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  1. Hi all, Decided to post a worklog on my latest project. I'm going to replace my 4 ft with a 6ft and turn the 4 ft into a sump. Will be a long term project, but gotta start somewhere. Here's a piccy of the existing setup, i have to build a stand to fit into that alcove. You can see part of the steel frame cut out and laying on the floor. This is the stand in planning stage, its 50x25x3mm steel. And here's a plan with the tank and sump on. Thats not the finished product, after i make the stand its off to the cabinet maker to get "dressed" in some sort of quality timber with mini orb steel trim. Here's what im hoping to achieve, Let me know what you think, any suggestions, ideas,thoughts, etc. Off to the shed now to get a piccy of the half built stand. Brendan
  2. So after purchasing the tank from inkevnito. i now have a project to work on. 1480mm x 170mm x 850mm Hopefully plan on stocking it with rainbowfish but im not sure which ones yet. going to try for the smaller type so they dont have issues with the slimness of the tank, maybe Pygmy Rainbowfish - http://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Pygmaea.htm My plan is to use as much stuff as i have extra laying around but not trying to scrimp on the look of it. Im getting a steel stand made up for cost price from a mate and planning on wrapping it in wood/ply and painting it black. Using Iron Sand as the substrate (already have leftover sand) possibly a 30cm T5 fixture i already have as the light (hanging from above the tank attached from some steel welded to the stand) need to get some lids made up for the top. Dec 30th 2015
  3. Ok so ive kept all types of plecos over the years and after going from freshwater to reef then back to freshwater. Ive decided to do a small side project of my 1st time breeding peppermint bristlenose and possibly others. Going to post my ideas and progress on this thread so i can keep track and see the great ideaa from all you plecoheads!! At this point in time i have convinced the missus to set up a small breeding rack in the study. Was looking at something easy and sturdy found this on masters online store(pic is in attachments). Would take out the middle shelf. That way i could have 4 tanks from 2ft-2.5ft , top 2 would be breeders bottom 2 would be fry grow out. Will paint back and bottom black on all tanks. Going to get a 8 outlet resun air pump and run 2 sponge filters per tanks. Bare bottom. And just wood and caves. Things i want to ask are. 1. Egg tumblers. Where can i buy or how can i make? 2. Ive read they like to chew on soft wood. What woods from lfs would be classifed as soft wood. 3. Should i feed a mixture of fresh zucchini and algae pellets? 4.what tips and tricks should i know about breeding peps and what am i missing for my setup. EDIT: could i keep 1m 2f in a 2-2.5ft? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers sean.
  4. So after much deliberation and persuasion (Fiancé) I have managed to agree on a new display tank. I originally wanted to get a custom tank made L 3ft x W 3ft x H 2ft sadly I was struggling to get a cabinet maker to make a cabinet. My DIY skills and lack of time also hindered my ability to build a quality ADA styled cabinet and I estimated that a DIY cabinet would cost a minimum of $500 in materials. So I opted for the below. Concept Art: The basics: 4ft Aqua Serene 340L Tank and Cabinet in White includes filter - $1169 Black Vinyl Self-adhesive Wrap for Background - $20 3 x 20kg Bunnings play sand - $23 Approx. 30Kg of Texas Holey Rock - $210 White Egg Grate - $18 Otto PF2000N filter - $45 Approx. 20 Tonna Tesselata Shells - $16 Filter media for supplied Aqua One Nautilus 1400: 125ml Purigen – 250ml bought for swapping during recharging - $28 Purigen the bag - $15 Coral rubble 10mm 2kg - $8 Filter mesh bag - $7 Standard filter media including sponges and ceramic rings inc. in filter – bio balls replaced with coral rubble. Estimated total cost (excluding delivery costs, additional stock and plants): $ 1559 Stock: 8 x Paracyprichromis nigripinnis + (Dependant on successful breeding) 2 x Synodontis Perticola 3 x Neolamprologus caudopunctatus (to be replaced by the Neolamprologus Leleupi as I suspect the caudos have a year left of their life) 10 x Cyprichromis Leptosoma or equivalent (need to buy) 2 x Black Calvus (need to buy an additional Calvus) 4 x Neolamprologus Leleupi (need to buy) Breeding Colony of Shelldweller (need to buy) Rock Style: Loosely based on Iwagumi – http://aquascapinglove.com/basics/introduction-iwagumi-layout/ Plants: Vallis – Limited use behind large rocks Anubias – Mid / Foreground of Rockwork Example rockwork and shells purchased to date: Comments to date: The tank is sadly out of stock at the distributor and will take 3-4 weeks to be delivered expected mid-July. On a positive note it does leave time for the bacteria on the filter media to grow. Spare ceramic rings and coral rubble are sitting in my filter in my other tank since 16/06/2016 to enable growth of beneficial bacteria to aid with cycling. I will be transferring the Paracyprichromis nigripinnis at a later date, I have a few females who are holding and would like to grow a small colony – sadly the fry are being eaten by either my Calvus or the Synodontis catfish in my old tank. The black vinyl wrap is 900cm long by 60cm high, I only need 120cm and a further 100cm for my other tank. Maybe available for sale after i have set up. Shout outs and thanks to: The TechDen – For offering an extremely easy and professional service. Nothing was too much trouble even when I phoned and asked for specific sized pieces of Texas holey rock. They sent MMS to me of different rocks and I bought the rocks I wanted over the phone 20 minutes later. Exceptional service. Collecting and buying additional rocks from them this weekend. Petcity – For providing an unbeatable price on the tank. @Shon982 – For providing advice and quality Paracyprichromis nigripinnis who have been rock solid and started breeding. J Other QLDAF community members from posts: Sand: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130001 I will update this with more pictures and steps once I get the tank.
  5. Hi all, I'm back after a brief hiatus as funds were put towards setting up the reef system. Now that I'm happy with how the reef is progressing, it's time the goldfishes got some more love. I thought I'd share my most recent project that I'd be looking to stringently refine and continue. BTW, it's has been great to see quality goldfish coming into Aus as of late e.g. quality lfs orandas & the increasing number of hobbyists which now own imported TVR Anyhow some pics: Firstly the UK broadtail standard: Examples of exceptional fish: & lastly my trio of broadtail moors 9 day old fry feeding on bbs Further reading for those interested Broadtail Moor Goldfish Goldfish Culling - Veiltail and Broadtail Moor - Site for Goldfish Keepers Cheers, John
  6. Well after months of the missus complaining about her turtle tanks being all spread out i have decided to build her a rack so ill post up pics as we set it up. 3 tier 3ft concisting of a 3ft and 2x 2.5ft tanks thanks for looking Yes i do also make these to order Details can be found in my signature. Thank you; Rion
  7. Ok, I have done a summary of the project. Personally I would like to see these moved from sticky threads as they are pretty dead. see below. I do however think they are a great idea, but perhaps need a bit more thought into the execution & clarity to see future projects survive & prosper. I would be keen to see a new group of projects launched & this also might breath some life into the species specific sections...? I myself would prefer a more varied species list, all the Malawi's were mbuna. Nothing wrong with it just saying, and the Tangs seemed to be out of everybodys reach. or maybe that is the point of the 'rare' project, everybody wants some but few have the $$... What does everybody think? Metraclima sp. 'zebra gold'"Charo" Last post  09-04-2013 Matt A – acquired some, nobody else replied. Fish appears available but not prevalent. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "cobue"[/h] Last post  18-10-2013 Steveandjules had fry available  17-10-2013 Nobody else replied. [h=2]Cynotilapia zebroides "chewere"[/h] Last post  27-11-2013 No body obtained the fish. Appears the fish is lost? [h=2]Metriaclima pulpican[/h] Last post  07-08-2014 No body on the thread obtained the fish. Stated that the fish was prevalent but needed some quality control. [h=2]Neolamprologus kungweensis[/h] Last post  09-04-2015 No body in the thread obtained the fish Stated that the fish were being breed in Sydney, still appears rare. [h=2]Altolamprologus compressiceps "Muzu"[/h] Last post  06-05-2015 Too much reading about the collection location & what is actually available & what fish this ‘project’ was supposed to be targeting. From a quick skim, Waltec breed them, Shon knew a bloke with 2 pairs & Ian had some, I could be wrong, I quickly skimmed through (looked at piccies) [h=2]Cynotilapia sp 'hara'[/h] Last post  29-06-2015  Michael_M had fry available -  28-03-2014 These fish are available interstate (perhaps locally) in small numbers, I cannot speak for quality. [MENTION=231]gingerbeer[/MENTION]?
  8. Welcome guys. We had 6 members indicate that they desired to work with this fish so here is your section to discuss your work. The success of this project is in their hands. This fish is commonly known as Cynotilapia Hara "Gallifry Reef", however I am told the above name is correct and beleive we should try and use the correct name. (Thanks matt). I suspect the challange will be seeking fish (I think there is a few colonies in NSW?) and ensuring we have fish from different sources, and sharing the details of how to breed successfully, how to raise successfully and the required culling to ensure that Quality fish are produced. If the 6 members could all introduce themselves and there involvement with the fish as a starting point. Any other members are free to join, and ofcourse members are free to leave at any time. Steve
  9. Hi everyone, After some one advice and assistance. I saw a small tank at a shop which was around 2-3 feet long and only about 15 cm high and wide and thought that would look good with some shellies in it. So so I want to make this my first DIY aquarium project. So decisions: Size? 3x1/2x1/2? Dimensions? Exact glass measurements? Glass thinkness, the glass shop said they can do 6mm or 10mm, so I'm unsure. Filtration, heat etc! so many questions, any help would be awesome.
  10. Welcome guys. We had 8 members indicate that they desired to work with this fish so here is your section to discuss your work. The success of this project is in their hands. The biggest challenge is going to be to find this fish, as they have became very rare. Last I saw were at Pet City about 4 years ago...... If the members could all introduce themselves and there involvement with the fish as a starting point. Any other members are free to join, and ofcourse members are free to leave at any time. Steve
  11. Okay, I know this is probably already somewhere on the forum but have had a bit of a search and can't find anything recent. Having bought all the fishies my tank and my pocket can handle and being a few months off starting out hobby breeding I'm on the hunt for a fun little side project and have decided to breed artemia (brine shrimp) as discus snacks. I've been reading up on how and will start with the classic inverted half bottle, air stone and salt to hatch eggs. Am then thinking of decanting to a little 20-30 litre tank to grow out and breed. Would also love to do something a little different but not expensive. Would love to see what's working for those already happily growing some tasty little furry friends.
  12. This is make a step by step for anyone that is interested in learning some techniques to aquascaping and showing the progress of my project Here is the first layer of the hardscape. Waiting on more sand I'm using the following for the first layer Substrate is made up of aquabase and Pisces New Zealand Iron sand with a layer of gold gravel on top. Ill be looking to get darker gravel to break it up even more. So far the hardscape is made up of Pisces gold pagoda for the rocks Plants i havent really laid out at this stage but i will be using full Australian natives minus the moss (seems to be impossible to track down )
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. .Hi all, just thought I would see what projects people have going. It could be new varieties or just increasing the available quality. I'm currently working on green cherries, blue cherries and always trying to improve my fire reds but my favourite project at the moment is the red bolt. Show us what your all up to. Cheers mick
  15. All the threads are raised for the fish that members have elected to work with as our named projects. Altolamprologus compressiceps "Muzi" Boulenger, 1898 Betta macrostoma Regan, 1910 Gymnogeophagus balzanii Perugia, 1981 Cynotilapia sp. 'hara' Not yet described Neolamprologus kungweensis Poll, 1956 Metriaclima sp. 'zebra gold' "Charo" Not yet described Cynotilapia zebroides "Chewere" Johnson, 1975 Cynotilapia zebroides "Cobue" Johnson, 1975 Metriaclima pulpican Tawil, 2002 The first challenge is sourcing fish, and preferably fish from different lines, and then ensuring that our practices are producing quality, maybe by trading spare males, maybe swapping fry. I thought I would raise this as some members have had some interesting things to say to me about hwo to approach this project. This is a member driven project so I thought we could allow this section for a general discussion of ways to progress and ideas. Steve
  16. Hi all, my eldest daughter loves guppies and has been breeding them for years so she has decided to try and develop her own strain. In her tank there is high dorsal blue endlers, gold tiger endlers, red chilli endlers and other assorted guppies. This is the progress so far. Guppies suck to take photos of lol. Cheers mick
  17. hi guys after a few years away from aquariums thought it was time to dust of a few nano tanks and set up a few shrimp only tanks. main goal was to test the waters with 3 basic set-ups and start with some cherries and go from there. hopefully down the track upgrade to maybe one or two 4ftx1x1 dived into 4 tanks but thought id start small so if all fails haven't blown to much $. feel free to give advice as I'm a complete noob to shrimp. tanks: 2 30cmx15x15 and 1 that is a couple of cm bigger(these ware tanks i had laying around) filtration: hang on aqua one 100 on two tanks and cheap internal on the bigger one(will be swapped for hang on filter in next few days) substrate: fine gravel for now 25w heaters in all 1 4ft t8 fluro above the three tanks each tank contains drift wood, java moss, salwausi, needle java(in one tanks) and weeping moss 1 tank currently has some black/choc cherries cheers to daydream tanks were all setup using 100% water from a mature tropical setup from the parentals anyways enough talk heres end results
  18. Welcome guys. We had 5 members indicate that they desired to work with this fish so here is your section to discuss your work. The success of this project is in their hands. This fish is commonly known as Kingsizie, however I am told the above name is correct and beleive we should try and use the correct name. (Thanks matt). If the members could all introduce themselves and there involvement with the fish as a starting point. Any other members are free to join, and ofcourse members are free to leave at any time. Steve
  19. Hello all, Just a pic of my overgrown outdoor tank using a swimming pool filter powered by a 24w variable speed dc pump inside the tank.The filter is back washed every 2 weeks with the 200w pump that came with the filter using half of the tank water to flush out the crap(filter media is pool filter sand) The tank is 1200mm long 750mm high and 500mm front to back about 380 liters no lighting just ambient sunlight and about 1hr full sun in the late afternoon, i use a led light at night for viewing.... Substrate is a mix of Coir(coconut peat) horticultural charcoal and pool filter sand capped off with gravel and river sand..
  20. Started the DIY Background one the 20th April, and today its wet and ready to scape Its gotta have this lot of water dumped tomorrow, and when new stuff goes in I can start to plant it Yep there is a ring in rock, i didnt make enough so will make some more, but they need time to cure. So the ring in will be replaced when new ones are ready and then it will all match in
  21. Howdy all, Long time lurker first time poster I have been working on this little project for a while now an today i finally got it running. Its still not working 100% just yet as there is a few issues i need to fix up. Let me know what you think and any ideas on how i can improve it. I appreciate your time, Thanks.
  22. As a lot of you know I've embarked on a breeding project to spawn the Asian River Catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus). This will be the log of progress, I'll post as much as I can about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I know that a lot of people are interested in breeding big fish and I'm sure it'd interest a lot of you on the techniques etc that I will be using, it's a first for me and I'm loving the challenge! So without further ado, here we go! This is the pair, a beautiful big male who originally belonged to Trevor ( [MENTION=4918]trk18[/MENTION] ) and the female who I recently got shipped up from Perth, she's much smaller than the male. Female: Male: The plan is to condition them, get the female nice and fat, then check egg stage and induce the release of eggs with this stuff: The eggs and milt will then be stripped and mixed, I'll post more about that when I do it. After they've been fertilized, they'll go into the egg tumbler, this is my attempt at a prototype: As you can see, it still leaks A LOT but soon it should be ready. The idea is the eggs get churned around the bottom until they hatch at which stage the tiny fry will still be getting churned with their egg sacs. Once the fry start free swimming they will swim up to the top and get waterfalled to a rearing tank. Anyone who's used a tumbler for Africans would know the general idea. FEEDING: Right now, the female is getting cut up fish pieces, White Clouds, pellets, Bloodworms and any other little snacks I can gather up for her. The male, however, is being a fussy little sh!t and won't touch anything. After speaking to a few members it sounds like maybe Prawns, Salmon and worms are worth a shot. HOUSING: These 2 will be divided in a 6ft tank as soon as I can get a strong enough divider for them, hopefully being together will keep them interested! They've got bits of PVC and plenty of wood and rocks to hide in. WATER CHEM: pH is around 7, temp fluctuates around 24-27˚. HORMONE: I've been running trials using Ovaprim on my Ranchu and Bumblebee Cats with mixed results including a death (handling related) and plenty of sperm, looks like further trials and research will need to be done. .................................................. .................................................. ................................ So that's about what I've got so far, as I said this thread will be updated as I go along, thanks to the members who have helped me out in many different ways and continue to do so! Finn
  23. G'day all just want to see want everyone thinks of my new batches of SABER and quite a few of them are going to turn out to be monster KOK IMO He was trying to hide from me I'll try and more pics up soon the 2nd fish is up in my other post Just tried to get pics so that you can all see how small they are Let me know what you think thanks Lucas
  24. Hey guys, I've wanted to breed Americans for some time now. Only having the 1 spare tank (5x2x2) that limited to me to only the 1 pair so i got a couple of tanks and instead of building a rack i built one big stand. This is my progress so far, I've bought sump pump and 5x Led spot lights which i plan of hanging from the roof. Still need to make a sump from a 4x18x18.
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