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  1. Hi everyone, i have a nautilus 800 canister filter on a 3 foot tank which has decided to stop working. It will prime and will run for a few minutes then it will lose its head of water and stop circulating water. I've cleaned everything and the empaller continues to work it just stops pushing the water through... anyone had had anything like this before or know what it will be?? It about 6 months old but I have no idea where the warranty might be and my cichlids have for the most part been without circulated water for two days (the air pump is still working so at least they have that 😓 Any my help would be much appreciated.
  2. Ok...... so i have bred fish for approx 25 years and been successfully hatching brine shrimp for some 20 years odd. I have purchased a new can of ocean nutrition brine shrimp 90% hatch. I have tried 4 batches since wednesday with little to no success Anyone have any info on a bad batch ? The eggs do not seem to rehydrate and remain floating after 48 hours. Im not looking on how to hatch them.......just wondering if anyone has had a sh1t can off them Used by date august 2019
  3. I picked up a brand new aqua one cannister filter around 3 days ago last night when i opened up the cabneit i noticed water around the filter i soaked it up and this morning there was more. Upon inspection i noticed a small crack down the bottom of the canister. My question is what should i do? Water loss is minimal but i have a feeling jt will only get worse.
  4. Hey just wondering if you can drill tanks that are made from the double sheet glass I've been told no just want to hear your thoughts thanks!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hello peeps. I would be very grateful if someone could point out the obvious thing I am overlooking and help me figure out the following problem because it has me stumped. Problem Over the last three weeks my nitrate reading has been in excess of 80ppm. Judging my API test kit it lands somewhere between 80 – 160 (hard to tell exactly but the vial is bright red – and yes I have looked at it through the top, sides and held it up to different lights). I am not sure why it’s reading so high as this has never happened before. Facts Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 PH 8.4 KH 10 GH 15 Tap water direct from tap reads 0ppm for nitrate Water changes: 25% every week with new tap water added which has been double dechlorinated and rift lake salts added. API test kit was bought 6 weeks ago and I shake the bottle before the tests for two minutes and tapped it! and I washed the vials with clean water before and after each test. Sump consists of filter sponges (blue then black then white filter wool); then bio balls, then 30ltrs of Marine Pure Spheres, then K1, then 20kgs of crushed coral, then 7ltrs of Matrix, then 9ltrs of Macropore and 500ml Purigen then into the pump chamber. (Note: the Matrix has only just been added) Tanks on sump: 4 (three 6x2’s and a 8x2) Fish stocking: low Feeding: Between 5 and 6 feeds per week. They are not overfed and I only use quality food. Planted tank: no Sump has been running for about a year, however I have extra added media to the sump throughout the year and the Macropore and Purigen has been cleaned regularly. Attempt to Problem Solve After reading the API test kit three weeks ago the nitrate was extremely high. This surprised me so I tested the water out of the tap to see if my nitrate tester was working, and it was, tap water read 0 or close to. So I did a 30% water change, no effect, two days later I did a 50% water change, no effect, then I did another 50% water change and took all the water out of the sump and cleaned all the media, no effect. Now this seems strange because if I did a 50%+ water change surely I would see some difference on the reading, even if it only went down slightly? But no, the readings have all been the same; the vial turns bright red within 5 seconds of shaking it. Given this information I thought I would test my Tropheus tanks which have side drop filters, i.e. individually filtered tanks. Again the same thing, ammonia and nitrite 0, nitrate 80ppm+? This got me thinking. So I got two tanks, completely emptied them both and filled them up with fresh tap water. I filtered one with existing media and the other one with completely new media. After one day from set up, both tanks read nitrates with 80ppm+. The only common denominator between all the tanks is tap water, but when I test tap water it reads 0-5ppm. I have asked a couple of people but they are just as stumped. Something must be happening to the tap water when it goes into my tanks whether they are sumped or individually filtered. I understand that the nitrates will rise over time, but surely after doing water changes I should see a drop in nitrates even if for a short period of time? and there shouldn’t be any on a brand new tank with new media. Solutions So what have I missed? Is it something obvious? Does anyone have any idea what could be going on or how I can reduce nitrates? All I know to reduce nitrates is to do water changes or add chemicals or add plants. I know AOA does Nitraguard so I may give that a go as water changes are not cutting it. My theories are: a) Test kit is stuffed – but how can I get a different reading from the tap to the tank? I have high nitrates because of the number of fish – very doubtful as I have verified this with someone on this forum who is very experienced. c) Tap water has high nitrates because of high usage over the Christmas period and the water company is messing with the parameters – this is possible because how else can I explain a brand new tank set up having high nitrates. d) Don’t worry about it and carry on as usual – this has been my thinking over the last week in which I have done another couple of WC’s. My fish seem healthy, they have a strong appetite, no one is hiding in corners, had no deaths, and I have a ton of mouthfuls from various fish in the 8fter (not keeping them they will spit and become food). Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Cheers.
  7. Hi all, I have a couple of problem (what about I know in fact) in my marine tank. First of all, some basic information about the system… It’s a 145L set-up that operates for almost 3 months with a 60L sump. The temperature of the water is continuously between 26 and 27 degree thanks to the chiller. The skimmer is an AquaOne model, the light is provided by two G3 90W CTLite Smart LED. The lights work as full-day climate light cycling. The full light is about 6 hrs. I use a piece of LR and 2 bags of different filter medias (crushed coral and Marine Pure Spheres) in the sump. I do water change almost every 3rd week. I use API test kits for measuring the parameters. Nitrate continuously zero, ammonia is 0.25 and sometimes 0.5 (rare), phosphate is 0.25 from the beginnings, pH changes between 8.0 and 8.3. Salinity is between 35ppt/1.026 and 37ppt/1.028. I have read I should use more serious test kit for more accurate results. So I thought I will try the brand of Salifert. Are these test kits better than API’s or should I try another type? But my main problems are the next… There are unbelievable much algae (brown and green) on the glass, on the interior equipment and top of the gravel. Also there are lots of small gas bubbles in/on the gravel as well. Every 3rd day I need to clean the glass if I want to see fish… In my humble opinion, as I did some resource on the Internet about the possible problems it could be because of the high level of phosphate… maybe, please correct me if it’s false. Hence, I have read about Refugium also, GFO and Carbon Filter Media reactors, which could/can reduce the amount of the phosphate. If I needed to use one of them which would be the best solution for this system? I really like the Refugium but I’m afraid there is no enough space around the sump. Other problem, which appeared only yesterday that there is a quite big white “spot or something like that” one of the live rocks. What do you think what is that? Is it serious? How could I treat it if necessary? I tried to make some pictures about the problems, hopefully they will be visible to ID’s. Please give me feedbacks about the problems also, if you can see any other things or dramas do not hesitate! Thanks, Jani Lots of algae... Picture of white spot will be post in a next because the system didn't let me upload anymore here...
  8. Hi All, I have an algae problem. From my research I believe it to be cotton candy algae, but am not 100% sure. I have attached a pic in the hope that someone can help identify it and possibly even provide a solution. For some background, it appeared over several days about 6 months ago in a patch on live rock, all parameters in the tank were good, no detectable nitrates which was my first check. I tried to remove it with a siphon hose. Removed a large amount but then small amounts spread through the tank. It has been dying off and regrowing. My nitrates have since been up and down sometimes up to 40ppm. I do weekly water changes with purchased sea water and thats around 15% and top ups are with ro/di. Please help if you can. Thanks.
  9. Hi everybody! I've got a problem with my 4ft corydoras tank. On Sunday, after my regular weekly water change and gravel vac, I noticed my corys weren't as active as normal and later that night observed them darting to the surface constantly for air and acting sluggish. I did an emergency water change the next morning and had the old water tested at my LFS to find high ammonia levels. So since Monday i've been doing twice-daily water changes of about 50% each, and while my ammonia levels have dropped significantly, my nitrite levels have started to rise. Seeing as my tank is probably cycling at the moment, are these twice-daily water changes too much? And is there anything else I can do to try to alleviate the stress on the fish? I was using Ammo-lock and Prime initially, but switched over to Supachlor that I received in the mail today (I was worried my Prime is a bit old). I've also got Nitra-zorb in the canister filter and am adding Easy-Life to the mix as well, along with Aquasonic Bio-aid super concentrate and API Quick Start. I've also lowered the water level to get more agitation from the spray bar and powerhead that i've got attached to a 30x12x12 cm pre-filter sponge. I've had the tank for at least 9 years and some of my corys are 10+ years old, so it's not a new tank. Unfortunately though, i've suffered two fatalities so far. Anyway, thanking everyone in advance and apologies if i'm a bit all over the place, i'm pretty stressed at the moment, as I'm worried about my little buggers and want to see them hit 11+ years and beyond! Update 25/2/15: The ammonia issue is pretty much gone (the most I get is 0.5mg/L @ 26C), but my pH seems to be dropping. A day after my weekly water change it's at 6.5 and drops down to between 5.5 and 6, and i'm not sure why.
  10. I am running two tanks off of my ev20 and still not happy with the output.. I have just replaced the diaphragms hoping it would be fix my issue and while it did make it somewhat better, its still not to the standard that i want. I have 7 airlines coming from it currently... 5 go to my k1, 1 goes through my nitraguard and the last goes to an air sponge in a seperate tank. All airlines have been cut to minimum length possible. Just to give you an idea of the pressure... My sponge filter wont work when put on the bottom of an 18 inch deep awuarium... It needs to be just under the surface to get any bubbles. as far as i know there shouldnt be any issues here? Is this a warranty issue? thanks for your help
  11. Hi all I've got a eheim classic 350 and the last couple days I've noticed it's only pumping about a third of the pressure it was its only about 2-3 months old checked hoses no blockages filter not clogged pulled out impella does anyone else have any ideas what it could be thanks
  12. The bolbitis I have purchased dropped all of its leaves and now the stems are going brown. I know the water temperature in my tank was higher than the colder water came from. Is this the reason why it has dropped all of its leaves? Both tanks have low light on them. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hey guys, I've lurking around this site for a couple of months and figure its time to say 'Hi!'. Hope to see a few of you around Cheers Slim
  16. Hi people I owned one of these afew years ago and am looking at buying another. When I had the last one the lid (which has a metal grate inclosed) rusted out. Has anyone who owns one of these had the same problem or found away to prevent this happening. Thanks. Mark
  17. I've been trying to find the sweet spot between enough flow to properly filter the tank and not so much that it bothers the fish. With the Tank Maid (400lph) they were cowering in a corner. With its replacement (350lph) I have a lot more options. It's a 54L tank. As you can see in the video above, I've got the new filter at one end with a spray bar on. I actually like the aesthetics of the air bubbles and certainly the tank does get clear - I did a 25% water change yesterday with a huge change in the layout, so I went to bed with a cloudy tank, woke up with it like this. Is it enough?
  18. I picked up a new canister today, and I.don't think I washed the 'phosmax pro' media that came with it. This stuff is ment to kill algae. Now my tank is.cloudy as, and I Want to know if it will be.harmful to my fish and what I should do?
  19. I don't know what cichlid it is... but she has been holding for a good 3 weeks.. and last night I tried to strip her of her fry. But since I was shaking to much, I stopped and failed to even get 1 egg out .... But now she is swimming up and down the glass like she is trying 2 get out .... PLEASE HELP ME. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME BREEDING... and I DON'T WANT HER TO LOOSE THE EGGS COULD ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME ... BEFORE SHE LOOSES THE EGGS OR DIES
  20. Problem:- In the last few days, we've noticed that the fish in question had what looked like a sore on his belly where it's swollen. To me it almost looks like a skin ulcer. Thing is, I've been googling around and any of the skin diseases supposed to affect tetras or cause similar lesions cause other symptoms like behavioural ones, clumping of fins, swimming issues etc, of which this fish has none. Apart from the lesion, the fish is behaving, swimming, eating and interacting normally. The fish in question has always had a slightly swollen belly, we just figured that he's just a funny shape. We've recently (1 a week ago, 1 a couple of months before that) lost 2 tetras, but nothing seemed to be happening to the others, so we put it down to the female cichlid being a feisty little *****, as she has been laying recently. None of the other tetras seem to be affected. Ph:- 7ish, maybe slightly above. Little higher than I usually try to run it (trying to keep around 6.6 ish) Ammonia:-unknown Nitrate:- unknown Nitrite:- unknown Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 58L Temperature °C:- 26C Been running for:- 6ish months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Internal filter with sponge and ceramic noodles Fish in tank:- Apistogramma Cacatuoides M & F pair, Longfin Albino Bristlenose, 4 X Cardinal Tetras Plants in Tank:- Val, crypts, anubia, chain swords Feeding:- Algae wafer (1/w), Spectrum Betta Pellets (to get rid of them - very small pinch daily), Cichlid flake (small pinch daily) Recent Medication Treatments:- None Last water change:- 1 week ago Water change: weekly to fortnightly
  21. Hey all. About a week ago my Fluval Fx5 has started screwing up. It is pumping water but it is pulsing, high flow, stop, high flow, stop. This makes the hose shake. Every now and then it will just shut down completely for a minute or two. Then it will start up again doing the same thing. Today I took it out and cleaned it, pumping water the reverse way through the pump section in case something had got stuck. When I went to go plug it in, it did the exact same thing. Has anyone else had this problem with the Fluval or another canister filter? Thanks guys .
  22. Hi all, Just want your view on wether you all think snails in the tank or a problem or not. I will be breeding my BN catfish soon and wonder if they will harm the breading cycle in any way. the problem is I have guppy's and Red cherry shrimp in the tank so I cant get loaches atm or they will make a meal out of my cherry's. I am getting another tank soon and will move the cherry's to that thank but are the snails a real treat to anything ? i.e plants breading ect ???
  23. Hi all, I have recently bought a preloved 4ft tank and canister filter. The canister filter is an aqua sun. This is the first time i have ever used a external filtration system and i don't think i have set it up right… I have filled up the filter with the tank water and connected all the pipes up. The first time i turned it on it was making this really loud grinding noise; so i disassembled it all and tried again; this time it started working although it is still rather loud. Also there is a tonne of stuff floating around the tank so i placed my finger under the hose to make sure it is actually sucking which it is. I guess my question is. ANy idea on where i have gone wrong? how could i make it quieter and why is there so much crap floating around in the tank? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, I have recently discovered that I have a big hydra infestation - its on the tank sides, gravel, on rocks, plants and wood. Its green hydra. I want to get rid of it but have no idea how to. I have read that a couple of apple snails will do the trick. I am breeding guppies in that tank so its a bit of a problem. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Hi all I have 2 fx5 filters that have had issues with micro bubbles After exhaustive tests I found air leaking into the filter from the top taps where they slide onto the lid. The rubber rings fail to seal air 100% when they're dry so I lubed the orings with a smear of ky jelly and reattached the taps and no bubbles! Media wasn't the problem, just dry (6 months old filter) orings I know others have had similar issues so I thought I'd pass this on in case it helps
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