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  1. Hi all, I have a pair of Albino BN Pleco's in one of my tanks and I have a few questions about her and them in general. What is the L number for Albino BNP's? When they spawn, how long from when they first lay the eggs until they hatch/get tails etc? With Albino BN pleco eggs, can you ever see the eyes of them in the eggs as they develope or are they pretty much impossible to see due to their red eyes in contrast with the orange egg sacks? I have air about 30 orange eggs that I have put into a small birthing tank (the ones that go in the main tank and attach to the glass with suction cups) as I got too curious (first time they have spawned, well since I've had them...). It's been two days since I found them and moved them into the birthing tank, in front of the filter head to ensure water flow and oxygen over the eggs. If I had left them be though, they would have all been eaten by the other fish in the tank so I'm hoping I have saved them.... They all seem healthy still and are still a nice orange in colour (the eggs), so that should mean they are fertilised and healthy, correct? Breeding fish is new to me so it's exciting for the whole family! Thanks for any help, info and or advice in advance!
  2. <s>Got this from a site during my searchings.</s> Since I have made a fair bit of changes to the list and observations I am taking ownership of the list IMPORTANT 1. Make sure you have an ID of your plec to ensure the correct dietary needs are met. 2. A varied diet of veg+fruit is needed so that nutritional needs are fulfilled. 3. Don't forget to include algae wafers, meat, and wood depending on species of plec. 4. If you put in anything that contains the skin or rind be sure to scrub it first to get rid of any pesticides. STARTER LIST this is a list of vegetables and fruit that are popular with most plecs. (Thank you to everyone who voted in the veggie poll and all the input) Zucchini/Courgette Cucumber Peas (deshelled) Sweet Potato Green Beans Melon/Melon rind OTHER VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Apple( doesn't seem to be too popular) Asparagus Aubergine/Egg plant Avocado Broccoli/Stalk Butternut Squash+ other squash Cabbage Capsicum/Bell pepper(not the hot ones) Cauliflower/Stalk Carrot Celery Coconut Grapes Garlic clove (peeled and boiled) Kale/Collard Greens Kiwi Fruit Lettuce Lima Beans Mango (caution will make the water cloudy after only 20-24 hours. leave it in for 12 - 18 hours no problems) Mushroom (common plecs and goldspots love mushroom)let it float,they will reach it. Good exercise Papaya Potato Pumpkin Rock melon Spinach Sprouts Swede Tomato Yam Most veg can be given raw but if you find no-one is interested then try blanching. Don't leave veggies and esp fruit in for too long otherwise you can end up with water quality problems. The easiest approach is to add them in the evening and remove in the morning. SUGGESTIONS FOR WEIGHING DOWN VEG Stainless Steel spoon(push the spoon through the veg) Stainless Steel fork(there have been suggestions that plecs have hurt themselves on the prongs of forks, use at your own risk) A rubber band/rock Suction capped Veggie clip (fish shops usually sell these) Screwcumber
  3. Hi, I have a 6x2x2 tank that I'm looking to restock and I've been thinking about getting a pleco. However, I want one that's going to top out at around 30 cm (not 45 cm!) and was wondering what species people would suggest? I was wondering if a chocolate pleco would fit the bill. I also like the gold albino plecos but I'm not sure what species they are and whether they would be likely to grow larger than 30 cm? Also wondering about suitable tankmates. I was thinking about the more peaceful Lake Malawi cichlids but would the KH of the water be too high for a pleco? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. Hey guys My mum just sent me some photos she has some eggs In her tank and not sure if they are the pleco's or not nothing else should be breeding in there but there is some yolo loaches that might. The eggs are in 3 clusters around the tank Hopefully the photos upload Is there anything we can do to move or protect them as there is also a goldfish in the tank Cheers
  5. Anyone have or breeding sunshine and green dragon pleco's. Are they in Australia and are they any young available?
  6. Just picked up this guy today from the lfs and am trying to get a correct i.d. the person at the store said it was a l222 but i think they meant l002? help would be much appreciated. ps. sorry for crappy iphone pics and the pleco was also in pretty bad shape from being in a tank full of africans.
  7. Hi guys, seems 2 of my fronts appear to have gill and/or skin flukes (at least that's what I think it is....flashing, clamped gills and just noticed some raised scales above the gills on their heads here and there. Fin flicking. No signs of ick or any type of fungus on fins or body. They are all pretty lethargic and I havnt seen them attempt to eat in two days now. The others in the tank seem fine at the moment and are eating as normal. Im not confident with salt bathing but have treated the tank with aquarium salt and increased temp for last few days but they seem to be no improvement. Ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 5 I have read about the various fluke and worm treatments but i have also read some of the treatments such as Trichlorfon can has adverse side effects on some types of bn and plecos so need to know of a treatment that is harmless to these guys. Does anyone know if Praziquantel? produces side effects for the bn's or plecos and if so, what doesn't? I'm thinking by now I really need to treat the tank not just the two exhibiting the flashing? Also as I use the same nets throughout the tank would I need to them also or just drop them in very salty bucket of water and allow to dry in the sun will reduce the risk of spreading? Any my advice would be appreciated. cheers
  8. Hi. I am new to the group and I am searching for a male L066 pleco. I am located in the northern rivers area of nsw but and willing to travel a fair distance or perhaps get posted to me. Also keen to find and give a home to hybrid L number plecos for my mini tropical display tank. In due time i will be looking for other L number plecos, corydoras and shrimp. I am unsure how this works yet but will learn in time. Thanks. Have a good day.
  9. As the title says i am after a l number expert to id this pleco for me. I purchased as l333 but on fb pleco site they dont know what it is and said its not a l333 or l066
  10. REGION: Brisbane North Price: $80 Size: 25cm Quantity: 1Sex: --Suburb/Town: Caboolture
  11. hey guys and girls can someone please give me a id on my pleco? cheers
  12. Hi all, I have this male - of which breed, which I'm not sure. He came to me in a tank rescued from a friend. At the time, I initially thought 'it' was a BN - too small to sex. When I moved 'it' into a communal tank with upside down catfish, other BN, a clown loach and cichlids its growth was astronomic. A year later, 'he' is now 16cm and quite impressive/imposing. I bought some albino BN, thinking I was providing a family for him and that they would ultimately breed - but he simply isn't interested. Is that because he isn't actually a BN? Help with correct i.d. would be appreciated. Thanks, Deborah
  13. Just purchased a L202 pleco at 7cm and after your opinion on the sex of him/her let me know your thoughts cheers
  14. Hi guys is this guy a L169? I have another that is much lighter in appearance with the same markings I will try and get a photo of that one also.
  15. I'm looking for two different types of wafers/pellets for my plecos. Need one that is very high in wood and vegetable matter and another that is fish meal based. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  16. Hey everyone, I have these new little fellows Although I am not sure of what breed these little plecos are Does anyone have any ideas? I can't really get them to fit into one L number. Maybe L002, or the store owner thinks they are L389. Unfortunately he has mis labeled fish before Appreciate any help Sorry not the best pictures. Thank you everyone
  17. I have a gorgeous sailfin pleco, approximately 25 to 27cm... but I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl. Can anyone identify the sex for me? It'd be greatly appreciated. Do I need a photo of anything in particular to help you guys determine the sex? Cheers, Lily & Geordie
  18. Can somebody confirm if my 2 adult are either male or female please
  19. Hi fellow fish addicts, I have had an idea for a few years now that I have finally decided to follow up and make it happen. Replacing that outdoor spa that had a broken heater and leaking filter with a fish pond. For months (I procrastinate a lot) I slowly removed and dug out my old spa and saved up the cash for a good liner.. .75mm EPDM (wow this stuff is unreal). Last Friday me and a good mate of mine started the build, which I'm sure I will rebuild/reshape multiple times but I thought I would share the pics and get some ideas from the experienced on what I haven't thought of and what will and wont work with my current canvas. Ignoring the current stream because it will change once I get the rocks I like and ignoring fencing requirements (don't get me started) I am looking for some stocking ideas and anything else really. My goal is to stock this with barra running a separate pump during the winter to get the water to the roof for a solar heating solution, currently I have a lonely 10 comets to help with the cycle which I hope will become barra food one day. This will be my first post with attachments.. watch me screw it up.. But for now here is the measurements. 2.4m x 2.4m Shallow end is 55cm deep end is 120cm My wild guess is about 4kL but if anyone else wants to do the maths that I cant be bothered with go for it. My current concern is I need some algae eaters that wont get eaten by barra and can handle the cold temps that might occur in a Brisbane pond with solar heating. All I can think of is some large plecos but I'm not sure what temps to expect in the colder months, I have a little concern about the plecos hurting the liner but I'm pretty sure that wont be an issue just looking for some confirmation. Pics will follow.
  20. So i got offered some lovely L002s today now im just wondering what water conditions they like? Heat? I know they love Dwood can the floor be sand? And just overall are these a hardy adaptive fish that wont die off if somthing is not correct
  21. Hi I just caught my 2 yr old eating the Pleco alge pelletts behind the couch. Are they poisonous? Do I need to take her to hospital the info line won'tgive me an answer as the don't know. Like WTF!!!! Sorry just freeing out a bit
  22. .Ok. Got a cousin who bought a 30cm pleco, u know the one i mean. This thing i feel is too big for the 5 x 1.5 tank he is in. Im wondering if the outdoor pond would be a better home? Pond is full of guppies snails and plants, any advice is welcom. Thnx 4 the replys guys
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Hey, I bought a pleco today, only a baby one around 10-12cm, I've got around 28 African cichlids, they keep taking the algae pallets I put in there for the pleco! How can I feed the pleco properly? Ha thanks!
  25. Hey everyone, just witnessed a bit of commotion between our two pleco's, first time we've had more than one in a tank together. Just wondering everyone's opinion whether fighting, playing or just the big guy telling the little guy he's annoying? Didn't seem too aggresive just a little push and shove. They've both now retreated back to their usual hiding spots but would hate to keep them together if they're not happy. Got plenty of tanks to move the little guy to if needed.https://vimeo.com/116400898
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