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Found 12 results

  1. I haven't used a canister before and just wondering if it matters if all the fish poo gets sucked into my fx5? Am I better off raising the inlet up off the bottom and syphoning the poo away with a hose? Cheers Ryan
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Some of my fish have brown coloured poo which I believe is normal. However, some of them have white poo. 1) Is this bad? 2) what can I do about it (if it matters)
  4. went on holidays for two weeks and my mate was feeding my fish, and my dad had 400 bux worth of rainbows and he come back to 2 rainbows left and his pleco, my pbass are ok some how there was about 30 liters left in my tank and my tropical and dads rainbows tank brown and smell really bad, any ideas?
  5. Alright so I have observed one of my discus with white feaces. I know this isnt good so I was just wondering if all of you discus gurus would be able to tell me how to treat this. One thing that may complicate the treatment is that they are housed with a motoro ray. So the treatment would have to be stingray safe. Any help would be reatly appreciated. Cheers Deeg
  6. I have noticed that of lately my Discus is passing white poo. its usally about 5cm in length before it drops off. and you can see normal poo through out that but its mainly white.. does this mean that she has parisites/ or maybe even tapeworm? and how do I treat this? all water conditions are fine pH= 7.0 Ammonia = between 0ppm and 0.25ppm Nitrite= 0ppm Nitrate= 0ppm temp= 27 degrees thanks alyce =]
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. :confused:need help i sure my bristlenose has a parasite/worm now im looking at meds aquarium science parasite eliminator and and aqua worm but they all say not to be used for bristlenoses can someone help me plz!!!
  9. How do i get the poo out of the tank with out a gravel cleaner? My filter doesnt do S*** really. I got a wavemaker in there to blow the poo down to where the filter is. I got an eheim 2213 in a 4ft tank. Is it strong enough?
  10. Hi all, i'm freaking out a tad, I have a tank of bristle nose catfish. one died this morning, they have white poo, and the one that died drastically lost weight before he died. I ran to the pet store and went to get a parasite medication after i read up about the symptoms. I asked them if it treats internal and external at the petshop, they said yes, ran home and treated it, only to research it when I got to work that Para Cide by aqua master only treats external parasites... a guy at the petstore down the road said it sounds like tape worm, so i am about to go buy fluke and tapeworm treatment also done by aqua master, however it says to be cautious with it when treating catfish.. really not sure what to do atm.. does anyone know if fluke and tapeworm aqua master is ok for bristlenose? and if i already treated the water with paracide can i treat it with fluke & tapeworm treatment too? thank you in advance. C
  11. I've heard a lot about how juvenile Electric Blue Jack Dempseys are prone to diseases and that stringy or white poo is a big indicator? One of mine has- not stringy- but transparent/whitish poo.. But the start of it is the normal food colour. (Only the second half of it is white) I really don't have much experience with fish diseases or medicating. If anyone can tell me whether I should sound alarm bells or not would be great. I've had them for about a month and they are all growing soo fast and eat heaps and look overall very happy and healthy. Never thought I'd be taking photos of fish poo.. Here goes:
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