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Found 28 results

  1. Hi just wondering if any one can tell me the sex of these to flamebacks plz. I was thinking the first was a girl and the second was a boy any thoughts plz cos they r fighting like 2 males
  2. Hello all I am going to be moving back to fresh from a reef tank shortly and would like some advice on what fresh water fish to go into a planted 6x2x2. My last fresh setup was mainly africans cichlids. and I have a small planted nano that I will decommission shortly that has just one otocinclus and I love the work it does to maintain your tank. So basically I havent really had anything to do with fresh inn over 10 years so I am a little out of wack and would love some input on a fish list please TIA Florix
  3. My red devil is about 5 years old and he has recently got this white fluffystuffon his hump....one of his females picks at it, but not in an aggressive way. Kinda like she is cleaning it maybe. Does anybody know what this is and how to treat Cheers
  4. Hi im just starting to get into cichlids and would like to start breeding aswell. How do you tell the difference between a male and female, jack dempsey, jaguar, green terror and gold saum they are all aroung 2in. What size tanks do i use, what ph levels if that makes a difference. Just anything that anyone thinks i should no would be let me no plz it would be very grateful thanks.
  5. can anyone point me in direction of good sites to do research on these guys. or members on here that keep them.
  6. im getting rid of my jack an going back to some nice small colourful fish haha. was thinking of doing calb carb substrate an mounds of lava rock for hiding holes. i wanna keep number of fish on the lower side as i want tank as hassal free as possible. this is what i was thinking of stocking it with - 4-6 blue dolphins - 2-4 gold comps - 2-4 black calvus - 1 pair of humpheads - clown loaches for snail kill an general bottom cleaning. - 2 bristle nose an maybe a few princess not sure yet. any advice good or bad on this would be great cheers preston
  7. hey guys .. back when i got my tank i made a foam background .. then covered with coloured concrete and then sealed with pond sealer with a step out where my filler comes pumps back into tank.. well .. where the step out is the back of it .. is now open foam and its coming appart and small bits are all over the top of tank .. looking for a quick fix .. would rather not have to concrete and pond seal.. is there something aquarium save i can cover it with and then seal it or something that covers and seals all at once .. its not seen from front of the tank. cheers chris
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I currently have 3 clusters of eggs in separate tanks, one is fine the are free swimming and doing well, i have another in a tank with a young male who is fanning away from the eggs and I'm not sure if air is getting to them, there is an air stone right beside the log will that help? And I have another batch that's in my small colony 2m 4f but the eggs have been split in two bunches one portion is still in the log with the male fanning them the other is just out in the open beside a sponge filter. I had a crack at making my own tumbler but I made it to small for all the eggs lol, I was thinking I could get a piece of pvp pipe maybe 80mm diameter and a new chux and rubber band around one end,sit the eggs in the pipe with an air stone underneath on low and affix the pipe maybe 10-15 cm above the air stone. Would this work? Or alternatively should I buy a ''real'' egg tumbler? If so anyone know where to get one on the gold coast? e Thanks for any input and advice its much appreciated! Cheers Mike
  10. Hi all, Need some advice i have lots of trios of peps and some os/bn that wont breed no matter what i do, they all use to breed every 2/3 weeks now nothing for months any ideas would be great. THX ............................
  11. hi all, just wondering is scoria any good to use as media in sumps ????????????????? thx................paul
  12. can you plz tell me what these are?
  13. hey guys, i have a 3000L system that i mainly use for african cichlid fry however, i ended up throwing some fish in i got from random fish shops. Soon the fry started dropping off, some would lie listless on the bottom before dieing and most would loose a bit of colour too, within 24hrs of these symptoms the fish is dead and now normally has both its eye's popping out (not noticed pre death). seems to only affact certain species of fish and at sizes, from 10mm-50mm. fry would drop off at rate of 1-4 fish per day depending on species and then slowly stabilize with about 20-30% of the original batch surviving. (whilst the fish are dieing at a rate of 1-4 the rest of the batch seem to be in perfect health.) this system i ended up bombing with chlorine which quickly fixed the problem however it has now popped up in a 5x2 fry tank. im pretty sure this is not a water quality issue it may play a part but there is something else there that I would love some help identifying... any input much appreciated have tried treating with full and half doses of formalin and multi purpose but no change
  14. hey can some1 plz help me out...i know its some sort of thropheus cheers
  15. hi all, does anyone know of someone that drills holes in tanks in brissy. plz pm thx
  16. why is my blue peacock trying to kill my fisk, i have had it for like 3 months n the last week it has changed colour to a very very dark meltailic blue with red gills n bright red tail n fins, i know its a male, it has been in a 4 foot tank with about 12 different cichlids n there has been no prob, till 2day i brought anthour blue dolphin n a sunshine peacock, its now swimming after every fish, there is bits here n there gone out of just about every fish n the sunshine peacock is just about died, so i had to put it in a different tank to see if it will live, is it a sign it wants to mate, wat will it mate with, or wat should i do, plz let me know, dont want to lose all my fish, its the fish on my profile picture but times it bye like 5 times that blue, thats how much it has changed colour in a week
  17. A few questions for those knowledgable in the field of catfish (plecos/bristenose). I am starting a 4ft coral african cichlid tank (mainly male peacocks).. I have 3 juvi peps atm and am keen to get more peps & different plecos if I can. Also see if theres any chance of em breeding too. My questions are; Q1/ I have coral grit substrate & coral in tank - I was going to make some caves out of clay for the peps, disguised in coral grit... would that keep them happy or do i need driftwood (just worried about tannins colouring my water and heard some need wood to eat). 3/ I was thinking of getting juvi plecs and grow them out (see what sex end up with) as im on a bit of a budget and I seem to have bloody expensive taste... I figure (say getting 4 peps) I have some chance of getting mixed sex? 4/ What types do you think are available that would go well in my tank. See I want to make it like a reef tank and dont really like the brown ones.. and see all the unusual ones are up there in $$. I see you may have some L066 in future.. what would they be worth for eg? And would they suit? Can you think of any non-brown ones, available in australia & not worth more than gold that would do ok in my setup? I have looked at the L numbers and.. so many numbers, similarities, rarities, $$!.. its a bit overwhelming to someone thats just starting out! 5/ How many do you think i could have in a 4ft stocked with africans? 6/ Can you mix say two different types (males/females of each) in one tank? Would they cross breed? (eg. peps & ...) Any other reccomendations for me and my (seemingly unusual) setup of africans in a coral tank? Thanks for your time in advance..
  18. i have 2 blue dolphins 1-13cm / 1-20+ would like to keep them in a larger tank.2 of my tanks are 6x2x2. in one i have a colony of lombardi and the other a colony of venustus(which has a 20cm male) which tank would be best for the dolphins? cheers jay
  19. hey guys OK I have a problem , my mum doesn't want me to have fish tanks because she thinks its too much electricity. any help with this guys i have 2 overhang filters at AC 220-240V Hz 8 Watt and a fluvel 205 canister filter at is at AC 220-240V Hz 10 Watt and my light just one at AC 220-240V Hz 8 Watt therefore the total watts usage is at = 26 Watts can anyone convert this to a monthly $COST on an average price of electricity thanks
  20. This one is in a mates tank that I helped redo, I am thinking some type of zebra? mysteryfish.JPG[/attachment:28oto1iz] Will post the before and after they are great. Thanks, Cichlidae
  21. i need help, ID these fish plz.... theres 2. 1st one, males colour up, females stay white/silver colour with black thru them similar to red empress 2nd one, thanks in advance. Corey
  22. Hay every one my name is bobby and I am from brisbane, Im after some help on a marine tank I currently have a 3ft tank with cichlids in it, So im taking a big jump on to marine fish, I wanna no wat size tank and wats the best methods and stuff to use for a marine tank, And if some one has the time could they plz talk me through on how to start up the salt water tank plz, Every one gives me different answers and im bery confused, Any help is very a appriciated! Thanks BOBBY
  23. hi can anyone tell me,when my lombardi (BLUE) spat her babies about 4 weeks ago now, the colours are there and they are all blue(female), will some of them turn yellow (male).....sorry if i make ya laugh by not nowing this, but im new to the hobbie and its my first try at breeding.....so can anyone help me plz....
  24. hi there.. i have a 4x2x2 with 5 silver dollars all largish size 6-9cms, and i have 3 clown loaches in there... they are from 4-5cms and im noticing the largest of the clown loaches picking on and harassing the silver dollars at random. what seems to be taking nips at them... i also have a school of very decent size congo tetras, silver sharks, plecos n bristlenoses etcc in the tank but they dont seem to get as much attention tho if in the way the clown loach will take a swipe.. all my other fish are very loved and will get rid of the clown loaches in a second if i have to.. just wanna check others opions on this first... is this something to be expected and let it ride or what? all maintanence is done to a tea and ph levels are spot on... any ideas plz??
  25. hey guys ive recently got 2 JD's 1 texas and 1 jewel in a 5 foot tank, ive had the jd's for about 2-3 months now and the texas about 1 month,there all about 8-10 cm's maybe bigger. But the jd's and the texas seem to be very skittish everytime i walk up to the tank they seem to run back into there caves and loose alot of colour when there out of there hiding spots. is there anything i can do to make them stop being so skittish and have more colour. I feed them oscar grow, HBH brand flakes,beef heart and blood worms. Thanks guys
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