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Found 25 results

  1. .Speaking to various people, this is still a controversial topic. Some breeders will use it to an extent for good sounding reasons. Where is the line in your opinion. Do you use colour enhancing food?? And why??
  2. Which of the forum sponsers sell SEACHEM products ?? A quick look on aquaholics,age of aquariums,the tech den, shows none of those 3 carry the products... Alternatively where do you buy your SEACHEM products, thereefshop,guppys or local LFS ??
  3. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has used ADA under soil products and do they really give you better growth in a planted tank? Just starting out my first planted tank and I want everything to be right, so wondering if it will be of a benefit to have such supplements (or something similar) Thanks, Jake
  4. I have been watching the series "tanked" for a bit and have seen they market their own brand of products in australia as well. just curious if anyone has used any of it and if its worth giving a go. Home - Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Australia, Acrylic Fish Tanks T: +61-2- 9713-5894
  5. I was wondering the effects of adding dairy products to a marine nano tank would be. I'm away at work and got a call from the mrs saying the young fella thought he would help and share his yoghurt with mums fish. Apparently the water went a bit cloudy and has since cleared up I don't think to much was shared but have no idea what you would see in a water test. I think we will have to move the tank out of reach when I get home.
  6. How come the majority of dry goods we get for sale in this country seems to be mostly either from the US, China, Japan, German and Italy. You read through the pages of Pracitical Fishkeeping and there are loads of products and brands, mostly UK and Dutch stuff that we don't see here. Anyone know why ?
  7. 3 New NLS products came in this week being UltraRed, Nutri/Gel and Thera A Small Fish Formula 2.27kg Starting at the top NLS UltraRed - Red colour intensifier. NLS New Life Spectrum UltraRed 125g 1mm sinking. The UltraRed helps to bring out the red colour in your fish with a new higher concentrate formula. The next one seems to be pretty interesting NLS Nutri/Gel - comes in a powdered form and you just mix one part powder with 3 parts boiling water and pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes and wella you have a Gel that you can feed like a replacement to frozen food and will sink or smear it onto a tank for your fish to feed from. Would like to see a Ray having some fun with this - also read on another forum where some ingenious person mixed in a oral antibacterial and got great results. Number of things you could do if you put your mind to it. New Life Spectrum Nutri/Gel 220g comes in a powdered form and makes into a Gel Lastly the NLS Small Fish Formula Thera A in a 2.27kg bucket .5mm pellet
  8. Hi nice range of stuff last night. If I had of said I was on the forum, would I of got a discount or something ? (10%) is it? You were helpful as it was but I just thought about it this morning. I do like the water dechlorinator and blackwater xtract. Thanks, for your help
  9. Hi nice range of stuff last night. If I had of said I was on the forum, would I of got a discount or something ? (10%) is it? Thanks THE TECH DEN TECH DEN TECH DEN www.TheTechDen.com.au Stupid phone, double posted, mods please delete one if you like
  10. We now have a range of Cichlid DVD's with Ad Konings and these are cheap and also some Sera items. Here is what has been added. Just Click on the links for pricing, availability and more information. Got a great buy on these DVD's - only $39.94 less your QLDAF discount. Not many left already. Be quick. Aquarium Fish DVD's Sera Phosvec in liquid and granular forms. Sera Phosvec Sera CO2 Reactor Sera CO2 Reactor Sera Shrimp Food Sera Shrimp Natural 55g for Saltwater and fresh water shrimp. Aqualog Tropheus Aqualog: African Cichlids II Tanganyika I Tropheus Aquanova 1500lph Canister Aqua Nova 1,500 LPH Aquarium Canister Filter MKII with Media Aquanova Coloured Gravel Aquarium Gravel
  11. Anybody know what the equivalent of the Hikari Carnivore on the Spectrum (NLS) products?
  12. Hi Guys, Just want to let all you shrimp lovers that we keep the following shrimp products in stock. Indian Almond Leaves Sera Shrimp Natural Ocean Nutrition Shrimp Wafers Hikari Shrimp Pellets Hikari Crab Cuisine If there are certain shrimp products that you are chasing, just let us know and we will do your best to get them in for you Regards Josh Aquariums Alive
  13. Hey guys we are off to the land aquariums "china" to find new fantastic items. this year we will be focusing on LED aquarium items. We will be visiting many of our suppliers as well as some new ones. we will also be visiting the Famous Aquarium streets in GZ. My question is what would you guys be interested in ? what would you like to see us stock in our store www.aquaholicsonline.com.au
  14. I made an order and paid last wenday for 2 bottles of florish. I recived a email with the order number and payment confemation the same day . I sent an email on monday and another one yesterday and still havnt heard from them or recived my order. Is it just me or have other been mucked around by them.
  15. Hi guys and girls, I am wondering if anywhere sells Seachem products in bulk? The products I am chasing are Excel, Excel Flourish, Excel Iron, Stability and Stress Guard. Also API Melafix too, and Bio Chem Zorb sachets These products are used in my discus and tapa tank quite frequently just to upkeep my tank's healthy look with plants and to maintain best possible care for my fish. I am after bulk supplies of these products as as of late i have realised these products are costing me a fortune on a monthly basis. Any website would be handy. Thanks, Adam
  16. Hi all, Has anybody bought the Ista C02 cylinder (1L etc) from Guppies Aquarium? I am wondering if they comply with Australian standards (only says BOC connector compliance) and therefore will be able to be filled legally by a gas supplier. I have tried to email Guppies before but they don't respond. I was happy with their delivery speed and products etc but they are not so responsive on the communication. The link for the product in question is found here (hope this is within forum rules to link - if not I will edit it out): http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... _1306.html If anyone could give me feedback on their experience with ISTA pressurized c02 systems it would be greatly appreciated. Daz
  17. Hey guys & gals, I've always been one for having a good look at something before I buy it. If I can't pull it out of the box to make sure all the pieces are there, and everything is undamaged, then I won't buy it. So I'm a little skeptical about buying aquarium hardware online. However when there's an $80 difference between buying a certain product from most LFS or buying it online, well the wallet says do it. Especially when I want to buy two of said product. So with that out of the way, do many people here buy hardware online? and has anyone ever had any problems? The online shop I'm looking at is, The Reef Shop Online.
  18. Hey guys, just wondering where the best places are to get cheap Seachem Products? Cheers Stace
  19. Can anyone tell me the best place to get Sera Products and preferably who will post and a reasonable price?? Thanks
  20. as above just woundering who is able 2 make tanks and stand, and wants 2 post what they make and are keen to sell to forum users. please state wat products you use to make wat type of product. thanks heaps. thanks josh
  21. Without realising it I have been using a fry food from these guys for a while and once again am very impressed. This product isQNZ freeze dried decapsulated brine shrimp cysts. They are actually the egg without the shell. that you feed directly to your fry I have had a small jar of this in my shed that I got off a sydney online store months ago. I have been feeding it to my guppys and all newly hatched fry. This is another must have for you guys it takes all the work out of trying to hatch brine shrimp. It is also very nutritious as the shrimp havent hatched and no loss of their nutrients has taken place. To feed it to fry I use a small measuring cup half filled with water and one of the measuring spoons(supplied withthe product) and using a pippette or eye dropper squirt into the cloud of fry and the eat it like pigs. growth rate is exxcellent.
  22. Hey guys, does anyone put any trace elements or any other products in their fish food for africans in particular? Does it have any added benefit to breeding or other advantages? Any info/help is much appreciated. Stace
  23. I was just wondering wat ppl thought of Leaf Zone (additive for plants) & Cycle (liquid good bacteria). I havent found any benefit in using leaf zone with my plants (the die regardless), and im not sure if it makes any difference using cycle. If anyone has some useful feedback id appreciate it! cheers
  24. Hey Just after decent stores that sell cheap aquarium products, so we all know where to get bargains from. Also any info and advice you can give about the store would be good too. For example your experiance there. Ill start by adding the obvious http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au This one is really good, not to many people have come accros them tho but i think there great. $10 delivery on shipments but there cheaper than AOA. Check em out http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au Please add your store Cheers Nick
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