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Found 8 results

  1. Got this email and this is on there site? It is with great sadness that we have to make the following announcement. Due to unforseen circumstances and the general economic climate, we are sad to announce that Prestige Aquatics Foods & Aquatic Goods will be closing business very soon. This will also include the Prestige Aquatics Discussion Boards. We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANKS to all those who have supported Prestige Aquatics by way of purchases or active membership here on site. This site will be closed down on or before 31/08/10 and will also be placed in parking for possible future use. This will mean that only the Site Team will have access to this site for general upkeep. In light of this we have now got the AFF [Australian Fish Friends] site up to the point where it is ready to be promoted in order to get things happening. So why not copy and paste the following www into your computer's favs: The AUSTRALIAN FISH FRIENDS - Preserving the Piscatorial Passion
  2. Another new store has just come on board for those people in and around Bundaberg. Sugarland Pets at Sugarland Shopping Centre is the latest to stock the range. Also flake is continueing to be tested with excellent results. It has been tested on Marines as well as freshwater with the bulk of the ingredients being Kelp and krill. Our other usuals are there as well. Also this month sees the addition of algae strips to Qld. Once again all Australian made.
  3. Hi all, Am new to the gold coast and looking for a somewhere or someone that sells 1kg bags of algae wafers or is there anywhere on gold coast that stocks prestige fish food.Any help would be great.cheers
  4. Ok have been sent some food to test for the new Australian food on the market. The product is called Prestige food. It is not available in Qld yet but is used with great results in NSW. Here is a run down of their various products. Prestige Cichlid Prestige Colour Prestige spirulina/algae wafers Prestige koi/goldfish Prestige Carnivore Prestige Clour bites Prestige Vegie Pelets Prestige Growth bites Prestige Australian native All this food is pellet form at this stage with the native food in 2 sizes same with the koi. I have only tested the native food at this stage on my boesmani tropical tank and am more than impressed with the fishes reaction. It is hormone free and contains alot of natural ingredients. Like I said it is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. Watch this space for more as the weeks go on.
  5. Just letting people know another store has taken on the range. This time it is Aquarama cnr Shand st and Stafford rd Stafford.
  6. Ok it has happened the Prestige food is now in the shops in Qld being Redlands Pet Centre, Aquariums Alive and Mary Street pets in Gympie with hopefully more to come. Today marks the release of the 2mm Colour Bite pellets with all orders shipped. Also those of you who have bought the 3mm pellets will notice they are softer which is making it easier for the fish to eat.
  7. Too all those that have ordered the prestige food including the 2 shops Aquariums Alive and Redlands Pet Centre. I offer this Apology for a delay in the manufacturing of this product. Due to problems at the factory we have been unable to produce the food for going on 4 weeks and this has caused a major run down in stocks. However everything will be sorted early next week and all orders should be covered the following week. This is an inconvenience to everybody concerned and I can only say sorry. This has happened at the worst time as we are about to launch into Qld. (Once again to that ship of chinamen I sunk I am sorry can you please give a guy a break) Your patience is very much appreciated in this and hopefully make the wait worthwhile. Once again I am sorry. Thankyou Brad Chaplin River N Rift Aquatics. Qld distributor of prestige foods.
  8. Prestige sell also a line of buffers from the aqua pics. These are also made and owned in Australia. I have just ordered some of the african crystals and african kh. Will continue to post once I have begun to use them. This company also does the full range of buffers including the 2 above. Heres a list African conditioning crystals African kh Marine kh boost Kalkwasser Kh+ Turtle conditioner Kh powder for turtles and axolotl's Black Water extract Aussie Geo(australian geo liquid) Ph down Ph up Potassium supplement Plant food concentrate Medicating salts Bloat-ex Fluke kill Chlorine eliminator Goldfish crystals Tropical/cold crystals Amazon crystals Kh powder tropical cold water Chlorine nuetraliser Chlorine eliminator super concentrate Bacta boost(liquid) Bacta Boost(powder) Finally some australian products to compete with the overseas brands
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