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Found 5 results

  1. hi all, Very early stages at the moment but this is my next project, so I'm still planning things and I'm open to any input so if you have an idea to contribute please do so. ( sorry if the pictures dont work) the tank... so you may or may not be able to see in that pic, but the idea(whether its possible or not i dont know yet) is to have the back wall of the tank a little lower than the rest and to be a wall to wall overflow which runs in to an external overflow box also the full length of the tank; and then drained by 1 complete siphon, 1 partial flow and 1 emergency exit pipe.. this is something i will have to investigate with the tank builder as i dont think its something i can do myself and have it be reliably strong or if its even possible to be done.? the overflow will be topped with a plastic mesh of some sort wrapped around black egg crate to keep livestock out etc; not a fan of the flow restrictions the comb style weirs work. it would also be easily removable so i can slide it out for cleaning. the stand.. so for the stand i want to have a "shelf" of about 10cm around the tank and to try and keep it light weight. im thinking that to do so i should get a steel stand built and then top it with a timber frame and wrap it in marine ply or MDF. dimensions would ideally be 1400w x 800l x 600h for steel stand if anyone is a skilled steel fabricator or knows one? the hood... no idea, all i know is AI Prime is just too good; it was the first programmable light I've ever owned so I guess I'm biased; I'd like to run 2 of those plus t5s on a timer for a few hours in midday. the sump... Probably made out of a spare 3x1ft tank i have here. hopefully that will be big enough for to fit everything in that way i can get the chiller inside the cabinet too. or something along those lines. might be able to split return pump output to feed reactors and chiller; chiller plumbing will be sump entry, tank exit - doesnt make sense to do it any other way as its basically a free powerhead..?. still undecided on whether ill use UV steriliser. 1ft cube ATO. skimmer requirements: quiet, NOT an aquaone G series. powerheads/ wavemakers: if i can score a cheap MP series id do that, + something with good directional maneuverability that is quiet dont know how ill setup dosing - either way will eventually move to an automated system dont know if i will be using an aquarium controller but again if i get score a cheap one i wont hesitate; although its not on the kickstarter list this is all going to be a long process but i will continue to update as i go. any feedback on my overflow idea? is it possible? anyone able to price a stand for me? 1400w x 800l x 600h steel
  2. A very useful youtube channel, which can help you decide what will look best AND give you a name so you can find it for sale. And to get those hardscape ideas happening......... http://www.qldaf.com/forums/off-topic-discussion-8/aquascaping-inspiration-landscapes-66328/
  3. So, I have a my old setup which is a 375 litre 4ft tank (I think it is 4x2x1.8ish high) and 5 2ft tanks on the top. And I want to put something different in the 4ft tank and use the 5 x 2ft tanks for grow outs. I want something that likes hard water around the 7.4-7.8 ph range (as then I don’t need to fiddle with water parameters) I can however remove the coral bits in the sump to make the water softer. The substrate is 3 quarters medium gravel and 1 quarter fine black gravel. (which could be changed but I don’t really want to replace the whole lot with sand) I am looking for something that will eat live fish like guppies or white clouds (the smaller guppies not the massive females) as well as the normal pellets I have looked at frontosa (but they would be too large for the 4ft in the end) and blue dolphins but they need a sandy or fine gavel bottom. And something that will be easier to sell fry. (don’t want to have to keep fry for months and months as no one ever wants them but that is risk you take) I do have around 13/14 electric yellows currently breeding in this tank (at least 3/4 females but not sure as I find them hard to sex at the moment) but I find them a bit annoying as they are very skittish (as the tanks are in the garage and I don’t hang out in there 80% of the time) I would look at moving these on to get something a bit bigger and that would kill everything it sees or if they can co-exist that’s ok as well. Also if someone wants to offer up some fry to grow out as they have too many or want to split a colony I am happy with that offer as well or even if you want to do a swap for the electric yellows (decent offers) I have put this in the general section as I am not sure if I want African or American or other species. Any suggestions are welcome
  4. I have been planning on how I am going to setup my breeding tanks for bristlenose soon hopefully. Wondering if I should setup with drilling holes in all tanks and running pipes all together to a sump or just running them singularly with air pumps. Which will be better and easier. Looking at setting up something similar to 6x 2ft 3 high or 6x 2ft long ways 3 on top shelf and 3 on bottom if that makes any sense lol. Any suggestions please.
  5. So after a 5 year sabbatical, I'm in the process of planning my re-entry into the world of African Cichlids. With a lot of information forgotten, it's taken a decent amount of reading to get my head around things again. I'm planning on setting up a 120cm x 45cm x 51cm tank. At this stage I'll be running it with an external canister filter (not sure which one), however i'll be aiming for minimum 8x turnover/hour. I'm planning on setting up a minimum of 2 different rock formations, and one decent "tree root" style piece of wood, thus allowing for multiple territories to be set up. One of my biggest joys when I had Africans previously was actually getting them to breed and as a result raising the fry. As such I am planning on putting a small 60cm x 30cm x 37cm tank in the stand under the main tank to help raise the fry to a size big enough to move on. I'm hoping to try and house (and eventually get breeding) at least 2, if not 3, different colonies in the display. I'm concerned that i'll be treading a fine line between uncontrolled and controlled overstocking of my tank. I have a list of fish I'd like to see in my tank. The missus only has 2 requests. The final list must contain a couple of male peacocks, and a small colony of Electric Yellows. Here are the others; Maingano Demasoni Red Zebra Cobalt Blue Zebra Met. Aurora Ps. Elongatus (mpanga) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to what other colony/colonies you would add in and how many in each colony Thanks, Trent
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