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Found 82 results

  1. photo thread only, no chat, photo of my old goldfish pond that i sadly had to sell,
  2. Just a quick hello from the northside (Griffin) been a user on this site for a while mainly a viewer haha, havent had a tank for quite a few years until the other day when i set one up for the kids which made me want my own again so went out and bought an 8ft slowly setting it up when their in bed as its the only time i can do it without them all over it lol. Anyways looking forward to chatting and buying fish etc in the future.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Post is to let people know there seems to be two different types of eheim classic cannister in our (Aus) shops. I bought a 2217 with eheim media bundle at the start of this year from a well known retail shop. It looked identical to the old 'Made in w.Germany' and ''Made in Germany' models but has "Made in PRC'on the label. If it didnt have the new COI printed on it I would not have known it was not european. Tonight I stripped it down to check the impeller/motor/magnet/shaft, and it is in excellent as new condition. flawless and not a blemish. Today I received a 2215, from a different shop, probably better known and is very well regarded. The photo on the website shows the old style classic, but I recieved this new shape. The actual cannister, hose, Quick connects, etc all appear the same, but the motor housing and 'lid'of the filter are different looking. This one is made in PRC, and looks like it is made in PRC. A quick inspection of the magnet shows the surface of it has lost part of its outer coating already. I was considering sending this back, it was not what the photo on the website showed and was not the quality that I knew eheim once had (regardless of where they are made). But then I sat down and thought it over, the other filters at a similar price point are all made to the same or even lower standards, and it does come with a good warranty, so lets see how it does. The new 2215 was advertised as having 1xcarbon, 1x white fine filter, and 1x blue coarse filter. The unit arrived filled with 1x carbon and 1x white and SIX blue pads. Would make a pretty neat mech filter itn that configuration, but I removed 4 of the blue filters and used some 3rd party bio media. http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/DSC_0690_zpsk7vbyslf.jpg The 2215 fired up straight away and feels like it has more than the 600ish LPH even at a 1.3M Head and chocka full of media. And it is running dead silent, you cannot hear the thing from more than a meter away. I will tear it down in two weeks time to remove the carbon pad and see what the impeller magnet looks like. Long story short. It seems the classics that come with eheim media are the old shape cans, made in PRC. The classics without bio media seem to be this new, cheaper looking, style. Also made in PRC. The product photo on the outside of the carton "is" accurate, so if buying online I recommend phoning ahead to confirm what the box looks like. Assuming you are wanting the older style, and not ready to trial'n'error these newer versions.
  5. Today my partner and I were fortunate enough to make the drive to The Tech Den and boy was it worth it! We were greeted by enthusiastic staff members who were knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond in their customer service. Given how busy they were packing orders (which was great to see, by the way) they didn't hesitate to show us around the store, answer every single question that we had and give us the most thorough information we needed. We will most certainly be back... we eyed off many things we'd like to buy and I'd deeply encourage anyone who is hesitant about purchasing products online to go via The Tech Den. Great products. Great information. Great service. Great Store. Thanks guys (and gals)! Lily & Geordie
  6. With slight fear I put out the challenge, show me the thread of the year on QLDAF. Must have been made in the last 12 months by some other member. Please bump the thread with a tag "thread of the year" and quote thread here........
  7. It will depnd on what your doing in the tank if its not a planted tank any lights will do but if you have live plants & want plant growth you need a good light set up. After 35yrs plus of doing hydroponics & studying light spectrums I came to the conclusion the LED's just don't give off the required light spectrum. Have a look at hydroponic lights on e-bay or at a hydro shop. They offer a better light spectrum for marine & planted tanks. Most of the new aquarium lighting out now days have been taken from the hydroponics industry which have just been re-labeled & re-priced. A lot of people get sucked into over priced products just because it says aquarium on the box. I've often found that thinking outside the box can not only save you money you often end up with a better solution and product. You basically have 4 lights to choose from Fluro's, LED's, HPS & MH. HPS = (high pressure sodium) these give off a broader light spectrum with a dominate red, orange, yellow spectrum which is used for the plants flowering cycle. The MH = (metal helide) are a dominate white spectrum which is used for the plants grow cycle. Your corals, enemies and plants don't flower so the whiter the light spectrum is the better. If you go for the Fluro’s you want to use T5's or the 2700k screw in bulb as it's the whiter light spectrum used for the plants grow cycle the 6400k bulb is the reder spectrum used for the plants flower cycle. Hydroponic lights also have a greater range of LED's & dispite what people say most are water proof or water resistant as they are designed to be in a humid environment. If you want to give the tank extra colour like blue, red, green just add a few LED strips. My Marine tank I use a 250watt MH for my Discus I use a 130watt screw in 2700k and have amazing plant growth with no algae problems. End of the day fish really dont require lighting it only for our pleasure to see then. But if you have live plants you will need a dominate white spectrum light. Hope this helps.......Andrew Hopkins
  8. The look on our Australia Post guy today was priceless. He rolled up in his Red van looked at the 2 pallets and said "is all of this to go" I said no and he had a moment of relief till I told him - that is all we could fit out the front - the rest is inside. Reminded me of the Jeep ad "we are going need a bigger boat" only think they need a bigger van...lol Anyway everyone's order that was prior to 12.30 today went out today. Also have to give a big thank you [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7886]BlueOpal[/MENTION] coming in super early and making sure every ones order went out in time. Oh and for those that thought they missed our 10%, 20% and 30% specials over the long week end....its still going. Things can change any time so don't wait... https://www.thetechden.com.au/
  9. Hello All How can i advertise my juvies on qldaf?
  10. The following topic is in the general aquarium section: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/asian-arowanna-now-we-know-114736/ Native enthusiasts may be interested to read the discussion...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hey guys so recently, i decided to pack up and call full time for the aquarium hobby. Pouring way too much money into it, not enjoying it as much as i should either. through keeping different fish, i have not yet found one where i could keep it long term and still be happy with the result. so i've tried: south american cichlids central american cichlids misc community african riverine south east asian fish (loaches, rasboras etc) and yet, nothing has worked for me. i can keep the tank set up, running well for a few months (if that) before i decide to chop and change again. i always used to pin that down to the fact that i can only have one display sized tank set up at any given time (house rules, otherwise pay more in leccy) and i would have to keep changing the tank, just out of habbit... nope, that didnt seem right either, if i was happy with the tank it would stay that way.... I'm tank/fishless what ever way you want to put it... im itching to set up another tank.... anyone else had the same problem?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. i need some ideas, post away!
  16. Not a bad gallery The Flowing Fins of Siamese Fighting Fish «TwistedSifter
  17. Hi guys and girls, got asked today what my least favourite fish was today and I was pretty stummped at the question so ive put abit of thought into it and this is what I came up with: 1. Serpae Tetra 2. Rosy Barb 3. Wild Discus 4. Dendrochirus brachypterus or known as Dwarf fuzzy lionfish 5. Convict Post your most disliked fish
  18. Hi all, First of all hope I'm in the right place here, am more than happy to be shifted if the mods think it better suited in another thread. As the title suggests, I've been stalking various fish forums for sometime now. Have picked up a couple of goods buys through this one's trading section, and have done quite a deal of reading via this and others. I now have a 6x2x2 set up with an FX5 and a 300W jager heater. Its currently pumping away in the lounge, cycling with 4 comet goldfish hopefully 'filthing' up the system and developing the necessary bacteria for me. Been on the go with fish for about 2 weeks now. The filter came second hand, and was only off line for about 12 or so hours, so I'm hoping I've managed to keep some culture working there. I've found what I think is a nice piece of wood, cleaned it up and soaked it for 2 weeks, and its now in with some pool filter sand and river rocks. I'm hoping to set up a SA river system of sorts. Don't have any planting yet, as the stock list will probably dictate whether that will be a waste of time anyway. With that in mind, I've now come to stocking and that's my question here for now. I have an older tank (picked up from a relative years ago, about 3") and it currently has 3 x 'Orange heads' geos (the largest, male I think, about 3", others about 2", have seen two batches of eggs from a pair. gobbled up in time by tankmates), 2 x native rainbows (each about 3"), 2 x clown loaches (about the 3" mark) and 3 x black tetras. Pretty sure the loaches have dined on some cavier here! My intention is to take the Geos out and put them into the 6"er, along with some mates. My current thoughts are: 3 x Orange head Geos (existing) + another 3 Some Jurapari Geos 4 or so Severum Blue Acara Uaru some dithers (tetras?) How does this sound? Am I overstocking? Am I mixing species that won't stand each other (I understand that egg laying can provide a whole new set of issues here.)? Any suggestions/advice are/is welcome. Thanks for the read, Cheers, Geoff.
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  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. hi everyone i always have people wanting me to post my endlers but i have no idea about it. so i have a few q's...... 1. how do you post fish? 2. what are the survival rates? 3. how pricey is it? thanks in advance people. also selling my full 4ft set up +100 endlers
  22. Hi all, Been sitting in forum security time-out for about a week or so, but I've finally been given permission to venture into the forum! I didn't know where to start, so I went to newbie town :3 So far, I've set up my 2ft tank with 2 peppermint bristlenose (male is 11cm, the female [we hope] is 6cm.. ), and fingers are crossed they 'get along' enough to multiply :3 No pressure for them though, I could watch them hide in the drift wood all day XD but the babies really are the most adorable little things! :3 They're sharing their tank with a handful of guppies, and I've noticed over the last few days that three of the four females I bought are pregnant.. so I ran down to the petshop and bought an external hatchery and an air pump..and have it all connected. From what I've read, the black spot turns square before they're about to pop, then you give it a couple days and put mumma-fish into the box? I'm still nervous about removing her, I don't want to leave it too late and stress her out just before she delivers, but I also don't want her separated from the group for too long either.. I've never done the breeding thing before--it's like being a super-paranoid mum all over again, haha Luckily, they all seem to be at separate stages, so I won't have to worry about all of them at once.. Happy to finally be allowed to meet everyone and get reading/learning about everything! I'm sure I'll have many questions to ask along the way xD ~Nini
  23. Yep i hate australia post, very much so that i swear if you recieve something from them its going to be detroyed or half melted in transit. the fact that they melted a very rare vinyl Lp that came all the way from hawaii and was only 2000 of them ever in the world, is now useless unless i want to play frisby with fido, if that didnt frustrate me enough this really did, An Eheim 2180 ($1200 rrp) that i won on ebay came interstate and this is how i found it enjoy..
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. i put up a post on whether or not you could use pool salt in a marine setup... which has now disappeared. ( by the sounds of the last post looks like it can be done.. I will give it a try.. have purchased a 20kg bag of cheetham pool salt from bunnings - and will keep you guys posted. love to see if anyone else has tried with success..
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