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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, As you know I like finding different Central American cichlids of the smaller size I.e. Less then 20cm I was watching a doco on YouTube and saw these amazing guys. hypsophrys nematopus also known as the poor mans trophous. I would really like to know if these guys are even available in Australia? I want! Regards, Nathan Barcoo Grunters FS Rainbow Cichlid fry FS 99 dc4 gsi FS Inbox me
  2. rescue with a synodontis ill-treated- PlanetCatfish.com
  3. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200684057761572&set=gm.396637357122566&type=1&theatre Whats wrong with it
  4. Hi guys i have had 5 guppys and 10 neons in my 2 footer and i have realised that one of my guppies bellys have been pretty much eaten, im not sure if i should put it down or leave it, it has been like this for a couple of days and its getting worse and worse i have heard that if you put them i a smalll container and mix it with clove oil it will shut them down and they cant feel anything then you kill it somehow? i want to do this as humanely as possible i know it is just a guppy but still ant advice?
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  6. at a big pet shop this morning and came across this............ its a fighter display which had at least half the tanks with about 10mm or 1cm of water in them and by half i mean about 15 out of 30 maybe more. there were a few deceased and the others were strugling and stressed as... i know there only fighters but they deserve better, i asked the attendant if they were gonna top them up and she replied..."we were cleaning them and we got too busy" so obviosly they want the sales before welfare of there stock... pretty discusted really havin to explain to my 3 year old that "those pretty fish" are "sleeping"
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  11. Hi All, I’m having an issue with high levels of Nitrates. (I understand the cycle process) I feed the 16 fish in the 450 litre tank very lightly, about the diameter of a 50 cent coin… twice a day, they consume the food in a mater of 30seconds. In the past 3 months I have had to perform 30% water changes twice a week with a gravel clean performed one of the two times. Over the past two months I have cleaning my ehiem 2228 and 2217 filters(1 month apart), thinking that wastes ect were causing the high nitrate levels. The filters were pretty damn dirty, however the Nitrates levels have not decreased. On Sunday morning the levels will be 5ppm and move to 40ppm by Wednesday night. My LFS told me to purchase some stuff(cant remember the name) which you place into the filters to reduce the nitrate levels, though I’m not to sure about using this yet as I must have high levels of ammonia to end up with high Nitrates over a short period of time. Ammonia and Nitrites are always at 0. The real issue is that I’m going away in a couple of months for two weeks, if I leave the tank how it is I will come home to dead fish and a smelly house. Smelly house is fine…dead fish is not what I want! Any one got any ideas?
  12. Just thought I'd share my bad luck today, It started yesterday when I called in to a particular pet store, to price my next 2 months supplies, He said he would do me a deal on 50 packs of blood worms and another deal on 5 packs of tetra colour bits. All was good, and I told him I would be in late tommorrow, as I work in eagle farm, I finish at 5pm, and have to get across the bridge. No Worries, he told me I'll wait for you I drove in their drive way at 5.22pm this afternoon, and lots of cars everywhere, so I parked and walked the 50-60 meters towards the door and as I walked towards them, some guy walked out to do their rubbish, and some blonde pulled the roller door down in my face, then she opened the side door for old mate doing the rubbish, I asked them if I could get my food, sorry mate we're shut, looked at my phone 5.26pm. I said about the guy I sopke to yesterday, but they were not interested. I am so glad this pet store is making so much money they don't need my bussiness, because I will never be back there. So if any one knows of a store south side who needs so bussiness,let me know and I'll probably be there asap, Just my gripe, cheers Mark
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