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Found 72 results

  1. I'm not sure if anyone has done this already, but FaceBook seems to be the best place to upload your photo's to to get a good link to here. You don't have to pay for the service and the photo links don't seem to die over time like a lot of other photo hosting websites do, they only crap out if you delete the picture itself. Nearly everyone on this website has an account on there already. Go to the picture you have uploaded, right click it, {Copy image address} Come back to here and paste the link between the codes . Just be aware that some pictures in old albums may not work.
  2. Hey everyone, bought a new tank today and want to make the back of it black. I painted my last tank but want to try contact this time. I need to find somewhere that has enough to do 6ft by 28" in one go. Cheapest/best value for money
  3. Hi looking at getting into planted aquariums and I'm just wondering where a good place to buy setups that are not ridiculously priced I don't mind putting out the money but some things I've seen are crazy!
  4. Hi all Just wondering where everyone else has been to get a custom made tank and stand and if they found the quality of their work lived up to their standards. Im looking to get a Quote for a 6x2x2 With Starfire front and side. Then a quote with just the front in starfire. Cheers, Jake
  5. What a nice oceanic home/cave, okay its an old oyster, beggars can't be choosers, lol, anyway it's got a good view, a tree out front next to a small algae garden with a northerly aspect, how could you get better. I can’t understand why no one lives there.
  6. Need a new impeller by the looks. Pretty pricey. Anybody got a good online supplier? Don't care if its ex. O.S Thanks guys
  7. Where is the best place to get the small coffee cup size pots to put aquarium plants in ? Do bunnings have them ?
  8. All my tanks have lids that are not the right size. Were would be the best place to get lids done.
  9. Hey guys, Nate here, I've finally got my license back, so keen as mustard to go out looking for some native shrimp for a nano I've got I'm most after glass or riffles. I live in the Logan area, but keen to go for a little drive, set up 2-3 traps, then come back in the morning to check on them I'll be using just the normal rectangular bait traps with probably a can of cat food or tuna in each with a few hours poked in Regards, Nathan Aka BarryToucher
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I know there is trading section but I still wonder if anyone knows of good retailers to buy plants. Most seem really expensive. Cheers
  12. As the title suggests I'm wanting to buy methylene blue just wondering where is the most affordable place to get some? Cheers Ryan
  13. We have been busy in the background working on a few different projects and looks like this one will be due next week. MarinePure Rock, if I am not over thinking it - it might be a bit of a game changer. We have always looked at different ways to reduce the cost of running tanks and this might be a perfect solution. One of major thoughts I have had on this is that it provides a greater filtration capacity for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. From all the information that I have been tossing around it would seem that it can be used as in tank filtration which means $0 running cost and there seems to be a multitude of applications. What I have taken in is that as the bacteria colonises it will create a bio film that will assist to convert Ammonia, Nitrite and as it matures it will also create a deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification. To me $0 running costs and when matured nitrate reducing meaning less water changes or just better water conditions seems to be a massive plus. Where can it be used - well probably the better question is where can it not be used. It is inert and does not change your water properties so it can be used in a range of fresh water applications, planted tanks with the man made rock being molded from actual rock to give a natural scape. Various different bio types as it there is no water property change. For saltwater perfect for the live rock alternative with a massive surface area from its porous composition. There are no hitch hikers so you do not add something that you do not want. At this stage we are still looking at the pricing so please do not take any notice of the listed price on our site. CerMedia MarinePure Medium Rock
  14. .As the title states after some 25mm Bulkheads with the black and metal strainers, and does 25mm pipe slide straight into the back of them
  15. .Where is the best place to buy Quickstart and Prime? Yes I can go to any pet shop but they are generally expensive. Any specials going somewhere or where I can purchase online?
  16. .Just wondering where would be the best place to place the bubble trap if I was to build a sump like the one in this picture I was thinking between the first and second chambers
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. As above guys im looking to get a 4x2.5x2ft (LxWxH) tank made with starphire glass front with possible sides done in it too. Have herd of a guy around bribie area making them but cant find him. So throw me your bast place to get a quality tank made up. Cheers in advance ROWAN(RJHELL)
  19. Hi guys can anyone recommend online shops to get eheim filters for the best price? thanks cheers
  20. Hi Guys, I'm new to the whole breeding scene but keen to get into breeding a few different cichlids. I've owned cichlids for the past 6-7 years but only in community tanks and all were sourced from local pet stores only. I live in Gladstone ( approx 550k's north of Brisbane ). I am chasing suppliers, private or otherwise that i can source either breeding colonies or fish i can raise to breeding colonies that will ship to Gladstone or are near by ( i don't mind driving a few hours if need be ). I have done a fair bit of research online but most suppliers i can find do not ship. Look forward to getting to know a few people going foreward and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  21. Hi guys, quick question Just wondering where you guys think the best place to buy drill bits to drill glass for sumps? I am guessing Masters/Bunnings are pretty competitive, but they still are not that cheap, any other shops to check out in Redlands/South Brisbane. I need to drill a couple of 50mm-60mm holes in a sump, so looking for best place to purchase them....unless someone has one i could borrow:eyebrows: Cheers
  22. Just curious as to where everyone thinks is the best place to buy plumbing? Hopefully going to finally install a Bean Animal overflow soon; BeanAnimal's Bar and Grill - Silent and Fail-Safe Overflow System just in case no one has seen it yet! Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi Guys, Want to build a couple of 20 gallon tanks to breed Discus. I've made tanks before but where is the best place to get the glass cheap? Thanks in advance Squidman
  24. Hi there, have had fish for about 6 months now but sadly lost 90% of them whilst moving from Toowoomba to cloncurry, so looking at restocking and trying my hands at aquascaping! hopefully getting some killi eggs to fill a new tank I have coming but apart from them at the moment only have two bettas, (my partner would walk away with the lot from a Lfs is she was allowed) two clown loaches a red tail Bala shark and a common corydoras, ooh and about 1000 very small snails I'm trying to unsuccessfully remove. All in a 150l tank, (apart from one betta he chills in a medium size tank by his lonesome. Looking to stockup as mentioned so if you could suggest a good online fish store would be brilliant thanks. Cheers and I've really enjoyed the forum great threads and tons of information.
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