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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, Looking at buying a Eheim Pro 3 2080. I have a couple of questions that I can't find answers to. What volume are each of the 3 media baskets? Does any one use it with two intake hoses? Does the filter set come with two intake hoses and pipes? or do you have to buy the second hose and intake pipe separately? Cheers
  2. Hi all got a ista co2 bottle and cant get it filled up ANYWAY cause its not aus aprroved and rang a approval place and they cant approve it either costs like 3500 lol. has any one got one of these filled up at all? otherwise i will have to buy my own larger bottle for about $290. i would have went that method first if i new the ista bottles werent refillable!! Ista 1 liter Professional CO2 Cylinder cheers
  3. Anyone use this brand for a marine tank? And up to what size tank can it handle? Would I need a second filter ? And what type of skimmer would you recommend? We just got a 6x2x2 ft tank that I plan on putting our oscar in and was thinking of setting up my 4 ft tank into a marine tank. I'm thinking my eheim classic and jebo canisters will be enough for 1 oscar in the 6ft tank and my eheim professional plus a skimmer in the 4ft? Any thoughts? Cheers :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi All, Complete range of Eheim Professional ThermoFilters now in stock. Eheim thermo filters not only feature the benefits and technical extras of the professional series but they are also equipped with a high quality, integrated heater and a digital external temperature control. Prices start from $449.00. Link, Eheim ThermoFilters Ben
  5. Hey All, I'm looking for phone numbers of Tank Builders (MUST DO QUALITY WORK ) or quotes from people here, I have the cash now but will need the tanks made in May, as I'm moving house at the end of April n don't want to move these tanks twice I'm wanting 2 Display Tanks made (LxWxH) with Lids, filed edges, NEAT Silicon job aswell - 6Ft x 3ft x 2ft - 6ft x 2.5ft x 2ft I also need the exact measurements in Millimeters please (so I can make my 2 teir stand). Also a delivery price, just to see if it's worth me driving there. I have tanks here made by Trigger (awesome quality tanks) from here but have no way to contact him as he hasnt logged on in ages. Also heard good things bout a guy called Mick from an aquarium down the coast?? If you have a phone number for a person please contact them first to make sure it's ok to give me their contact detail, unless it's a business, don't think they would mind Already have prices from ARU Thanks Tim
  6. Hi everyone I am in the prosess of setting up my new 6x2x2 fish tank and i was going to buy a new canister filter for it. I'm tossing up between the Eheim Professional 2228 which costs $379 and the Eheim Professional 2 - 2028 which costs $530 i was just wondering if there was much of a difference between the 2 and also if any one new somewhere that i can buy them cheaper? Thanks alot Joe
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