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Found 42 results

  1. Hello! My name is Krista Located in South Brisbane and I have recently bought a fish tank... ahha. I like looking at photo's, so I will put as many in this post as I can! My partner and I decided that our 6ft tank would be freshwater. We picked it up second hand with some good quality gear included which was great! (tank before we bought it) About 4 weeks ago a bunch of mates help us pick it up and put it in our house. We filled it up a bit! and I put some of the things that came with the tank in there to fill space as it cycled for a bout 2 weeks. The Kitties have a great view ! After we completely filled the tank up and the cycle was complete we added the new additions to the tank! Some Serpae Tetra's. We later on then added more plants and more fish! Lemon Tetra's and Glass Catfish! Also I haven't seen anyone sell Glass catfish on here, are they not likely to breed in captivity? All these photo's were taken on my phone. Sorry about some of the quality. Atm we have 2x 2217 Eheim filters with 2 medium sponge filters running as well!. We also bought a Titan 600w Heater, to replace the ones that came with the tank as they were quite old, and Fluval aqualife and plant LED light to run in conjunction with the standard light. This is our first tank and we are still learning lots of useful information as we go. Otherwise the fish seem happy which is what matters most! We hope to add more fish and plants in the near future Thank you for taking the time to read !
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. These Portraits of Marine Worms Reveal Creatures from My Dreams and Nightmares some good ones there
  4. Finally up and running! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking LOL but here are a few specs: 6 tanks 2ftx18"x16"h sump 2x18x18- 3 compartments. First compartment K1, need a heap more and need to put some gutter guard so it doesnt flow into compartment 2, which is a variety of sponges. Compartment 3 has a few litres of ceramic rings and soon to have 2L of marinepure spheres (just ordered some from AOA, for my marine tank and this rack). And yeah I'm also waiting on a filter sock to come lol. Sump pump-italian made (forget brand LOL) 3500L/h pump. Seems to be going well! Also sponge filters comming for each tank. More diftwood coming as well and plants! Substrate-natural river sand from my old discus tank Stock (mostly still comming)- bottom 2 tanks will have a trio of pep breeders in each one + some cherries. middle tanks will each have a variety of cherrie shrimp and tiger shrimp at a later date. Top tanks will have a cherrie colony in each. Chiller: hailea hc250a - not hooked up yet. Temp will be kept at 24-25c. Lighting: top and middle tanks will be lit with T5s and bottom tanks will be natural sunlight/T8 when needed. Excuse the plate in there lol, forgot to get it out [MENTION=7908]corymad[/MENTION] [MENTION=6305]Gazzdogdiddy[/MENTION] [MENTION=2309]chopper[/MENTION] thought you guys would wanna see some pictures lol
  5. Just a reminder on what happens when you put a picture in your sales thread. Firstly on the forum the first picture you insert is used a the thumbnail when viewing the classifieds, meaning anyone scanning the list sees your fish. Read below for more information. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/qld-cichlid-trader-classifieds-113/introducing-new-image-thumbnails-qldaf-aquarium-trader-89727/ Secondly your ad automatically is posted on our facebook wall, increasing the exposure of your ad to other fish hobbyists in QLD. Again the first picture you insert is placed into the ad. A good picture will help you sell your goods. For some tips on how to take good pictures have a read here. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/aquatic-photography-101-a-77122/ Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and can be a good way to sell your stuff. Steve
  6. Following thread refers:http://www.qldaf.com/forums/technical-help-desk-42/how-upload-images-directly-qldaf-90574/ Still awaiting reply to that So does any other member have an issue with this???? I can upload Pics to a thread but not to a P.M.
  7. This area is dedicated for you to show off your Koi and goldfish and tanks and ponds
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi just thought i would show some of the fish im keeping Not the best photos mix of american african and suckers
  10. Just thought I would share pics of the stands I build always made to your specs and all of them top quality let me know what everyone thinks Thanks brad Thanks brad
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Just took some pictures quickly this morning Ventralis Kasanga settling into new tank Nigripinnis Lepto Livua Microlepidotus Kiriza Black Picture comparision showing how much colour changes when a ventralis is and is not showing off Ventralis Mpimbwe Ventralis Kalubamba Nice Ventralis Kalubamba shot
  13. Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I'm even newer at salt water so go easy. That said lets dive in to the pictures because they can tell a story much better than me. This first one is early on as Clinton from tranquil marine services was installing the tank. He has been a real big help so far with a lot of information. The first of many problems for the day, the top of the reactor had snapped off and will need to be replaced over the next week. We also have some problems with the protein skimmer which had a snapped connection. As the fittings are coming together for the overflow down to the sump. This is the bulk of the in construction pictures that i have but as the day moved forward and we filled the tank I picked up a few more. Unfortunately one of the boxes of live rock was Christmas rock instead of the red rock for the tank so for now the inside looks rather bare. That said my tank is now home to a few pieces of coral that seem to have survived along with what Clinton tells me is a serpent starfish. This elusive little friend declined to be photographed at this time but ill see what I can do later. The hood for the top of the tank will come later along with the broken items and the red rock so for now the tank will start to cycle and I'll wait for Clinton to come back to me with the replacement items/rock. Thanks for looking at my few pictures any comments/criticism will be much appreciated.
  14. looking forward to see lots of amazing guppies so post pics of yours. ill start of with my merah guppies. The male is albino... im hoping the links work
  15. I am thinking about Visiting Pet City over the weekend to get a nice red Sukura male to mate with this girl.
  16. Been a while since I've posted up pictures, so with all these new sub categories I thought I'd add to it If you're after Tanganyikan cichlids ever, give me a call or PM Here's some pictures anyway, can't be bothered putting down what they're are... this is just to look at, not to name them Also, hopefully you can see the tropheus in the pond! and no, they are not gold occies in the pictures
  17. Evening guys. Latly I have been collecting some extremely nice PURE Synspilum's in hope to establish a nice pair & bring back some pure beautifull fish to the market. However, The 'boy' I thought I had layed eggs & so has the second one which I purchased as a girl anyways. I now have a third fish who at a educated guess looked to be a boy, but I just dunno. He & the largest girl have been at each other hardcore, lip locking & smashing each other big time, but I dunno if it is serious courting or territory issues. Any help appriciated guys. I will attach pics of each fish & their vents & a comparison of the largest girl & the new addition. Will add each fish in a new post. Cheers guys, any other info I can give you to help just ask away.
  18. hi guys here is a pic of our 6x3x700 tank newly landscaped with png rainbows and clown loaches and corys and we just gotta add some L numbers and lots more rainbows as the fish get bigger we will put up better pics hope you enjoy
  19. Took these pictures last Saturday I'm pretty sure Here's what I saw in the span of 1 hour Only bird I missed was the red tail black cockatoo and the regular white ones
  20. Just an update on stuff Saturday morning Gary (wickky) came over and picked up his 4ft Headed over to Aquariums To Go and Phil loaded up the tanks all by himself! Got a 4x3x20 tank and a 4x3x20 sump Came home and Hamza and Tony (bones80) were here and we spent the day setting it up and plumbing it all Only the 4x3x20 sump was setup and plumbed to the two 3x18x20 and 6x18x18 tanks Then after that I went over to Garys place to pick up the off spec matrix he went to buy from RPC for me Today I plumbed the 2fts to the 3ft sump and it's all running now Had a bit of a problem, the outlet of the bottom 2ft tank kinked and restricted the drainage and had the tank overflow lol but not a problem in the garage! That's just a bit of old carpet anyway
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. I'd like this to be a spot for people to post their totally best ever awesome totally proud super most excellent pictures of their aquatic friends. You must "own" the specimen, and you or a friend must have taken the photo. Include the species and common name for bonus points... even the most common fish might be unknown to somebody checking in. www.imgur.com is a great host for direct image linking if you can't attach the pic through the forum straight forward, go to the site, choose from computer, locate the image, select start upload after it's done, copy the URL from "message boards" and paste it into a message here.
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