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Found 6 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. So as I'm only on day two of tank cycle this may not be that important at the moment BUT 😜 .. The tank I'm setting up had two programable led lights .. 5 set climates ( ie summer , winter ect ) and a custom available , all working on white percentages and blue percentages going a full day cycle. Can someone help me on which program is best suited for a future plant tank thanks 😁
  3. Probably the wrong page, but I thought it might get more attention in here (admin, feel free to move, no offence taken) Anyway... As someone who is fairly new to fishkeeping I really struggled to find help and reassurance in cycling my first tank (I didn't discover QLDAF until a few months after). I didn't know anyone who could hold my hand or provide me with any media. Is there anyway the forum could provide a nice easy way for newbies looking to get hooked up with cycled media from the more seasoned members? An exchange program perhaps where a newbie could request a swap, new media for old, based upon location/desired media? I know that if someone needed filter squeezings etc. and they were willing to provide substitute media, and they were willing to come and collect, most of us would put our hands up and help. This would also provide some face to face time and allow knowledge to be shared. For me (a relative newbie), half there is to this hobby is sharing information and helping out. I'm a member of a Brisbane Facebook page where every second question is related to cycling, and honestly its sad, I wish there was some page that I could refer people to instead of just saying "Google the Nitrogen Cycle" Anyway, its been a long day that has involved a bottle of wine at a dinner party, so feel free to ignore, it just gets to me that there's so many people out there panicking about their new prized fish in 2PPM Ammonia.
  4. Has anyone seen any around lately. I am starting a breeding program with some that I got. The male has a blue sheen over his body and through his top fin and the females have yellow streaks through the fins and a blue green sheen. I am attempting to bring back nice convicts so I am on the lookout for quality, preferably over 8cm. So if anyone has seen any please let me know. Cheers mick
  5. Hey guys I want to get Into breeding bn need some help on set up of tank and caves. 2ft tank, where to get cheap dw and if any one has any to donate XD thatd be awesome. Clay longs, dw logs, pot cave s , bare bottom or gravel Thanks guys
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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