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Found 5 results

  1. These cap flowers I call them, due to not being able to identify them properly, though I know they are a form of capensis, only open/flower and grow in the shade, none do it in the open in my tanks which makes it hard to appreciate them. All up the back of my base rock with all the other weird things there are heaps of them, but getting pics is a real pain!!!!
  2. Hi, I am having an issue with my canister filter for my 6ft tank. the spray bar does not seam to be getting enough pressure through from the filter and occasionaly gets an air bubble come through the hose. I have cleaned and put the filer back together correctly but it hasnt helped. Does anyone have an idea what could be causeing this problem and how to fix it. Thanks Kyle and Bri
  3. This thread will be a place to put how you do your water change, and any tips that you can think of for amateur and experience fish keepers Ill start it off with: always declorinate your water before putting in the tank. If you declorinate after you put it in you can kill/harm your fish and the water that gets into the filter can kill the good bacteria and that will raise the nitrates and kill/harm more fish.
  4. Just rebuilding after my marriage has ended and getting my kids sorted with custody issues and property issues. Had to move out of my property and now reside in an old queenslander owned by a family member. Small but it keeps a roof over our heads. Have had my tanks running for a few years now but they took a huge back step when all this was going on over the last 12 months or so. I was keeping a few frontosa and assorted catfish in my tanks. (although i lost a few fish over the last few months) Have a 6 footer on top and below 2 x 3 footers plus i also have a seperate 4 footer as well. Also have a 6 ft stand that was from a display tank i had that cracked so i dumped the tank and am in the process of sorting out to get another one made for it + trying to organise some more tanks from a forum contact (close to home). Thanks to Scott (hareysfish) for the help with the restocking of some fish. Well hopefully i can organise all the new tanks into some area in this small house and get going again properly.
  5. i got a 150watt heater yesterday, its in 87litres of water and its set at 26c but its only getting to 24c, could it just be that the thermostat is out?
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