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Found 34 results

  1. Hello, I bought a digital ph meter which arrived today so of course I stuck it straight into my tank. Got a reading of 7.5... Then I put it into a glass of tap water and got 7.8... So, my tap water seems good for my Africans. I have a tank of Malawi's with a coupe of others thrown in, kribs, flamebacks, humpheads and some common bn. My question is, can I use pool chemicals in my tank? I can't really see why not. Specifically I'm talking about alkalinity increaser, which is 100% calcium carbonate. I have these chemicals anyway, so why not use the tiny bit it would take to bring the ph up a little. Of course only if it's safe. But I don't see how it couldn't be.
  2. Just to be 1000x sure before I blow up my tank, pool salt is EXACTLY the same as Aquarium salt, yess? I even just ate some to test it, and despite the fact that my mouth tastes like yuck now, it seemed fine. Just going through everything I've done to my 6ft in the last week that could have possibly contributed to the tank crash, and the only options: Added 200g of pool salt Treated with Pimafix Waterchanges (this is definitely a contributing factor with the insane readings from the tap on friday) Help relieve my paranoia!
  3. So we have a pool that needs some repairs and now its cooling off its about time I got onto it, but I don't want to waste 20000lt of water I have a pond that's just over 10000lt and its time for a clean out before the winter so I want to reuse the pool water would a heap of fraction be enough? pond has Goldie's gudgens salmon tails and swordtails and a few turtles
  4. hey guys, i'm not thinking of doing this at the moment, but theoretically, could i turn my pool into a pond, and has anyone else thought of or has, changed their pool to a pond?
  5. That was a cold day, the water is deeper than it looks
  6. Hey guys, I've decided on setting up one of those blue metal framed pools to use as a pond. The dimensions will be 2.4m X 1.5m x 58cm. I plan to heat the pond (being kept in the garage) and cover it with a net and a pool cover in the colder months. I'm wondering whether the material will be better than glass in terms of insulation or whether I need to insulate the sides and bottom as well. I'm wondering if anyone has used these before as ponds, if so, any tips? cheers!
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  8. Just wondering if anyone has used or thought about hooking one of those Pool Sand Filters up to a rack system instead of a Sump Tank
  9. .New project for after xmas any help would be great thanks
  10. Hello all, Just a pic of my overgrown outdoor tank using a swimming pool filter powered by a 24w variable speed dc pump inside the tank.The filter is back washed every 2 weeks with the 200w pump that came with the filter using half of the tank water to flush out the crap(filter media is pool filter sand) The tank is 1200mm long 750mm high and 500mm front to back about 380 liters no lighting just ambient sunlight and about 1hr full sun in the late afternoon, i use a led light at night for viewing.... Substrate is a mix of Coir(coconut peat) horticultural charcoal and pool filter sand capped off with gravel and river sand..
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  12. I did a water change on a couple of tanks yesterday, straight from my rainwater tank. After a while I noticed the water was going cloudy, I looked in the rainwater tank and noticed the water was very cloudy. Rather than drain all the water out of the rainwater tanks I was thinking of buying some swimming pool sand and running the water through that to filter it. Has anyone ever tried anything like this, I really don't want to throw all the water out if I can help it. I notice Bunnings has Pool Sand for $20 has anybody tried it. Thanks Theo
  13. i put up a post on whether or not you could use pool salt in a marine setup... which has now disappeared. ( by the sounds of the last post looks like it can be done.. I will give it a try.. have purchased a 20kg bag of cheetham pool salt from bunnings - and will keep you guys posted. love to see if anyone else has tried with success..
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Whoops just realised I forgot to put Ltrs after the 16,000, I'm not planning on keeping 16,000 fish in a pool So I have been planning for a very long time (First dreamt about it 12 years ago) to build/buy a swimming pool which I can make completely fish friendly and sterile enough for NO Blue/green algae (The bacteria, not plant) for me to safely swim in. These are my plans and I hope you guys and girls will let me know your thoughts. This will be a basic tester for a future in-ground, landscaped version. The pool will be in Maryborough QLD and I am thinking of this one Bestway Above Ground Steel Frame Swimming Pool 5.5m | GTmall Online (Not sure about if the plastic is toxic though, if it is, I will need to construct one from pond liner) Filtration: A 5000ltr hr pump will pump the water up into a ICB 1000ltr water drum which will house the mechanical filtration (Sponge and Filterwool), This will then run from the ICB through a UV sterilizer and down to the other end of the pool. I will also have a pump for running a vacuum which I will use to clean the bare bottom pool. This will be done whenever needed (Expecting weekly) I have also been testing Copper sulphate as an algaecide and paracide, I would prefer not to use this but feel that I may need to keep it clear and safe, it will be at .15 - .2ppm (No catfish or shrimp, but other fish will be fine at this level) I don't plan on having a lot of fish compared to the volume of water so bio filtration will be from surface areas of the sponge and pool. PH will be 6.8 -7 and aerated by the water flowing back into pool Plants: Christmas moss will be the predominant plant, along with some elodea. Shading: Shade Cloth My biggest unknown is what fish I can keep in what times of the year. I chose the Fraser coast region to move to because it stays at a fairly reasonable temp year round, more to the point it does not have the extremes of Cairns or Victoria. I will be looking at setting this up in the next couple of months so if any of you have kept tropical fish outside during summer please let me know. My Ideal pool will be Guppys, Wild Discus, Neons and Apistos What I am likely to test for the first year is Guppys, Angels maybe some rainbows and then remove the angels and rainbows when things get cooler. There are a few people around who keep guppys all year round so I'm sure these will be fine, but not sure about other fish. Any thoughts? What would you keep if you had this in your backyard?
  16. Just wanna get a few opinions on which substrate to use out of the two in the title. Pros and cons would be nice Stocking of the tank is apistos and L's Cheers, Sam
  17. So, my pool is looking really green and will be for the rest of winter (obviously not chlorinating it anymore). I have just hatched fry that like green-water as a first food. Can i feed pool-water to my fry? Is there something i'm missing?
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  19. Moved the pbass into the pool today before I take off up Cape York on Monday for 10 days. Their new digs, need to put in more lillies and reeds. The 90% finished biofilter/gar pond The gars
  20. How much would i require for a 5'x20" footprint. I want to be able to put some val in it, so will need a bit of depth. Also can i ask, Zeolite. Can that be used as a substrate?
  21. Ok, so, I have managed to convince mum to let me put fish in the pool during winter, I just need some tips and help on what I need to do to it to make it safe for fish and also, are there any fish I would be able to breed large-scale in the pool over winter? Is it very hard to convert from salt/chlorine to fresh and back again? Thanks, I am thinking Goldfish (boring though) but I'm sure there would be something a little better?
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  23. Have a salt water/chlorin pool we want to turn into a bit of a fish tank kinda thing mainly through winter but if it works all year round and be able to swim in it. I don't think it is greatly possible but thought I might through it out there and see what comes back
  24. hi, im new to this forum. ive got a 13000ltr pool i was wanting to stock with fish, so far ive got 3 barramundi, 1 salmon tail catfish and a murry cod, i was thinking southern saratoga and eel tail cat fish. any ideas? thanks....
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