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  1. Look everyone hates flukes. Absolute ******* creatures. But.... so many people kill their fish trying to kill flukes. Figured a thread to discuss treatments that went wrong could really help out those about to commit to tipping in some meds. To set the standard..... http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-texas-state-aquarium-20150415-story.html Woops.....
  2. Hi everyone, Have had some dramas with HITH on both my Oscars over the last several months. The larger holes do not really seem to be getting worse, but during a black out tonight, i had the trusty iphone torch on while putting in a battery air pump and noticed just how bad it actually was so many smaller ones i had not previously noticed I'll be doing a 50% minimum water change tomorrow, removing AC from the filter (AquaOne Nautilus 2700), giving all trays a rinse out in tank water and re-testing all parameters. Last test showed: PH +/-7.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate off the fkn scales!!!! Nitrate has never dropped below 40ppm for as long as i can remember - i dont know why, and water changes don't seem to make a difference to the reading oh and they've been laying every few weeks for a little over 7mths now so i didnt think it was effecting them toooo much??) took water samples to the LFS who got the same results i did (including Nitrate) and advised to make sure I'm using town water instead of tank water. diet: Hikari Cichlid Biogold+ every day frozen blood worms once or twice a week super worms - one / two a day each I've looked over the forum, and results generally indicate to increase water changes, adjust diet, use this chemical or that etc etc so... what i need to know is what are the best treatment options for HITH? what have people tried that has actually worked? (the condies crystals one scares me a little i have to admit!!) If anyone is up to speed on HITH treatments, please point me in the right direction here!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! cheers
  3. Problem I have a Juwel Lido 120 which I have set up as a planted community tank. you know the usual stuff cardinals, yellow tail congos, rummy nose etc. I have a mixed school of Hatchet fish. I started with four Marbled Hatchets that i got from Pet City, 2 large Silvers from Annerly and a trio of small Silvers from Paul at Oxley. Since then I have lost 2 Marbled and 2 silvers and it looks like another is on the way out. It seems to be a swim bladder type of issue or possibly bloat. They all end up swimming upside down disoriented and then check out. The rest of the hatchets are fine, it just seems to pick the odd one off one at a time. All the other fish in thank are healthy and fact they are robustly healthy. All my water parameters are good and the Hatchets even have their own quiet slow water zone to swim in with surface plants. Its got me stumped. Anyone got any clues or experienced this issue. Thanks, Phil
  4. So I tried recharging some macropore yesterday using salt as directed by the package. And now it is purple? Has anyone else had this happen to them? And can I get it back to the right colour or is it ruined?
  5. My starfish seems to be dying. Its leg looks like its been eaten or something. Could anyone tell mewhat i could do or is it to late? Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  6. Hi guys, New to this forum so my apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area... I'm looking for some advice if anyone could help I recently decided to start up a planted tank. I've had plants in the past but never seriously focused on them, but this time around I'm "trying" to do things right. I bought a Co2 kit and hooked it up to a solenoid, and I put it on a timer with the light for 7.5hrs a day. The problem however is that I can't seem to get the solenoid to work. From what I understand I'm supposed to be able to leave the Co2 turned on, and the solenoid is supposed to prevent it entering the tank when the power is switched off The problem is that the pressure builds up in the pipes when the power is switched off, and it either pops off a bit and leaks, or the pipe itself expands heaps until it pops. Not sure what I can do Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, I have a goldfish that in the last 2 days has been looking a bit worse for wear- he has some scales raised on one side and is nose down a bit... It is the only one with the issue - everyone else is fine. I have a few theories - 1. Some rough loving from the other fish as there has been some activity in the tank. 2. He got stuck behind my little eheim again which is attached to the side of the tank. 3. Dropsy. I've done a water change - about 1/3 changed and added salt... not sure what else to do. He eats fine and is active a bit, just had moments of being lethargic and nose down. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  8. I bought some orandas from a pet shop recently and my good oranda has a stringy white thing growing from its head. Is it done kind of worm? It had 1 long one on one side then it cleared up and now it's growing on both sides
  9. Hi people I have pallet racking 10 foot long with a 8 foot tank on it and it is 20 mm lower at the end of the 8 foot tank then goes back up at the end of the stand. Should I empty the tank and add extra bracing from the ground to the top rack of the pallet racking and if so could a middle leg be welded on to the middle of a pallet rack or what would be the best way to straighten the beams to hold the weight of a 8 foot tank. Any ideas appreciated and buyers beware of pallet racking Thanks. Mark
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hi everybody, this is my first time here and I hope you can help me. I started up a community tank about 6 weeks ago, stocked it gradually with tetras, guppies, mollies, silver sharks, and specifically, five gouramis - 2 three spot and 3 opaline. I have lost a couple of fish but most have been doing well. Yesterday I noticed the gouramis are sitting on the bottom and one in particular seems quite ill, almost on its side, then it struggles to swim up to the top of the tank, then slowly floats back down, tail first. I know the ph is a bit high, around 7.3 - 7.5 and the water temperature is at 27 - 28 degrees (heater is switched off) but it's been like this from the start. I can't see any white spot. Any suggestions please, I'm very worried. Thank you.
  12. As above im now the 3rd guy that has has deaths after feeding the shrimp with hikari algae wafers. Nothing wong with the water and anything else. Just shrimp dieing. Anyone else find this problem and any help would be tops. Cheers RJ
  13. Hey guys, A little over a month ago I purchased a new Eheim 2213 for my 20G tank, complete with the "bio-media" canister insert basket. It ran really well when it first started, too well in fact. I drilled out the holes on the spray bar to lessen the output current, which worked decently. Then I bought an inline CO2 reactor (Ista) from AOA which I am really happy with, it's very efficient (100%). It uses the water flow from the canister to spin an impeller, which also helps to impede water flow rate and slowed it down a tad for me too. It was running at a current I thought was really good, but then I noticed the other day when I washed out all the media (rinsed it with tank water) and put it all back together the water basically trickles out of the spraybar now. And I really do mean trickle. When it was brand spanking new it blasted water all around the tank, the fish had trouble swimming in it. Now it seriously seems to have something wrong with it. My research tells me they should be cleaned monthly and the white (wool?) pads replaced with each cleaning. This is the fine pad I think, and seeing as it is the first in the filter flow then it makes sense it would restrict the pressure greatly. The filter is still running virtually silently and doesn't make any gargling sounds. The only air that has gotten into the pump was the residual air after I primed it and got it going, but there was virtually none. I am thinking I either need to buy some more pads from AOA (really cheap, which fits my budget!), perhaps check the impeller / pump unit, or perhaps remove the external reactor and see if that is restricting me too much (which I don't particularly want to do... Cheers for any input guys, if anyone has had the same experience then it would be great to get any insight!
  14. Hi all Having troubles with electric yellows. Firstly I bought 4 large ones last weekend and placed them in their own tank. Over the course of a day or so, they turned black around face and were very sluggish. I tested water, which was fine, and dosed with a small bit of melafix. One died and the others improved a little. A few days ago I bought 3 more slightly smaller ones along with 2 blue dolphins and placed in same tank. These were looking very healthy and seemed to give the first batch a new lease on life. But now I have only 2 yellows left, all other fish in tank have died over last 48 hours. They go pale, struggle to swim, then die. Just did another water test and no change from a few days ago. I am out of ideas. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, This will probably be a long-winded thread because it is doing my head in a little bit. I started a tank probably 2 months ago now, and I have changed it frequently as my knowledge and tastes have rapidly expanded after getting back into the hobby. To keep it fairly short, my problem is this: my mosses refuse to grow as fast as I want them to, and my tank has the dreaded black beard algae. I don't really get why my moss hasn't taken off because there is plenty of light, CO2 injection (which has unfortunately been fairly inconsistent due to leaks somewhere I am yet to find...), plenty of nutrients from the fish and dosing with Seachem Flourish Comprehensive and clean water changed fairly consistently. My last check after around 7-8 days without a decent water change was pH 7.6, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and ~5 nitrates, all after I installed a new Eheim 2213 canister filter. The temperature is around 26 degrees, and while my CO2 was running I had it staying in the blue-green range with the in-tank checker (with fresh indicator fluid). The stupid thing is all my stem plants grow like crazy in the background there, and the crypts have grown so much since I first got them that I went from having 3 to about 7 or 8 individual mid-sized plants and I had to start throwing out plantlets because I don't have any room for them. My understanding was that crypts are a slow-growing plant, but they have thrived while my peacock moss and fissidens have struggled to explode and have just been overcome with what seems to be BBA and some sort of brown cottony-fluffy algae that gets tangled up in little balls on them. I have tackled the algae by using Seachem Excel every day/second day, and keeping the surface agitation up while I don't have CO2 so as to keep the oxygenation up. I also bought a SAE yesterday to have a feast on the algae, and he seems to be doing his job. My hairgrass sent up some nice shoots after a good hack/trim, and it seems to be doing pretty well along with the HM I planted the other day. The mosses seem to respond fairly well to a good trim, but they just seem to lack the colour and growth I thought they would have. I know aquascaping is a lesson in patience, but I have very little haha. I just want to know if there is anything I could be doing better to get awesome moss growth, because I really think it makes a lot of aquascapes. Here are some pictures: Full Tank shot after a good trim Shot of the Fissidens Crypts and Anubias growing well Most of the Peacock moss on the wood Trimmed moss looking unhealthy
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Tested water today to find these results using api test kit purchased today, ph 7.8 nitrite0 nitrate 5 ammonia 0 kh50/100ppm 4degrees gh could not measure poured in the drops would only turn to alight yellow colour and not blue as expected,thinking gh levels are through the roof,if so how doI lower these levels. . Thanks Murray.
  18. :confused: Can anyone help us? We have to GG around the 40cm mark. The male is healthy and eats and poops everyday! Our female on the other hand is very different. When we received her we were told she had a large stomach as her previous owners used to feed her a lot of bananas. Her "stomach" has not decreased in the 4 months we have had her. However she is only eating a small amount (in comparison to our male GG) every third day. It seems she still poops. We have tried increasing peas to her diet, adding salt and melafix. Nothing seems to help. Yesterday we woke to find small white worms in her tank. They vary in size up to approx 5mm. Some have legs at one end? We went to the LFS for advice. They told us not to worry to much about the worms and that our GG most probably has a tumor. Whilst this may be true, I am willing to try and help our girl! From the photos in the next post, has anyone seen this before? Can anyone recommend some ideas/help for our beloved girl? Thank you!
  19. Again.... And again... My water in both my 3 foot tanks is so gross to look at and I just can't think of anything else to make it that wonderful crystal clear it used to be. It's full of floaties and my filters are filling up so fast with this brown sludge like stuff that they are actually getting clogged, I have to clean at least once a week and I'm have to pump the sludge out of the tubes. Im stumped. I have, in my external canitster filters sponge, ceramic cylinder things, charcoal and bio balls. I clean with use fish tank water. The lights are on around 9 hours a day, no direct sunlight. 27degrees and in one a ph of 7 and the other ph of 9. One is over stocked with Africans and the other (the worse one) has 7 bristle nose babies, 1 bristle nose adult, 2 baby clown loaches, 2 angel fish, 5 blue rams. What do I do?
  20. Hi all of you who are into saltwater aquariums. I am having problems. I have just brought a good buy off a guy. With this I got lionfish, blue tang, coral banded shrimp some live rock a chiller and a 3 foot tank and stand. And this Marisys 240 which I can not work out. What I have done is filled the tank with water. Then I put some water into the Marisys. From here this system has just pushed all the water into the tank and overflowed it What have I done wrong??? Does anyone know how the priming pump works with the airhoses??? Im told 1 airhose goes into the tank and the other connect to the top part of the system. Is this correct?? If anyone with one of these units can please tell me what I have done wrong Id love you forever LOL. Thanks kris
  21. i used to keep africans for 7 yrs straight and always had 10-20 in the tank at one time and never had any issues with algae. ive recently converted to americans 3mths ago and the algae just keeps popping up everywhere and there is only 2 flowerhorns in the tank. the only thing i have changed is the PH and fish type! Has anyone ever had this issue or can shed some light on the issue thanks
  22. Hey guys just having some problems with uploading some pics cant upload anythin over 2 mb :confused:
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. since i sold my saratoga my severum has had its face in the corner i thought it might have been low on air because he was breathing fas so i held it 10-20cm away from the power head so the bubbles would blow the fish and oxygen would get in the gills a bit easier severum swims fine just wont get its head out of the corner is there any other sicknesses i should be aware of? i cant think of anything i think hes just sulking his mates gone no nitrate nitrite or ammonia nice temp(28 I like it a tad warmer because were coming into winder and were going to have colder nights) ph 7 everything seems fine any comments would be greatly appreciated i wonder if hes just sulking thats what i think it is but not sure so im going to check with you guys cheers in advance
  25. So I only have enough room in my house for another 6ft tank and an 8ft tank. So I was wondering weather it would be easier to build them myself(preferred choice) or buy them? The question I have for DIY section is: How do you increase your amount of tanks without compromising room in your house? Just a Note I was tempted to use an 8ft tank(so I could have 2 in my house) as a divider for the kitchen table and kitchen.
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