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Found 5 results

  1. Shogun 500w Aquarium Heaters Now in Stock at a Great Introductory price of only $59.95 ( well $53.95 for QLDAF Members ). Digital LED read out with built in memory that remembers last shutdown temperature. Precise temperature control with a tolerance accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius Energy saving design Quality tested For fresh & salt water Safety cut off circuit ensures the unit does not overheat even when the water level drops sharply. Will power off automatically if removed out of the water. Heating function turns off automatically and shows 'HH' when temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Shatter resistant safety glass Heater Guard included 2 Year Warranty Rated for up to 1000 litres ( based on manufactures recommendations ) length: 52cm - We have tested these units and have found them to maintain an even temperature in aquariums up to 1500 litre's depending on ambient temp. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  2. Hi just looking for advice on where is the best place to buy lighting in Brisbane or am I going to find a bargain online . I have a 6x2x2 African tank I'm looking to light and I'm trying to keep costs down i would like led but t5 are okay as well. I was also wondering is it cheaper to buy 2 3ft lights rather than a 6ft one any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. I need a big very strong one for a big tank that wont get knocked off all the time can anyone help?
  4. Hi All, We just received a massive shipment of Aquarworld heaters. Fully Submersible & includes a 3 year full replacement warranty. Link below, Age of Aquariums - Aquarium Heaters As always all QLDAF members receive their usual 10% discount off our advertised prices.
  5. for those who have thought about it and wondered how much it costs........ heres a basic run down on the costs: Drilling the tanks: Drill bits 30mm diamond core bit $14.90 off ebay 45mm diamond core bit $38.90 "trade tools caboolture" Female bulk head fittings: 25mm $14.90 x12 40mm $20.97 x12 40mm pvc elbows $2.86 x26 40mm pvc 3mtr lengths $18.90 x5 40mm pve T-Piece $4.66 x8 Pvc cement 500ml $9.70 JHP-9500 10000lph x1 $155 (for first bank of 17 tanks) JQB-4500 4500lph x1 $60 (for second bank of 6 tanks) 20m roll of 25mm poly tubing $19.80 (presurized return flow) 25mm t-pieces $1.38 x 12 25mm elbows $0.98 x 6 15mm inline taps $3.68 x 11 21-27mm hose clamps for all the joins $0.98 x 45 so well and truly over the $1000 i had budgeted............. but nonetheless entirly worth it and the system will have paid for itself within 12-15 weeks and its much less maintainence by far which equates to a higher dollar per hour profit for myself with the hours involved to keep it all running just a bit of insight for anyone contemplating it....... Will have more pics when its finished,would of had it done last week but there has been a delay with the bulkheads........ how much did it cost you??? Christo
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