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Found 5 results

  1. Yet another option for planted tanks, we now have in stock the magnificent Elos Terra. Those of you who have been following the exploits of the very talented Filipe Oliveira would have seen this substrate in action. What makes it so good? ~ Zero ammonia release. ~ Natural blend. ~ Porosity is perfect for plant root hairs, and beneficial microbes. ~ Very minimal powdering. ~ Rich in Micro and Macro elements. ~ Encourages an ionic balance which improves the absorption of nutrients by plants. ~ Provides all the nutrition needed for low and medium tech root feeding planted tanks. ~ Easily boosted with root tabs, or initial enrichment layer for full high tech high performance scapes. ~ Mulm settles to bottom, keeping surface looking clean. ~ Compatible with heating cables.
  2. Hi all, Contemplating moving again and needing a battery powered air pump. Would also be nice to have one on hand for emergencies/power out situations. In the past I've had 2 - both broke very quickly. The first one was a cheap big W brand I picked up in the fishing section.... lasted about 30 minutes and then the internal plastic "arm" that was driven by the motor broke off... basically rendering it useless. The second one was an Aquaone brand - the 150 I think. It lasted a little longer... about 2 hours, then it also broke. When I pulled it apart I forget exactly what I found was wrong with it - but I remember my overall impression that basically it was incredibly cheap and dodgy looking inside. Anyway - looking for something reliable I could run on batteries for 12 hours or more if needed. I am willing to spend some money - I just dont want it to break!!! Any advice welcome thanks
  3. Hi, I've been looking at these on Ebay but I don't know if they are any good. Does anyone have an experience with these? solar powered air pump | eBay The pond is just one of those big cement pots. I think it holds 150-200 litres. It has 3 goldfish around 12 - 15cm and a heap of guppies. I've been running it all year as is, no filter or anything. Never had any deaths, and clean it out every few weeks. But thinking one of these pumps might keep it a little cleaner. It goes green very fast. Any ideas or experience?
  4. http://www.petfish.net/kb/entry/346/ thought this was quite neat indeed
  5. I am after some advise from those who have used powered water change devices or simply powered gravel cleaners. AOA have this - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=5082 which is pretty well priced but before I buy this I am wondering if there is anything better / simpler out there. My specific purpose is to have a permanent water exchange system setup that I can use to go around and clean my bare bottom tanks and remove all the crap / food easily. My biggest issue is my water waster is about the same height as the bottom of my tanks so there is not enough force differentiation to create a strong vacuum without some sort of powered assistance. Hence, the search for a good powered vacuum system. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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