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Found 15 results

  1. OK, I've got a pregnant Desert Goby, she's getting quite large so must be time soon to spit the eggs out, I can't have a cave, pipe or anything for the female to lay in and male to fan/guard, what else can I use? A cup? haha.
  2. How to tell if your female guppy is pregnant and setting up your tank for breeding: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  3. Taken few days later. One of the female gave birth and the Fry were moved to a breeding box temporarily: Due to youtube issue with annotations, recommended to watch on non mobile device.
  4. I have never kept guppies before and got my first pair of Bluegrass. I've only had them for a short time but it seems her belly is getting bigger and she definitely has a dark gravid spot. What I'd like to know is, is she pregnant and if so how long 'til she drops? They are in a 2 x 1 tank that I've been using to grow some Java Moss and Java Fern. Will the fry be safe or should I use a guppy box? Sorry about the pics but she wouldn't stay still and the phone has a hard time getting the correct focus.
  5. hey guys i bought a female bristlenose lastnight (turns out she is pregnant) and i dont have a male the same breed (i have a longfin male) will one of these males man up and look after the egss or should i just take the eggs out and do it my self?
  6. my terror is acting different lately she stays high in my 6 ft tank near the bubbler from my pump and when shes not there she is laying under a rock not moving i have a community tank with 12 random american cichlids she is female and i do have a male in the tank she is around 13cm and the male is around 12 cm thanks
  7. Hi All, I recently bought 2 gold sucking catfish from the LFS. 1 Pregnant female and 1 unsexed possibly male. The female was heavily pregnant on Friday night constantly hiding in the plants and ornaments when we checked on them Saturday arvo she was no longer pregnant. Does anyone know the hatching time for catfish eggs, Success rate of hatching or how big the fry is once hatched?? :confused: Since no longer being fat / laying the eggs she seems more sociable and happily swimming around the tank. Was hoping to do a water change tonight but think i might leave it until we see signs of life so we don't suck up the eggs Thanks
  8. ive never had shrimp before but are these guys pregnant? or is that just their bellys? apologies for picture clarity hard zooming in that close on my little camera. oh and this is my gorgeous fat mexican named Layla just to show
  9. My common BN is pregnant should i seperate eggs once she drops them? and do i take them off her when she is fanning ?? and do they need to be tumbled ? New to bn breeding so yer any info would be good and what do i feed them? and tempt ? cheers
  10. Hi one of my guppies was pregnant when i got her about 4 weeks ago and is STILL pregnant she is soooo fat she looks like she's going to pop lol can someone tell me what the normal pregnancy is for a guppie the other pregnant girls I got gave birth last week ?
  11. hey guys ive been involved in the whole aquarium thing for about 5 months now and i am addicted, but i havent had the chance to breed or have frys yet so i dont know what to do. i bought a royal whiptail today and the fish shop reckons it is pregnant which i believe also. do these lay eggs or are they liveborns? What is required for them to lay eggs on? rocks?if so how many? and how do i go about getting the fry after they are born? every bit of help is very much appreciated, thnx kenny
  12. hey guys, i bought 3 platies about 2 months ago, 1 male, 2 females.. and one of the females seems a fair bit bigger in the belly then the other female and growing.. any help on telling if she is pregnant or just a fatty (lol) would be appreciated.. Cheers, Corey
  13. Hey all, I just had another of my female guppies die. This one was in my birthing tank, and earlier today I caught one of the other females attacking her tail fin. So I moved that other female back into my main display tank, and put the giant pregnant one into the little birthing box thingy so that none of the other females could get to her. Well, I just went and looked again, and the giant pregnant one was floating dead inside the birthing box thing. So, we decided that since she was so pregnant, the babies might still be alive, and performed a c-section on it. Turns out that there were no babies inside her at all, just this rather large bloated see-through sack. Not sure whether there was liquid or air in this sack, but there was definately no babies. Any idea what could cause a fish's stomach to bloat so much and look pregnant? I will add a pic of the fish from earlier today before it died. Thanks all.
  14. my female convict might be readdy to lay her eggs but im not sure is any one good with them and knowing when there about to lay eggs im pretty sure i got a male in there 2 femals with alot of coulur on there bellys and one with 1 or 2 specs and no dorsel color at all and more black then the other 2. Wat signs should i look for to know when shes going to lay and if there not going to wat are the water conditions Should i have them in to make them happier ?
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