason the top blew out in the first place was due to inadequate bracing. Given the dimensions above and that I have a fair bit of glass to spare right now, should I add a brace? K
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