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Found 9 results

  1. Just thought I'd post a few progress photos here, just 'cause I'm bored and I do love my fish Recently Dennison delivered my new 8x2x2 with a 6x1.5x1.5 sump, and the stand was built by my brother who is a boilermaker. Few photos taken tonight. The filtration at the moment is a 1800lph canister from their old 6ft tank (temporary, just until this tank is established), 3000lph eheim pump in the sump (will probably buy a higher powered pump down the track, just had this one sitting around) plus a 2200lph internal for added water movement. Not sure I have finished fiddling with the driftwood in the tank but will leave it be for a little while at least. and some of my current fish. I am also growing up some green severums, a brasiliensis, silver dollars, and albino sailfin plecos
  2. So my tanks arrived on Sunday from Petfish, they are soooo sexy execllent work very happy with them. I will post a pic up of them soon. next thing to get is a stand. gone with pallet racking from ID trading. maybe picking it up on wednesday/thursday this week
  3. HI, finally some progress ! it has been a long hard slog . just a few two footers to paint and go on the end. give it a good cleanup and possibly give it a trial run in a few days. would i have done things different......... yes lots.. ideas change as things progress but i am pretty happy with it so far .any advice on the fine tuning when i start her up ?. i will have a sponge in each tank as well , running an lp 60 do wondering if i will have enough spare air to turn some k1 in the sump? thinking of running a six mm line to the k1 chamber to turn it over. cant wait to stock it up !!!! cheers mark
  4. hey guys, so this is my new thread, on the 1st of every month i will be updating this will new pictures so you can see the progress of my fish as i go along. At the moment all fish are in a three foot which is no way the final tank size for these guys. i plan on upgrading to a 6foot and selling a few off when i convert to the 6foot to make room and make everything harmonic. so far my stocking consists of: Petinia Splendida x2 Vieja Fenestratus (marbled) x1 Parachromis Managuensis x1 Cichlasoma Festae x1 All of the fish have been purchased at roughly the same size, growth seems to be evident in the festae. The two snooks were added last week, they are from Fish Addiction and are great quality. they are both coming out very nice they are not afraid to stand their ground! Pictures will follow beneath
  5. Evening all, due to commitments I can't get to the auction till around after 8pm. Can anybody there tell me if it looks like it will still be going strong at this time? I know they run late but it is a fish only auction & it started early... Any help appriciated. Cheers guys.
  6. These guys grow at the speed of light, I swear. Three days on from hatching, they've all gone brown and the yolks are receeding. Moving them out of the tumbler and into a fry saver in the next couple days.
  7. its a work in progress after a very nice visit from ray this is how the tank is looking at the moment. still got to play with it and put some sand in and maybe a couple of plants just finished up 4ft divided tank. holds colony of LG6 , neon blue rams and blue rams, and will also be home to some of raythemans beauty pepps and also just another shot of Lg6 cause i love me whippy's
  8. hey guys just thought id share my new oscar setups...this is the first of 2 tanks. both are 3x2x2 this lot of pics are the first tank, the next turns up in a few days but will be close to the same setup, same tank diff setup. hope you like guys.
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