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Found 4 results

  1. Never used this before and now need to treat a 4ft community tank. Instructions state to dose on days 1,2,3 &6. Missing from the instructions is information in relation to water changes. Do I change the water between doses? I'm guessing that I'll have to due to mass trumpet snail deaths. What % water changes are recommended? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. The more questions I'm finding, the more I'm realising Google is useless.. Okay, maybe not entirely.. it is just never certain in its answers. I've completed one full treatment of Protozin on my tank, but there's one guppy (the b@#$% that started it all) that still has a few spots on her tail. I'm assuming this is a huge indicator that I need to repeat (since you're supposed to kill the parasites once they've fallen off, and if they're still attached, it means they got missed -- right?). How long do you leave it until you hit a tank with Protozin again? I have enough to go another round from tonight/tomorrow, and I did a big water change today because everything was looking terrible (and by everything, I just mean there was a LOT of poops in the gravel that I could see, heh). Google just can't decide on any given time period -- I don't know if it's just because people like throwing numbers around or if it doesn't really matter? On a side note -- the plants are growing insanely. I had to cut all of them in half before they wrapped themselves around pipes/heater/fish etc lol..and some "halves" still needed trimming! Ideas/experience welcome Thanks
  3. How long to you treat for parasites such as whitespot? I had one of my tropical bays (600L split tanks) come down with whitespot about a month ago which I treated with protozin, however it seemed to come back about two weeks later.. I think I did not treat for long enough. My course of action was to bring the temperature up to 29-30°C, dose with protozin for the recommended six days and during that time I also added melafix. I have read though, that treatment should be continued up to two weeks after all symptoms have disappeared? I always use medications as a last resort, initially I start out using natural melafix and playing with salt & temperature, however for this case it seemed I had to use protozin. Any thoughts or experience you'd care to share with little (young) me? It would be much appreciated.
  4. ok ppls best whitespot treatment i tried the standard stuff thats based with formaldehyde and it did stuff all in my tasnk did the raise temp did stuff all in my tank. tried borth together did stuff all in my tank. used protozin and it took care of it but only had enough for one course of treatment it went away for about 2 months but now its back and got a couple of my guppies (now in a medi tank) nothing else has it have done a big t ank clean to remove any in teh tank now i cant use salt as the loaches dont like it im told, but would anyone else here reccomend protozin is it harmful to fishiews i know it doesnt state whats in it and one of the guys in the local lfs sold it too me oh anyone know what else its good for was thinking of buying a big bottle but not much good if it only treats whitespot, i was told it treats all protozoan based diseases i.e whitespot is this accurate? thanks for your time to read my ranting as im still learning to control diseases
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