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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone I.D this plant? The bulb was given to the original owner during a plant swap and apparently it's an uncommon plant, it's been steadily growing since I purchased the tank, however not fast enough to know what it is yet. The leaf pattern remains consistent with each leaf. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  3. So i got a batch of 1cm electric yellows, today i notice one of the bigger one has black dorsal and anal fin, just like a mature male yellow would have but not as solid. Is it safe to say that it could be a male?
  4. Hi everyone. I'll try to keep a long stories short. A lot of info I know but please bare with me and read it all. I would really appreciate some advice. FIRST question I noticed a few weeks ago worms growing out of my cardinal tetras which by process of elimination I believe are NEMATODES. Unfortunately I noticed this too late and several of my tetras had died already and (as fish do) had been picked at for breakfast. I have dealt with the few tetras that had obvious signs of the Nematodes, but I've now noticed it has spread to my Rams and i'm afraid it's possibly through all my fish. I've never had such a parasite before in all the years I've had tanks. I've thought back over the past few months and 99.9% of my fish (and plants) have been purchased at the auctions so I feel I hesitant about buying from them again. If it has come from there, it only takes 1 person to ruin it for everyone else. (shame because I love the auctions). The tetra's were the first to show signs of these worms and they were bought at the auction. So my first questions is, does anyone know of a treatment i can do for the whole tank to treat these? I've tried salt baths, Pimafix and other Multi cure treatments. None of which have worked. SECOND question I've noticed teeny tiny small pin head sized white bugs darting back and forth in my sump (only in my sump, not in my tank). I've asked a couple of Aquarium shops and no one knows what they are. They are too small to catch and take a video of sorry. The all knowing google suggests it might be water fleas and that they won't harm my fish. Does anyone have any ideas or information they can give me? It might even be lavae from a flying bug in which case that's fine. But i'd just like to know. Perhaps this is causing the worms in the display tank????? I really don't know. THIRD question I'm randomly having fish die on me. One every few days. Mostly 1 of each breed. I have a community tank. Some fish i'm sure don't belong with others (really wanted to downsize to only having one tank) but they all live together peacefully. I hardly see any fights except between members of the same breed. I own Electric Yellows Colbolt Blues Hongi Demonsi Fuelleborni Brasiliensis Red forest Jewels Cardinal Tetras Rams Kribs Bristlenoes The largest would be the Brasiliensis at around 7cm (from nose to bum, not tail) Up until bout 3 weeks ago I had almost no deaths (except the tetras and the worms) but lately I've woken up in the morning to find 1 dead Krib, 2x dead rams, 1x dead fuelleborni and some other tetras slowly one by one dropping off. I thought maybe they someone is taking them out - being a bully, but none of these fish have signs of trauma. No bumps or bites. They're just belly up laying at the bottom of the tank. Would people suggest it is just a pecking order happening between each breed? I have seen the rams fighting a while ago. maybe one boys what's to be by himself. Or could it be these darn Nematodes and the fish just aren't showing the usual signs of the worms expanding from out through their scales. Ph:- 7.6 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:- 0 Gh:- 89.5 Kh:- 5 Size of tank:- 5ft x 2ft x 2ft = approx 577L (not including 3 foot sump) Temperature °C:- 24 Been running for:- several months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Sump with Carbon, Noodles and added Macropore last week Fish in tank:- as above Plants in Tank:- unknown. green ones with long leaves haha Feeding:- What food and How often - twice a day. try to give a mix of pellets and frozen food. Was told yesterday to feed more greens so going to coles today for those. Recent Medication Treatments:- No mass tank treatments in this tank. Last water change:- I took about 80-100L off last weekend. Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - I try to take about 80-100L off every couple of weeks. Refill with tap water treated with water ager. Thanks everyone. I'll appreciative any constructive advice.
  5. over night ive noticed one of my flying foxes have gotten really fat & it's breathing really fast. Im guessing it's gonna die but Im not sure why. The only difference in the last week or so is ive fed them fresh grated carrot & zucchini once. All the other fish seem fine. I have another 3 foxes. Id like to think that it may be eggs but the heavy breathing has me worried. Im guessing death in the next 24hrs or so... Ive attached 2 pics - sorry about quality, was taken on my phone. You can see it better in the second pic. She seems to be swimming ok, & is hiding alot though...
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