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Found 17 results

  1. Aqua Illumination AI PRIME Led's Arriving next week at AOA. Priced at the Bargain price of only $299.00 each. That is exceptional buying when considering the build quality and specifications. Link - Age of Aquariums - AI PRIME LEDS One Light to Rule Them All With built-in Wi-Fi, the AI Prime® is brilliantly simple to use. Connect to one and it becomes the parent, controlling all other Prime children automatically. No Controller Needed There`s no need to buy an additional controller just to be able to use your light properly, the AI Prime® has control built-in. Just use your iOS, Android or internet-connected device to control the Prime, anywhere in the world! Spectrum The Prime continues the AI product line`s legacy of full spectrum performance with an output that exceeds the visible light spectrum, providing your livestock with the light they crave. Power Output With a spread of 18" x 18", the AI Prime® has a peak PAR of 500µMol at a depth of 12 inches, more than enough for your hungriest of livestock. Drawing a maximum of 50 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps. Optics The AI Prime® comes standard with 80 degree lenses giving you the best balance of power and spread. Our lens optics are custom designed, boasting greater than 90% optical efficiency and including a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending. Affordable At a price of only $299, it`s hard to imagine getting a better bang for your buck. Specifications Dimensions: 4.88" x 4.88" x 1.34" Power Consumption: 45 watts at full power Universal input voltage (100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz) 10 ft. cable 7 different colors of LED diodes Total of 13 LED`s Wifi Enabled LED`s 4 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI) 1 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red 1 - Cree XP-E2 Green 3 - Cree XP-E2 Blue 2 - OSRAM SQUARE Deep Blue 1 - SemiLED 415nm Violet 1 - SemiLED 405nm UV What`s in the Box AI Prime Power Adapter Quick Start Guide Mounting options: Hanging Kit or Tank Mount available separately.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. .Where is the best place to buy Quickstart and Prime? Yes I can go to any pet shop but they are generally expensive. Any specials going somewhere or where I can purchase online?
  4. Has anyone had experience using both fraction and prime? Are they just as good as each other? The description says they are identical and i think the age of aquariums description just mighttttt be hinting at it It's half the price of prime so it'd be great if someone could give a definate answer, i'm sure Donny at aoa has had experience with it (I'd tag ya but i don't know how) Here are some links to back up the price difference and description 2L=$40- Continuum fraction https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6556 4L=$145 2L=$72.50- Seachem Prime Seachem Prime 4L Aquarium Water Conditioner FOR Fish Tanks Litre | eBay
  5. anyone on here have experience or knowledge of using "POND PRIME" in fishtanks ?? to my knowledge its the same stuff just a higher concentrate meaning use less of the product. grabbed myself 1L of the pond prime today, just looking for any personal experience before i kick it into motion
  6. hi just received 2 bottles of prime 250ml as they were out of 500ml bottles, in a order. opened the bottle to find it full of black specs, checked the other and it was the same, have never noticed this before so not to sure what the go is?? any ideas, normal? bad batch? thanks jacob
  7. To celebrate the arrival in Australia of the new king of water conditioners, AOA shall be giving out a bottle of Fraction to the first 30 QLDAF members to post in this thread. Post what I hear you ask? Well, in a fraction of a paragraph simply describe 2 PRIME reasons you are keen to try out the latest advancement in premium water conditioning technology! Then email your full name and postal details to sales@aquariumproducts.com.au and we will get a bottle in the mail to you. Remember this is only for the first 30 members to post in this thread. Check out the full Fraction range here For the more mathematically sophisticated readers, I once read a quote from a mathematician who explained the reason fraction works out best every time! It all comes down to the PRIME factorisation theorem which states if you can get the same PRIME quality full featured dechlorinator for a fraction of the price, then buy it you should! This post was brought to you by Donny.
  8. Hey peeps, Just wondering if anyone elses prime neutralizer smells funny. I'm onto my 2nd bottle and both smell the same. Grab your prime, open the bottle and smell Is it normal? Cheers, Timbo
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Has anyone compared Safe against Prime? Better, worse or same? I am looking at ways to get my running costs down without comprimising on water quality. Safe is cheaped and you just add the powder which is said to be more concentrated than Prime is. How many people actually use it? It is approx. $80 for 1kg which would last you longer than Prime would for the same amount of water you are treating. Just looking for people's opinions and feedback.....
  11. Wondering where people get their Prime from, and where the the cheapest spots are? Is 2L for $79 plus postage cheap from here: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Seachem-Prime-2L ... t_Supplies How much does it cost out at Redlands Pet Centre with the discount? Appreciate any help, I'm quickly running out with all these Brisbane water problems!
  12. hey, Found a bottle of prime and wanted to know if it has a used by date? the bottle has a date on it 20/10/2007 thats when it was purchased, how long does this stuff last? im guessing not that long, thanks. Skinnyman.
  13. I've always cycled using a rotten prawn and never had a problem before when not using Prime. My cycle has always completed within 4 weeks. 3 weeks into the cycle using prawn and de-chlorinating with Prime all 6 tanks are showing a reading of .25 ammonia, 0 nitrite and nitrate. The ammonia has remained constant at .25 for 2.5 weeks with no spike. PH was adjusted at filling, from 7.6 (tap reading) to neutral. As prime states that it can remove/neutralise ammonia, could it be that the removal of all but .25 of the ammonia is preventing a spike and the appearance of nitrites? Your thoughts please as I'm baffled? The test kit (API) is in date. cheers kev
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. hey guys just wondering if there anywere around north brisbane to get cheep 4 leter prime?????
  16. Hey guys, Have been curious for some time now about the correct way to dose Seachem Prime, the product I and many others use for water-changes. There was much speculation between myself, friends, and members of other communities regarding which way was the correct method of dosing. - Full tank amount before adding water - Full tank amount after adding water (My method at the time of discussion) - Replaced/difference amount before adding water - Replaced/difference amount after adding water After a couple of emails and responses from Seachem, the best method is to obviously dose the water, via buckets or siphoning into a sump/tank prior to introducing it to the tank, but many people like myself can't practically use buckets and do the whole 'hose in the tank' method. My question to Seachem was as follows: Seachem response: So I was using roughly 2/3 more Prime than I had to. I will be changing to the "Replaced/difference amount after adding water" method from now on and figured I would share this information in case anyone else out there was also using more prime than necessary or was curious as to the correct method. Cheers guys, Ryan.
  17. Hey can an over dose of prime kill BN's? My darling little two year old sh*t just poured 3/4 of a 250ml bottle into a 4foot tank with our BN breeders. I've taken them out moving them to another tank but I had babies too and they hate being moved. Just wondering if the tank would still be ok or would i need to do a massive water change before putting them back? Thanks
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