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  1. Gonna keep the words few and the pictures great, aiming for a concrete-shelled native pond and water-stream feature. At a rough estimation we are looking at about 4,000 litres, to be stocked with Crimson Spotted Rainbows, Gudgeons and other native fish which I hope to collect form Cedar Creek. Currently about a week into the project, will update daily. Pond Site: Day 1: (Marking) Day 2: (Digging) How the water run off will be dealt with (pond site is on a sloped hill): Day 5: (Took the weekend off) Dug a shelf around the outside of the pond, roughly 8 inches broad and 20cm below desired water level. 15cm will be concreted, 5cm to have the water level above the shelf and thus halfway up the bordering rocks. Day 6: (Levelling) Tomorrow I will complete the final levelling process, shape the waterfall/stream into steps and begin the 12mm reinforced steel shell in order to concrete next monday. Currently I'm leaning towards waterproofing the concrete (like a pool) rather than using a liner, but am still undecided. Have also not yet chosen a pump, any recommendations are more than welcome.
  2. Will a small group of Desert Gobies be OK to keep in an outdoors bathtub pond?
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum I have had an Australian bass for about 3 years and I need to upgrade I've found a range of ponds from 800l-1200l I plan to stock: 2 x Archerfish 1 x Snakehead gudgeon 1 x Australian Bass I'm massive fan of natives and I am wondering if there is anything that I could add? It doesn't matter if it isn't native but that would be preferred The pond will be heated, and the 1200 litre's dimension are 175cm x 118cm x 60cm Thanks, catfishcrazy
  4. Has anyone thought about putting a sticky in the pond section about setting up, maintaining a outdoors tank or pond? Would come in handy I think for others to read, both running filter or no filter, plants, substrate, no substrate, which fish for which area, amount of light, just all that stuff.
  5. I've had a bathtub pond for about 4 or 5 years now with goldfish in it. Quite successful. Moved the first goldfish out when they grew too big. It has now developed a dark slimy scum around the edges and all the vegetation has a thick brown slime on it. The plants have died back, no leaves, no flowers. The fish are still alive but not eating. All this in the last month or so. Is it normal and because of winter or should I be concerned? There's been some changes in how the whole thing operates but I won't bother going into them unless it turns out to be necessary.
  6. old fancy goldfish pond cheers mick
  7. I'm going to buy a bag of compost tomorrow to use as a substrate in a DSM tank and was wondering if I could use it in the ponds, was thinking in the pots and planters to lay down a couple layers of newspaper on the bottom, then compost, put the plants in, then a good layer of aquarium gravel to stop the compost leaking out, thoughts? I have AquaGreen Dino Dung, should I insert that in also? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Just thought I would put up my latest additions. The 2 ring tanks have been up since 2005 or so. Put the two 1/2 cubes in on the w/e to house a few adult Empire gudgeons I acquired and the 500 or so altogether young Murray Rainbows and the Fly Specked Hardys that resulted this year. Still have fry hatching...slowing tho. Had to re think the cycle from the main pond but seemed to work out ok. Want to put in a little solar pump about 200-300 l/hour just to move the water just between the tanks and just top up from the 'big pond'. Each tank just overflows via a down pipe embedded in gravel so fish cant move either way. Here's the pics... https://www.dropbox.com/s/li0dw1e3qbcahtn/F4IMGP0031.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kafz2stshjyh47/F3IMGP0027.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oplkws81q78ml2m/F5IMGP0035.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mq0bsq0jna8f1x1/F6IMGP0036.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vaw3l6oat0wv7h/F2IMGP0028.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qexr7pu4ux4zjzc/F1IMGP0032.jpg?dl=0
  9. i'm having my front fountain cleaned up with the front yard landscaped. Any suggestion on what fish I can put there. currently it has platys and goldfish. Less maintenance the better, the fountain won't run as well as I cut the motor out so it'll be a stagnant water. should I stick with the goldfish and platys? Anyone selling so I can stock it. Will need it in two weeks time. The base is about 5-ft in diameter so enough room for the fish to wonder.
  10. My pond (which is really just a pool that hasn't been looked after for years) has no pump or aerator and yet fish are still able to live in it. as i am adding some more native catfish to the pond, I've been doing research and i have not seen any pages where people have a self sustaining pond without use of a filter/pump, which brings me to wonder, how are fish able to live in my pond? I have no plants in it ( hopefully this will change soon) yet there is a hard, thick algae muck that is all over the pond. most of it has sunk to the bottom, although theres a few bucketsfull worth that are floating on the top. the inhabitants of the pond are: a salmon tail catfish, 100s of firetail gudgeons, 100s of guppies, 50-70 convict cichlids, 12 crayfish.
  11. So we have a pool that needs some repairs and now its cooling off its about time I got onto it, but I don't want to waste 20000lt of water I have a pond that's just over 10000lt and its time for a clean out before the winter so I want to reuse the pool water would a heap of fraction be enough? pond has Goldie's gudgens salmon tails and swordtails and a few turtles
  12. hey guys, i'm not thinking of doing this at the moment, but theoretically, could i turn my pool into a pond, and has anyone else thought of or has, changed their pool to a pond?
  13. OK, so here is the beginning stages of the Australian native fish and plant bathtub pond I'm setting up. Scored a cast iron bathtub last week for nothing, someone was gutting an old local home and wanted the tub gone, so I jumped on it straight away as soon as I saw it, heavy as all ****, took 3 of us to lift it into the back of a mate's pick up. I used some capping from a down pipe to block off the drainage of the tank and sealed it with Selleys 3 in 1 sealant, worked a treat. Filled the tub up slightly to check for leaks, all good, so filled the tub up last night with tap water and added half a bottle of tap water conditioner to it. Got all my plants this morning in the mail, as well as the 2.5 watt solar powered aerator which is running an absolute treat I must say, it's water proof as well so have it sitting on the fence in direct sun behind the bathtub. Plants I got were Vallisneria nana, Myriophyllum papillosum, Marsilea drummondii, Marsilea Mutica, Myriophyllum Simulans, Nymphoides Spinulosperma. I'm going to let the tub run fishless for a couple weeks to get a little population of mozzies and wrigglers going in there and then will either grab a small group of Murray River Rainbows or Desert Rainbows. I have another bathtub coming that I scored for nothing, not sure what I'm going to keep in there fish wise, so suggestions would be good and will probably run with the same plants as I've mentioned above.
  14. Hi all, just sussing out some different plants that I might or might not throw into some bathtubs I plan on setting up with some hardy natives in them. Could people give me some feedback on the following and if they are suitable for an outdoors bathtub pond please? Cheers. Marsilea Mutica (this is Nardoo isn't it?) Nymphoides Spinulosperma (Water Fringe?) Marsilea drummondii (again this is Nardoo isn't it?) Was looking at getting some Native Vallisneria, Ambulia as well, also have a Water Lilie (not sure what type) to put in as well. Tub is cast iron, open area of the tub is 1570mm long, 470mm wide, 550mm deep. Tub will be positioned in an area where it get's about 3 hours part sun in the morning and the rest of the day will be under shade. Have ordered a cheap solar powered aerator as well, running two air stones from it. Was thinking of something that would stick out of the tub but think I'll just stick with a clean bare top though, nothing sticking out, nothing like Elephant Ears and a like. I can get a hold of some Desert Rainbows, so depending on price I might grab 5 or 10 for this larger tub, I have 3 Desert Gobies which I might put in the other tub on their own or with something small.
  15. Scored a bathtub today, pick it up later in the week, can some people throw me some suggestions on setting up, position in terms of sun light, suggestions on plants, bare bottom, or gravel, can an solar aerator be used, do I have to have it filtered, any info at all really would be really appreciated. I've let go of the tank, so that now belongs to my Mum, but I need something so I thought I'd go with a pond outside to house the 3 Desert Gobies and a handful of Desert Rainbows I might be able to get a hold of, cheers.
  16. Now generally, getting rid of algae is a subject that we go into depth on. But sometimes, we just want a clear pond AND we wanted it yesterday! Enter the Serenity Green Water Destroyer block. 1) Break off the right amount. 2) Chuck it in. 3) Algae dies. 4) Pond water is clear. Now, we are treating the symptom. It is worth looking into why the pond had an algae bloom. Knowing that lets you prevent it in future. But there is no ignoring that these turn green ponds into clear ponds. Serenity Algae pond blocks, they are like chocolate for ponds..... or aquariums.
  17. Tech Den Xmas Special Number 7 - Take me to the River, Drop me in the water! Laguna Pond Fountain Kit 2000LPH - WAS $109.00 - NOW $54.49!!!! That's half price!!! This Laguna kit includes everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and have a beautiful water fountain display in a medium sized pond. Only on sale today and tomorrow so get in quick!! http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp
  18. I'm hoping to get some pics and videos posted from my pond ( see thread in pond section ). I'm in the process of picking a camera for some underwater shots in the coming weeks. Stay tuned But for now... Here's a short uneventful clip of the gang.
  19. Well looks like I finally got it going. The Daphnia/copepod mix I got from Steve a few weeks ago, I threw into my corner bathtub pond, now looks like it is self generating. Looks of established daphnia in there and youngsters, amongst other critters. Just did a check this morning and all healthy. Will be throwing Bosemanii in there in a week or to when it finally warms up for the Spring. Plenty of tasty treats for them. Meanwhile, I will take a few cultures from the pond and spread them around my various vessels to keep a constant supply going as I imagine these guys won't last too long when the Boesmanii see them. I am trying an indoor culture in a one foot tank with a sponge and a clip on led. Green water in large water cooler bottles. Spread the risk around, hopefully I can keep these guys going, learnt from my past failures. Apologies for the quality of the image.
  20. About to start building pond. What are the most efficient and low maintenance ways of filtering it? grow bed under constant flow, maybe flowing over sponge of something first for mech filtration? DIYing a blue drum? What do people use inside? Layout? Flow up or down? any advice or pictures will be muchly appreciated.
  21. I was looking at my 10,000 litre rain tank the other day and thought what a waste it was to have all that water and what a great pond it would make to breed rainbows. We only use it for garden watering. If you take the top strainer off it to allow light in and bugs. Throw in some rainbow pairs and some java moss. leave them to it over the summer and then use a folding trap to harvest them in the autumn. I reckon it might be a goer. Obviously you would need to throw in some coral rubble to buff the water. But why the hell not?
  22. my pond build, ground fixtures to go
  23. Hi fellow fish addicts, I have had an idea for a few years now that I have finally decided to follow up and make it happen. Replacing that outdoor spa that had a broken heater and leaking filter with a fish pond. For months (I procrastinate a lot) I slowly removed and dug out my old spa and saved up the cash for a good liner.. .75mm EPDM (wow this stuff is unreal). Last Friday me and a good mate of mine started the build, which I'm sure I will rebuild/reshape multiple times but I thought I would share the pics and get some ideas from the experienced on what I haven't thought of and what will and wont work with my current canvas. Ignoring the current stream because it will change once I get the rocks I like and ignoring fencing requirements (don't get me started) I am looking for some stocking ideas and anything else really. My goal is to stock this with barra running a separate pump during the winter to get the water to the roof for a solar heating solution, currently I have a lonely 10 comets to help with the cycle which I hope will become barra food one day. This will be my first post with attachments.. watch me screw it up.. But for now here is the measurements. 2.4m x 2.4m Shallow end is 55cm deep end is 120cm My wild guess is about 4kL but if anyone else wants to do the maths that I cant be bothered with go for it. My current concern is I need some algae eaters that wont get eaten by barra and can handle the cold temps that might occur in a Brisbane pond with solar heating. All I can think of is some large plecos but I'm not sure what temps to expect in the colder months, I have a little concern about the plecos hurting the liner but I'm pretty sure that wont be an issue just looking for some confirmation. Pics will follow.
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