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Found 14 results

  1. If you are breeding normal Pindani and Albino Pindani in the same tank and a Pindani and an Albino breed together, how is the Albino gene pass on. I have come from a bird breeding background and understand Recessive, Sex linked and dominate where you get normal looking birds but are split ( carry the other mutations gene hidden). So if the two fish above breed will I get Normal Pindani split Albino and if so in what capacity. Thanks. Vern
  2. I'm back in Australia after some travels and setting up some tanks again. Was told yesterday that the Pindani cichlids are actually a hybrid. Is their truth behind this rumour?? I was always under the impression they were taken out of the lake as Pseudotropheus socolofi pindani by name and was not aware that they are hybrid. Not that it matters to me as I like the strain and tend to think their has been some good line breeding going on to keep quality in Australia. I'm just a bit curious now. .......
  3. Hi People, This might not be exciting as you expect but I was having a look into my Tank earlier and it looked like one of my Albino Pindani had a mouthful, Just as I tryed to get a closer look The male came along and they started dancing :egrin: I am Pretty pleased to see the only two I have are Breeding. I don't have my hopes up as this is the first Africans that I've had Breed, And they probably aren't in the right Tank to hold, Should I move just these two fish into there own tank or just let them be?? Cheers Les
  4. Ok so just wanted to post i tried 1st of all the just stripping with no assistance and that did not work so i got the toothpick out and it worked a treat and straight away only lost 1 egg during the stripping and will see how my DIY fry savers / tumblers go and will keep you update. I am so excited just had to post something, got 51 eggs out of her (blue Pindani) how do i no there is 51 you ask?? I took a photo of them in the tumbler and counted any tips would be awesome thanks guys
  5. Just wondering if anyone is breeding them on this site? And If there is much interest from people to buy these fish? cheers
  6. Ok so i have a colony 1 m and 5 F and i think 1 mayb even 2 females are holding. Ok so i no i need to get a egg tumbler that is about all. I am relitively new to cichlids all together and have not breed them so far. So i am after some help from the simplest of things like how do i collect the eggs and when should i do so once they have been layed. Also i read a while ago someone getting something from bunnings to make home made egg tumblers does anyone no what i need? or could direct me to that link. Um so yer any help would be awesome cheers chris
  7. My cichlids seem to be gasping for air not sure if this is normal or if there is something wrong with the water/tank. Just checked ph its down a little but nothing huge, ammonia and nitrite are at 0. help please
  8. I just got these pindani's and 2 of them i just noticed have a little white spot/square on their nose. What do i do?? any help would be awesome also can upload photos if need be.
  9. I have a breeding colony of 6 pindani. There is only 1 male in the group but since I have had them they have not bred. The other fish in the tank are 2 bristlenose and 6 electric yellows. they are in the rumpass room so they do get traffic going past it after school. I feed them homemade fish food, and I don't know the maonia ect. as I am saving up for a test kit. I have had them for about 2 months and the tank has bee set up for about 5 months I cycled it for a month with convucts and I previously had red empress in it so it is definately cycled. Do I need to do anything to condition them. Also do you have any advice getting my dad to set up a tank for the fry. If I traded the yellows for albino pindani would it make them hybreds. Matt
  10. Hi all Did anyone know how to sex albino pindani becuase I think, I have 1 female but not sure as he/she still have 1 egg spot on the anal fin where as the male have 3 egg spots. Cheers!!!
  11. Hi Guys, i have a quick question....I am not a breader nor do I want to be, i have an all male malawi tank, well they were suposed to be all male. Keep a long story short i bought 4 albino pindani from LFS, thought there might have been a female in the lot and just wanted to see what happened. I noticed one fish not eating, and had a large mouth so I seperated the female about 2-3 weeks ago. 2 days ago she spat about 20 or so fry. I have had fish breed before but usualy just let nature run its course, don't want cross breeding or anything. I am still concerned about hybrids but i was told if the fry are true albino then they are not hybrid, is this true? And what is the best course of action to take if i did have true albino non-hybid fish, how do i look after them, should i remove the mother? Should i remove the fry? What is the best water parameters to prevent loss of fry? How and what should i feed?? And another related question, If i put the female back in the tank with the other males what is likely to happen? If she breeds again will she always choose the same male? Thanks for the help Dean
  12. I got 6 new pindanis for my 55 gallon tank and I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of these guys holding. My biggest female has a larger mouth than the rest so I thought she could be pregnant, but I have only had them for 3 days so I don't think she will be. She also stops in front of my male and shimmies like she is having a spasm is there sominthing wrong. If so what can I do. Cheers Matt
  13. After annoying a certain person for a long time , i finally got a breeding colong of ALBINO PINDANI been after these fish for a long time and finally got a breeding colony of my own just thought i'd post some pics < thanks to LANCE great quality fish also DAMO83 for his stock that i got to add to these. breeding tank female holding Thanks for looking Terry
  14. hi all, one of my pindani has a bulge under its mouth, i was wondering if its possible its holing eggs? as it is not eating at feeding time and i heard cichlids dont eat when holding? can anyone help?? also as i am new to fish keeping any general advice would be helpful thanks ant
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