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Found 82 results

  1. 3rd Edition by Ad Konings WAS $129.95, NOW ONLY $59.95!!!! AND you can still use your QLDAF discount!!!!!! WOW This third, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Tanganyika cichlids discusses and illustrates more species than any previous publication. Basing his study on more than 750 hours of underwater observations all over the lake, the author characterizes the species by their habitat preferences, distribution, feeding and breeding behavior, and coloration. The more than 1200 photos illustrate all known Tanganyika cichlids, and the majority were taken in the lake, portraying the fish in their natural habitat. And the wealth of information on the natural environment this book contains will render it increasingly possible to maintain each species in the most natural way, allowing it to behave as if it were in the lake. Only by thus duplicating their normal environment can we expect to be treated to the natural behavior of these cichlids. Click on the link below to take advantage of this amazing offer http://www.thetechden.com.au/Tanganyika_Cichlids_in_their_Natural_Habitat_3rd_e_p/tang-cich3.htm
  2. Been pondering setting up a 4ft Archer Fish display. Originally I Had planned on adding 4 or 5 Archers and a Hyrtlii (Golden Eeltail). Then I saw the price in store, $50 each at only 5-6cms. That's a lot of $, especially considering I'd be buying a new setup to accommodate them. Just wondering what price you Banana Benders pay for Archers and if you think the fish are worth it? Also open to setting up a community tank with 1 or 2 Archers if anybody can suggest some other species that would work. Cheers, OFRC
  3. How much is a nice 7cm tail to head lenth altum angel worth? I can get one but I'm not sure how much to pay. And yes, it is an altum . It was bought from pet city too.
  4. Morning all, just doing my usual check of wholesalers lists this morning & there is a product line on the current Aquarium Industries list I am interested in ordering If the price is good. I am looking for an individual or sponsor who may be able to obtain for me a price & quantity available, and possibly process the order for me. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Craigo.
  5. Green Element Led's 1/2 Price until stock lasts !!. These units are exceptionally good value for money and many people have experienced great results growing various types of coral under these units at 60cm + depth. Fantastic for a freshwater display also Nano - Normally $119.00 now $59.50 ( 20 only at this price ) 24" Normally $249.00 now $124.50 ( 37 only at this price ) 36" Normally $399.00 now $199.50 ( 64 only at this price ) 72" Normally $799.00 now $399.50 ( 5 only at this price ) Dimensions - length 12" / 72" depending on size x 5.00” x 1.00” Brackets add 0.65" in height 3w LED's 2160 Lumen 10000K LEDs Actinic 460nm LEDs Slim and contemporary light design 2 mode on / off function for day and night use Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing 100V - 240V input 12 volt output 12 Month Australian Warranty First in best dressed. ( no further discounts apply / combine ) Link - Age of Aquariums - LED Lighting Ben
  6. Hey everyone just need a question answered I'm looking to trade my nano for a co2 pro kit with a 0.82ltr bottle where is the best place to get it refilled and how much? As close to forest lake would be great. TIA
  7. We have the Aquael Shrimp Set 20 and Shrimp Set 30 going for half price - this is a in store pick up only. We have the Aquael Shrimp Set 20 listed on our website for $119 and these will be going for $59.50 - there are no further discounts on these. Aquael Shrimp Set 20 is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go. We have the Aquael Shrimp Set 30 listed on our website for $149 and these will be going for $74.50 - there are no further discounts on these. Aquael Shrimp Set 30 is a neat Nano tank designed for Shrimp or Planted and comes ready to go. You will have to hurry as there is limited stock available and when they are gone - there gone... the set contains a PAT-MINI filter miniature shatterproof heater HEATZONE DECOLIGHT: replicates natural daylight in aquarium (colour temperature of 6500K) built-in reflector – increasing light emission
  8. Deal of the Day - TetraFin Goldfish Crisps 217gm. Normally $39.95 per tin. Today only $19.95 ( 1/2 PRICE ). Great time to stock up on Australia's Favourite Goldfish Food !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - TetraFin Goldfish Crisps 217gm Ben
  9. Today we had notification that New Life Spectrum are going to increase their pricing in the next week which will be across the entire range. If you want to beat the price increase or if you are running a little low on your favourite food it might be an ideal time to grab some before it goes up in price. With the way that the Australian Dollar is performing we are noticing a number of price increases lately so a perfect time to grab some. Here is the link to all the New Life Spectrum Food we have. New Life Spectrum
  10. Deal of the Day - Activated Carbon 10kg Bags. Today only 1/2 price only $25.00 !! Link - Age of Aquariums - Activated Carbon 10kg Activated Pelletized Carbon is a cylindrical-shaped carbon made from a carefully selected grade of coal. It is pelletized under rigidly controlled conditions using a high quality binder. This activated carbon possesses high mechanical strength and lends itself well to numerous cycles of regeneration. Its shape offers a low flow resistance. Ben
  11. Great deal today - Age of Aquariums - Evolution Aqua K1 Kaldnes 1 Litre
  12. .The New Deltec SC1660 DC Controllable Protein Skimmer Has landed at a very affordable price for a quality German made product. Specs - The new SC1660 skimmer is the latest product in the Deltec range and boasts some impressive features when it comes to protein skimming. Deltec wanted to produce an economical in sump DC skimmer that was compact, high performing, whisper quiet and with low wattage via its DC pump for aquariums up to 1300 litres. The SC1660 with its compact design and unique features ticks all of the boxes. With an impressive 1000 litres of air from the venturi via the 24W max DC pump and compact footprint, this model offers a high quality product at a very competitive price. Features - SC 1660 High performance skimmer Competitive pricing. Low power consumption at only 24 watts 6 stages of adjustment via the included DC pump controller High air volume at the venturi - up to 1000lt/hour Whisper Quiet, low energy pump Flexible installation with regards to water depth Simple water level adjustment – no fiddly taps or pipes to fit or control. Remote cup drain Simple maintenance without the use of any tools. German manufacture by Deltec Long life expectation with all spares available. Technical data - SC 1660 Dimensions (LxWxH) / mm - 245 x 180 x 575 Power consumption - 24 Watt 6 Stages of pump adjustment Airflow - up to 1000 litre/hr Water level - min. 160 mm / max. 250 mm High stocking –1100 litres Normal stocking – 1300 litres Made in Germany 2 year warranty We are authorized Deltec resellers backed by the Australian national distributor. Priced at only $749.00 ( Usual Discounts Apply ) Link - Age of Aquariums - Deltec SC1660 - DC Controllable Ben
  13. ...ADA Soils we have dropped the price from $44.95 to $37.95 - Amazonia, Malaya and also Africana. This is a awesome price for one of the best substrates you can get. ADA Aqua Design Amano Jumbo Sponge filter XY-2838 dropped the price from $19.80 to $15.95 Extra Large Sponge Filter XY-2838 for tanks up to 850 liters You can see how the Jumbo dwarfs the Large XY-380
  14. Hi All. Great price today only on the popular Large Sponge Filter. Link - Age of Aquariums - Bio - chemical sponge filter ( upto 480 litre ) Ben
  15. Deal of the Day - Prodac Algae Wafers 530gm. Today only $19.95. That is 1/2 Price !! Link - Age of Aquariums - Prodac Algae Wafers 530gm Ben
  16. It's in a 45cm cube and the water level sits at about 35cm, the wood it's sitting on is about 12cm I'm each direction Sent from my who cares using Tapatalk
  17. We have taken up a awesome deal and passing on the savings on the Aquael Circulator 1000 lph Powerhead. 50% off is good but even better when you still get the QLDAF 10% discount off that. These are not a cheap Chinese made unit they are quality ceramic shaft European made Powerhead. This is well below the normal wholesale price. Deal of the Day - Aquael Powerhead 1000lph
  18. Got quotes from the 3 tank builders in Toowoomba and hows this for a difference, Shop 1- $360 Shop 2- $280 Shop 3- $200 Those prices is me supplying the glass except the bottom pane 6x2x2 with me cleaning all remaining glass of silicone, you can guess who I am going to, even includes free delivery of completed tank Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  19. When was the last time you saw Sera Flora 2kg for under $100? Have done a deal and will be receiving stock on Thursday - Limited stock so get into it. There is one left in stock right now and getting more on Thursday. Order now and as soon as it hits we will be sending it out. If you order other items too - it will all go out together. We had it at $135.00 which was cheap to start with and we have dropped the price to $122 and when you get the Sera discount and then the QLDAF discount you will end up paying $98.82.:clap2: Sera Flora Vegetable Diet 2Kg / 10L [MENTION=1483]Hellboy[/MENTION] [MENTION=3782]pandapete[/MENTION]
  20. Hi All, Would anyone have an opinion on what the following second hand tanks are worth? I am buying from a friend and just want to make sure we both get a fair deal. Tank 1 – 6ft tank - 183 x 46 x 60cm This tank brand new: $305. Second hand?? Condition: Quite a bit of grit, scratches, some chips and no glass covers. Tank 2 – 3ft tank – 91 x 38 x 25cm This tank band new: $89 Second hand?? Condition: Some grit & scratches, some chips and no glass covers.
  21. Hi All. 1/2 Price sale on the Eheim AquaCompact 40's. Today only $69.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim AquaCompact 40 Ben
  22. My current cannister busted last night and require a new ASAP ! If anyone that's bought one or seen one somewhere well priced can they please help me out thankyou guys
  23. When I set up the sump for my 650L I am doing a 4ft sump. I was looking at two pumps at the same price to pump at a head height of about 2M The "Globle pond1" or the "little giant WGP". I think ether would give me the over filtration that I want for a 650. I wanted to know if any of you guys have used ether of these brands and If they are recommended or not. Here is a link. Multi Purpose | Pumps for Ponds | Fountains | Water Features | Aquariums | computers - industry Thanks Mickthefish
  24. I've had this tropheus duboisi for years (probably about 10-12 years) but I'm wanting a change and it'll be too aggressive for the fish I want. I was just curious as to how much it's worth if I tried selling it in the near future, as well as it's sex Thanks, Mary-Anne
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