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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I've decided to try planting some glossostigma elatinoides I bought on eBay. I'm not sure if I've done anything right? Please let me know if you've had success doing this. I've tried a few different ways to see what works any input would be greatly appreciated. Planted tub outside Seed pot in window I noticed the seeds get sticky when wet so I wet some and put them in some mesh and buried it the fish are eating eat though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, just looking for the easiest way to plant Dwarf Papyrus and Umbrella Plants, usually I just use a small plastic garden pot with holes in the bottom of it, place newspaper on the bottom to stop gravel coming out, place a layer of aquarium gravel over the newspaper, place the plant onto the layer of gravel, then top the rest of the pot up with aquarium gravel, could I use garden soil, play sand in there also? Have 4 Umbrella Plants, 2 Dwarf Papyrus Plants coming in the next day or two, so just wondering how to plant these. Also thinking I might use one of the spare bathtubs I have as a grow out tank, put a small layer of garden soil on the bottom, place the sand over it, then plants some bits and pieces in and just let them do their thing over the next few months. Cheers.
  3. Hey guys, I have had fish for ages now but I just upgraded to an awesome 6ft tank! I have never really bothered with live plants because from the few trials I had I found fish destroying them and my tank becoming very dirty. Would anyone be able to recommend (or sell) some good easy plants to stock my 6ft tank that won't make my life hell. Much appreciated, Dave
  4. Hey guys just wondering how I go about planting some plants in my tank I know that ur not ment to disturb the soil as it can release toxins into the tank
  5. Hi all, I have just ought a 15 cm cube from what used to be pet hypermarket on Sandgate Road (for $10) Incidentally they have a few fluval fx5 (in boxes, boxes damaged) for $350 each... I would like some advice with a suggestion for the lighting for my new nano cube. Im thinking of a hydor gooseneck one- but am open to any suggestions. I want to buy some good plant substrate (Ill only need 1 litre) I have some lilaeopsis brisbanensis, anubias on a tiny log, and a small crypt ready. Dont know if the crypt is a good idea.. Planning on stocking with a couple of guppies that I saw at fishchicks last week... I am not planning on using a heater or filter. Can change water regularly. Suggestions please!
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