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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. Not a great start to the day. Last night I decided I would add some blanched pumpkin to the tank to feed my bristlenose catfish. I usually stick with Zucchini but wanted to change it up a bit. Anyway I blanched it in a small bowl of just boiled water and then microwaved it in the water for 20 seconds (didn't really do much I know). I put it in the tank and when I woke this morning and checked on them all the rainbows were nose down tail up. They all had deep colours and what not and no damage to their bodies, no ripped fins, no redness or inflammation that I could see from looking over them once they were out. The only thing that's changed was the pumpkin. Their tankmates are 4 albino bristlenose and a big SAE. They were Coen River Trifas. Now I know nothing I can do will bring them back but I just wanted to know why it happened. Does anybody have any insight so I can learn and help others in the future? I know I wont be trying pumpkin again that's for sure. Thanks for your help in advance, Eric.
  2. Pumpkin vs Cucumber for Bristlenose, Pumpkin is my pick for young fish as they don,t starve ,bit messy at first if you do it right they will clean it up overnight, I will let you be the judge As you see it,s not the best pic but they hardly touch the cucumber when pumpkin is in there I think there is 1 or 2 on the cucumber
  3. Hey, been reading through the old posts about feeding pumpkin to B/n.Just wondering if there is a prefered type ( jap, butternut )???? Thanks.
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