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Found 14 results

  1. Hi people I will be replumbing my system in the coming months and was wondering what size pipe should I attach to the Laguna pump to get the most out of it. It will be pumping about 2 meters high and then traveling abit everywhere as there are plenty of tanks to go too. Is there a guide to using a certain size pipe to a certain size pump to get most water delivery to tanks. Thanks. Mark.
  2. In my current project I have the need/want to paint a pvc spray bar black to hide it (rather than bright white). I've found on the internets that Krylon Fusion works well and is aquarium safe. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Not at my local supercheap, bunnings or masters. I was wondering if anybody knows of somewhere on the northside where I can get a can of it? Or if there are any other suitable products that work the same, as well as aquarium safe? Also if I can find it would it be suitable for painting internal glass surfaces in a tank (e.g. a divider along the back of the tank). I have use the tank background stuff from the local pet store and it works alright, just it has a few bubbles that have developed over time. Just thinking that painting the glass might work out better. If its even tank safe.
  3. Hello all, Anyone ever painted PVC pipe with normal spray paint? I know that fusion paint works for in take but if its outside the tank it truly cant hurt painting the pipe with standard water based paint? Black pipe is expensive... cheers
  4. I have a relatively small tank it's 150lt including the sump which i built in & runs along the back of the tank. The sump is divided into 3 parts, the outlet from the tank section, the refugum & the inlet pump back to the tank. In what section should I put the pump that connects to the chiller & then the pipe that sends the water back to the tank? Also does anyone know where I can get very small filter socks? They would need to fit through a hole that is approx 4cm because I'm finding all the rubbish from the tank is running straight into the refugium. Cheers
  5. Jumped the gun whilst at bunnings today and bought 25mm PVC pipe but got home and clearly it's not 25mm wondering what size it is? I know I could just disconnect it from my tank and measure it but I'm sure someone would know, also any advice as to where to buy the PVC pipe in black as bunnings only carries orange and cream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hey just wonering what u use to clean the piece of pipe that hangs over the side of the tank as ive tried using the pipe cleaner but it wont turn the right angle
  7. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is any types of pipes or hoses that are 'bad' for fish.... I understand that copper and steel pipe is bad, but what about these: Pressure pipe DWV pipe S/W pipe Poly MDPE HDPE PVC-O PVC-M ABS Does anyone have information on this? I was just going to make some DIY caves out of some Stormwater pipe I have laying around and I thought I better check. Cheers, Andrew.
  8. Hey all, This is my first DIY and I hope someone finds it helpful. I was reading the other day(may have been on here, i can't remember, sorry if this is a Re-post) But I read that it is possible to bend PVC pipe and keep its shape by filling it with sand. I was Looking for the U shaped piece of pipe that is used for filter hoses for either/both the intake and return lines. This is cheap simple and effective DIY version. It doesn't really need photos, the concept is pretty simple, i just wanted to post it up because i was Amazed at the results and it took less than 5 minutes. Better get started. This is all the items you will need for this. 1) Length of PVC pipe, the pipe in this article is electrical conduit, Also works with plumbing PVC 3) Something to Cap the ends with, I used sandwich bags tied with rubber bands 4) Something round and solid to bend the Pipe around, a Can of soup is PERFECT 5) I don't have a heat gun, but my gas stove worked perfectly well I cut the clippy-bag in half to get one piece for each end, Wrap the end of the pipe in plastic and then tightly with rubber bands. One side finished. Now begin filling the pipe with sand, once full give it a good tap, from all directions, even drop it a few times. You will be surprised at how much the level drops after a few taps. Gotta get all the gaps out of the sand. Then once its full seal the other end in the same way. Pipe full of sand and sealed from both ends. Hold the middle of the pipe over the flames, I did it on just above half strenth. Keep it moving so it doesnt burn, the sand absorbs quite a bit of the heat so it takes a little longer than you would expect. After a few minutes you will feel the pipe become a bit bendy. Keep going a little longer, need it to be quite maleable, over most of the length. Take it off the flame and bend it around the Can, Photo isn't very good as i needed 2&1/2 hands to do this part as it was. I kept the pipe pressed against the bench whilst bending, to keep it flat. Hold the pipe around the can for a few minutes to let it cool down and take shape. Once it can hold its shape a bit run it under some water to properly set it. Pretty much done now Sand goes back in the Bag and you have your Filter Hose U-Bend. I didn't take a final photo but you get the idea. Again, I Hope this helps someone. If it is a re-post or just common knowledge i apologize. I have also tried it on thicker PVC as i want to attempt an overflow box. It worked but not as well, It didn't hold its shape quite as well, but i may have rushed it. Ive done 4 of this size now and everyone has been very simple and straightforward. Cheers Jesse
  9. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has modified the pipes on their FX5 to a smaller size pipe? I have purchased a new tank and need to fit the inlet and outlet through a gap of about 25mm. I'm not very good at this D.I.Y. stuff lol. If no one has done this any ideas would be greatly appreciated and an explanation on how to would also be helpful. Cheers Dizzy
  10. Where can I buy some pipe of similar size to airline tubing but not flexible? Needs to be at least 60cm long. I want to make a mini gravel vac to vacuum left over food out of one of my tanks.
  11. Hi all, Someone had instruction s for making an external canister-type filter out of pvc pipe. One end was glued on, the other a screw off, with poly fittings to and from the tank. Powered by a power filter in tank, and returning to tank. Where has it gone? I was gonna make 2 this week! There was photos of it in action on a 3 foot tank, and the person who made it had the bits donated. Adam
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. does anyone know the cheapest place to buy blue line poly pipe and pvc pipe and pvc fitting? cheers lloyd
  14. PVC PIPE FILTER… The idea. To build a cheap effective external filter. Materials. 800mm x 100mm storm water pipe 1 x end cap 1 x threaded sleeve 1 x screw cap 2 x 90 degree female 19mm barbs 2 x straight 19mm male barbs 2m x 19mm clear water hose 1 x power head Aquarium silicone pvc glue As I was given a lot of the materials I am unable to give a cost for this project Directions Push the cap on the bottom and the threaded sleeve on the top and mark the tube for you holes. Remove the end pieces and drill and file the holes so the straight male fitting is a tight fit. I put my holes at 90 degrees to each other. At the bottom, put the 90 degree fitting on the out side facing up. At the top, put the 90 degree fitting inside, facing up. Use aquarium silicone around the fittings and on the threads Use pvc glue to seal the cap and the threaded sleeves on. Leave for a day for silicone to cure I filled the bottom half of the tube with bio balls, then put some filter wool on top of that, although you can use your own media configuration if it pleases. Maybee add a bag of charcoal. Connect hose between the powerhead and the inlet at the bottom Run a hose from the top outlet back into the tank. I have this filter running on a 3 foot tank with a 2100lph power head pushing water through it. The height of the filter can be changed to suit the tank it stands behind or beside, i would make it at least 100mm higher than the tank.
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