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Found 23 results

  1. Just wondering how people would plumb this rack if it was there's not sure weather to go 1 x 32mm overflow at the top in the middle of each tank and 2 x 20mm returns above the tank. Or 2 x 25mm overflows in each corner and 1 x 20 mm return at the top in the middle of the tank through a 20mm bulkhead any advise and pictures would be nice
  2. Hi [MENTION=9766]spiesie[/MENTION] as per pm, i couldn't get the photos to load so i started this thread to show you what i'm talking about. You'll see as soon as i dropped down out of the bulkhead i reduced out to 40mm instead of using a Tee, i like this method personally.
  3. Can anyone recommend any plumbing stores in BNE that carry a decent range? I'm heading down that way tomorrow and desperately need a handful of 50/25mm reducing tees. All of the places I have tried locally don't have much of a range (yet I bet would gladly whinge about how slow business is.) I know I can get them online but if I could find some tomorrow I will be able to complete another rack over the weekend instead of waiting another week. Thanks in advance, Matt
  4. Just wondering if having 2 x 25mm bulk heads as outlets and one 20mm bulk head as an inlet would work on each tank when setting up a 3 x 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 Rack and am better off having 50mm return pipe all the way from the bulk heads to the sump
  5. I have glass cut for a 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 foot tank which I plan to gradually fill with soft corals and fish with a sump and skimmer filtration as required. I have decided on a weir with holes in the bottom at the back in the Centre of the tank as I want both sides to have a clear view. The question is what would be the recommended size pump and with that how many holes in the bottom of the weir and what size. I was thinking 2 out and 1 return but not sure. Would I need 2 x 32mm out and 1 x 25mm return or something else? I know everyone has different opinions but any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hi All, I need some help, advise please. I have a four tier rack with one aquarium and a sump now (my plan that I will extend it with an other fish tank minimum ). The sump is 90Lx60Wx30H cm the fish tank is 90Lx60Wx40H. There are 2 outlets from the tank with 20 mm bulkheads and pipes. These pipes are going to a main pipe, which is 40mm. The inlet from the sump back to the fish tank is 20 mm. I use a 6000 l/hr pump, which has 4 meters head. Today morning, when I set the plumbing up I had to use a secondary pipe from the end of the sump to the beginning of the sump because there was too much water flow into the fish tank. But later this flow rate is reduced and I had to turn off this valve because the water level of the tank is started to reduce. The distance between the pump and the inlet valve is 100 cm. In the near future I want to set up an other tank as well (90Lx60Wx45/50H cm), which inlet valve will be about 150-160 cm from the level of the pump. I don't understand why was good the water flow and the water level in the beginning of the starts and what happened later. Before I order the pump I was looking for lots of information between the rate of the height and L/hr of pumps. I counted with this height and I thought it will be right. What do you think guys? Do I use the outlet pipes with unsuitable diameters? Is there too much elbow in the plumbing? I should use a smaller diameter pipe for the pump? Or other issues with I forgot to figure it? In my opinion, this pump should be enough for this small rack (2 fish tank and a sump) system but what is your view about it? I'm afraid of there will not be enough water flow for the second tank... I have attached a couple of pictures about the system hopefully is help to identify the problem. Thanks, Jani
  8. Just curious as to where everyone thinks is the best place to buy plumbing? Hopefully going to finally install a Bean Animal overflow soon; BeanAnimal's Bar and Grill - Silent and Fail-Safe Overflow System just in case no one has seen it yet! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys I'm plumbing my sump at the moment and stuck. My outlet piping has to split into 3 ways at a point, i was going to use a cross joint but only receive enough pressure from the one exit. Does anyone have a idea to fix my little problem? So far I've come up with a gang valve of some sort, but not sure if it will work or be the right size.
  10. Hey everyone, just trying to sort out the plumbing for my soon to be sumped 6x2x2, i'll be using a 4ftx18x18 tank as the sump, and i need some help/recommendations with bulkhead sizing, return pipe size and pump size. For the bulkheads for the drain i initially thought about going with 2x 25 mm bulkheads drilled in the top left of the tank but after googling the hell out of it, i am now of two minds some people say 2x25mm drains will be plenty and then there is a group of people who reckon 2x32mm drains is the way to go. Since i'm now unsure of which direction to go i'd love to read what you guys think? As for the return pipe size i'm trying to decide between two pumps atm and one of them has a 16mm outlet and the other is a 20mm and i was wondering with the outlet size do i need to run that size pipe all the way from the pump and into the corresponding size bulkhead or can i enlarge the pipe size at the pump and run a pipe sized for the 25/32mm bulkhead from the pump. Or do you run the 16/20mm pipe from the pump and then enlarge it at the bulkhead??? One last question, regarding what pump to use, i've read that most people like to go 4xtank volume for their pumps LPH and some like to go more. At the moment i'm considering using a Ehiem compact 3000+ or getting a cheaper 5000lph pump and fiddling around with that. My question to you guys is would the Ehiem 3000+ provide enough flow or would it be better to go the 5000lph pump? Any advice/views/opinions you can offer me would be much appreciated
  11. Was wondering if anyone knows who can come to my place, drill tank and do the required pl u mbing downto a sump?
  12. Hey all, Got my Sera 1000 C02 Reactor today (yay), so i decided to plumb everything in. What i am wondering is will my Aqua One Nautlius 1400 have enough head pressure for my loop. Canister >> UV Filter >> Co2 Reactor >> Heater >> Tank I have a UV filter as the water that we get here is some times not the best and well i guess if people get sick from it fish could to lol. Would there be enough head pressure, says 1400L/h to a height of 1.5m. Problem with the attachments is they change the volume. Any suggestions? Also if you want to post some pics of your creative plumbing feel free to.....
  13. Hi, just setting up a marine tank for the third time, just wondering what piping people use for their chillers, I have always used clear flexible PVC piping from Bunnings, but it kinks really easily and I'd like to try something else
  14. Just wondering thoughts if I should drill a hole into the t-piece from the bulkhead on the cap or just leave it closed
  15. need a sump set up right away on a tank that has a nitrite blowout and in it is some very expensive fish, just set the sump up a couple hours ago and need to know if its safe to run in now after the pvc cement glue has dried, the stuff smells super potent and toxic so not sure if its safe to run now,any help would be great as ive never used this stuff before, cheers
  16. i'm going to upgrade my filter on my pond and need a new uv on it is only a 9w and i would like a 18w can i just add another bulkhead and gravity feed the uv and if so what size bulkhead do i need
  17. Finally decided to sump my remaining tiered setup so I'll be needing a diamond drill bit and some plumbing gear in the next few weeks. I have done a search re drilling etc and couldn't find the exact info I needed. Here are my main queries, I would appreciate answers to any or all of them: 1. What size bulkhead would be recommended for a nine 2x15x15 tank setup (3 tier) in 6mm glass? 2. What size hole needs to be drilled for the above sized bulkhead (what size drill bit should I buy)? 3. What size sump pump would be adequate for the above setup (to house BN) which would be around 2 meters high? 4. Does anyone know a good plumbing supplier close to Geebung/Virginia that could supply bulkheads, strainers, connectors and pipework (all in PVC)? Once again, all help and thoughts welcomed. Will probably add more questions as they arise.
  18. Chasing some suggestions on plumbing for my new (2nd hand) setup… It currently has black poly for both inflow/inlet and overflow/return which means I have to restrict the amount going in as it’s a pretty dodgy job (the overflow/return plumbing is a smaller diameter than the inlet). I don’t want to be restricting flow as I like to have a pretty high turnover. The best option at the moment is replacing the return poly with PVC. What I’d really like to know is, if there is any way of joining PVC piping (and joints) to the external thread of the bulkhead? Does anyone have any photos of this on their tanks? I will put some photos of the current state up tonight.
  19. Hey guys, bought myself a 6x2x2 today and it needs a little tlc in terms of the plumbing setup. I've got most of it planned out but I'm still not entirely sure how to connect the output of a standard aquarium pump to PVC piping. Are there connectors I can buy that will fit on the end of the pump, or would I better off using silicone piping to return water to spray bar? I'll be going to Bunnings and plumbing places tomorrow and scouring for parts but if anyone has any info on this and can steer me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
  20. I am going to buy my plumbing for my tank today and I just thought I'd see if there was anywhere i could compare prices. I have quotes from Tony Powell at geebung which sound cheap enough but there's no harm in shopping around to make sure you already have the best price. Where has everyone else bought their Bulkheads and plumbing pieces from? Thanks in Advance
  21. For those who were just after strainers....here's some information I found: http://www.stgeorgelandscape.com.au/aquarium_fittings/aquarium_fittings_2.html 1inch is $11 http://www.aquariumaccessories.com.au/product_detail.php?productsid=573$4.50 plastic http://atj.net.au/marineaquaria/bulkhead_modifications.html
  22. Just wondering what materials, in the way of fittings and pipe everyone is using to plumb sumps(pvc, nylon etc) Any help would be great. Cheers Mick
  23. for those who have thought about it and wondered how much it costs........ heres a basic run down on the costs: Drilling the tanks: Drill bits 30mm diamond core bit $14.90 off ebay 45mm diamond core bit $38.90 "trade tools caboolture" Female bulk head fittings: 25mm $14.90 x12 40mm $20.97 x12 40mm pvc elbows $2.86 x26 40mm pvc 3mtr lengths $18.90 x5 40mm pve T-Piece $4.66 x8 Pvc cement 500ml $9.70 JHP-9500 10000lph x1 $155 (for first bank of 17 tanks) JQB-4500 4500lph x1 $60 (for second bank of 6 tanks) 20m roll of 25mm poly tubing $19.80 (presurized return flow) 25mm t-pieces $1.38 x 12 25mm elbows $0.98 x 6 15mm inline taps $3.68 x 11 21-27mm hose clamps for all the joins $0.98 x 45 so well and truly over the $1000 i had budgeted............. but nonetheless entirly worth it and the system will have paid for itself within 12-15 weeks and its much less maintainence by far which equates to a higher dollar per hour profit for myself with the hours involved to keep it all running just a bit of insight for anyone contemplating it....... Will have more pics when its finished,would of had it done last week but there has been a delay with the bulkheads........ how much did it cost you??? Christo
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