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Found 42 results

  1. I was browsing gumtree in search for a bargain and i came across a fairly cheap 6ft tank that also has a few pumps included. the tank has sump holes drilled in it, but since i don't know much about sumps i really have no idea what they are. the tank was saltwater before hand if that helps.
  2. We have received in the new Rossmount Pumps, they are Italian made with a 3 Year Warranty. Prices start at just $125 http://www.thetechden.com.au/Rossmount_s/2234.htm They have two series - The M series and the MX Series and the M series will attach to glass magnetically to hold them in place up to 15mm glass and the MX will go up to a 19mm glass. There is also a option for a controller that is due later in the month if you want to control them. Size wise they they are physically smaller than the Tunze pumps and they have two unique features where they have two different output methods where they can be set to either 60 degree flow for stronger flow over a smaller area and 120 degree flow for a softer wider area. The other thing that is really good is the reduced maintenance with ACS The Auto Cleaning System it's a set of windows and openings positioned in particular points of the pump. By a specific path, the water recirculates correctly in a forced way and eliminates the residual air inside, thus lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump that normally would consume rapidly due to debris, calcium deposits or salt. The Rossmount pumps also have a VAS system which reduces vibration. We have tried the M3400 and been very happy with the running and results with the tests we performed.
  3. Hi there - I am wondering if anyone has tried the piston air pumps available these days. I have found a small one on ebay that puts out 30l/min and draws 18watts for around $45 delivered. Has anyone had any experience with these or anything similar? Thanks John Model: Resun ACO-001 Power: 18W Voltage: 220/100V Frequency: 60/50Hz Pressure: >0.02MPa Output: 30L/min DIA.OF mouth: 8mm Spec.OF Divider: 4x1 Outlets Weight: 1.1kg Size: 180 x 95 x 115mm
  4. Hi all I'm currently running an Lp100 and a lp60 on the one circuit in the shed, I am going to set up a solar system to run air on. I'm considering getting these dc air pumps the are low wattage and have hi output Ie 35w put out 70l (lp60 is about 60w for 50l) So have you used them? Do the last or burn out quickly? Do the have the pressure to drive 2 foot deep? Are they as noisy as those cheap electro magnetic pumps? Would you recommend them? Or would running the lps on inverters be the better option.
  5. One of the best pumps on the market now at a great price. $130-$170 off- but then you get your discount which means... There will be a limited amount available at this price and the special can finish at any time. Get the 10,000lph for just $310.50 including your discount Get the 15,000lph for just $346.50 including your discount Get the 20,000lph for just $399.10 including your discount Get the 25,000lph for just $476.10 including your discount These are not cheap Chinese made pumps - they are quality.... modern asynchronous engine quiet operation and highest efficiency ceramic shaft providing the highest durability threaded intake and outlet large surface pre-filter allows for less often maintenance thermal switch protection 10 meter power cord
  6. Howdy, so I am looking at upgrading my sump pump to a higher lph but my main question is how will this effect the waer level in both my tank and sump. I was once told by a bloke (who i have since realised had no idea what he was talking about) that i could not put a sump pump larger that 3000lph on my tank. Does anyone have any idea why he would say this? My tank has two drains and one inlet... My thinking is that by adding a bigger pump that the level in my tank will rise? Is that correct? Or will it just drain faster? i would like to upgrade to a 6000lph pump (so doubling my current rate) if that is possible.
  7. Hi all, Contemplating moving again and needing a battery powered air pump. Would also be nice to have one on hand for emergencies/power out situations. In the past I've had 2 - both broke very quickly. The first one was a cheap big W brand I picked up in the fishing section.... lasted about 30 minutes and then the internal plastic "arm" that was driven by the motor broke off... basically rendering it useless. The second one was an Aquaone brand - the 150 I think. It lasted a little longer... about 2 hours, then it also broke. When I pulled it apart I forget exactly what I found was wrong with it - but I remember my overall impression that basically it was incredibly cheap and dodgy looking inside. Anyway - looking for something reliable I could run on batteries for 12 hours or more if needed. I am willing to spend some money - I just dont want it to break!!! Any advice welcome thanks
  8. I use Eheim and Aquael submersible pumps. However, I have been considering switching to Grundfos UPS series pumps. So I'm looking for pros and cons either way. Anyone have an opinion or preference one way or the other? Thanks, Rob
  9. We have decided to get in the Laguna Pumps and also Airlabs Hi Flow Air pumps - The AirLabs are great value and getting some really good feed back on them - they come from the same people that bought you Miracle Lights and Shogun Heaters. The AirLabs range from 30-120 lpm and are very energy efficient which is important with the current power costs. AirLab Hi Flow Air Pumps Laguna Pumps
  10. I have:noidea: lots of fry in my tank but the noise of the air pump is killing me. any ideas on how to make it quieter
  11. Has anyone feedback on smallish solar fountain pumps? Approx. turnover 400lph. I'm thinking of getting one to get some water movement into my outside tubs, to stop them to stagnate. Thanks for any input.
  12. We are tossing around a few ideas and just seeing how well it would be accepted. It would seem that when buying a new sump pump one of the biggest concerns is - is it the right size? We are thinking on having a range of pumps where you would buy the size that you think it should be, and we give you one to take home for 48 hours and try and if you are happy bring it back and we give you a new one in the box. If it is too small - pay the extra to get the bigger size or if the pump is actually too big get the smaller size and refund the difference. What are your thoughts on this - pro's and con's? Any downsides? Just trying to give a little more peace of mind when buying a sump pump.
  13. Always used diaphram pumps myself just looking at a small modal 18watts are these anygood for pushing air down into ibcs ?? Cheers luke
  14. Hi guys I've been thinking about this for a while and i am posting this thread to see what suggestions everyone has of heaters, pumps etc for saving as much electricity they can but at the same time still powerful enough for your likings. I will be setting up some 2fts and want to upgrade all my heaters and air pump. I want to be using jäger heaters but not sure if I should get 100w heaters and wanting info to explain how it works with the watts to save? All suggestions and info please post.
  15. I am moving from crestmead to lowood on the 11th October I am asking if there is anybody that can help me.. I need to borrow about 5-6 battery operated air pumps for the move I will return them back to u on the 11th at night. If there is any one that can help me please pm me. Thanks Bianca
  16. We are now stocking the Schego Air Pumps so if you are after a great air pump take a look. Schego Air Pump
  17. Hi I have found that the aqua one air pumps don't have a long life span. They are great at the beginning, but averagely last for about two months time. Have replaced a few in the past year, still the same problem. I use it for the sponge filters in my 90x25x25 and a standard 2 foot tank. Can anyone recommend me a better quality air pump at a reasonable price? Thanks Manho
  18. Up until now I've always used 4 and 8 outlet air pumps and just run a few of them to power enough filters.. But recently I got a second hand bigger one says 2100 lt per hr, so not massive.. But bigger.. The hose that comes out of it is about 15-20mm and when turned on feels like barely anything is coming out., when pulled apart all of the internals look fine, diaphram ect.. I don't want to re-run all my air lines and find its stuffed.. And when I do hook airlines up to it it does blast tonnes of air into the tanks.. So my question is, do they just run a higher volume of air through the larger pipe at a slower speed or something? With little pumps it feels like not much air but at high pressure.. If that makes sense?
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hi, I currently have a 1050l/hr pump running in a sump setup, into a 250l, 4ft tank. My question is, on the box it said that at 1m, the flow rate was 170l/hr. Now the outlet for the return hose would be about 1m above the pump. Does that mean that this 1050l/hr pump is actually only pumping 170l/hr into the tank?? That doesn't really seem right, there seems to be a fair bit of water draining into the sump, my guess is it's more than 170l/hr. Mick
  21. hey guys i was wondering if anyone has had or heard anything about HAILEA pumops as i have the opertunity to grab 2 stainless steel submersable ones that have a high volume of flow at a good price i have herd of them but thats all anny quick feedback would be good thanks chris Technical Data: 220-240V, 18000L/Hr,325W is this good or bad ???? for the power bill or this resun ?? what would be better Specifications: MODEL:PG-18000 VOLT. :100~120V 220~240V FREQ. :50/60Hz POWER:250W QMAX.:18000 L / Hr 4750GPH HMAX.:6.0m 20.0ft INLET DIAMETER: ¢45mm ¢1 3/4" OUTLET DIAMETER: ¢35mm ¢1 3/8"
  22. Now these whole new "eco" pump ranges coming out are becoming really complicated. I mean they are cheaper to run but you need to really do alot of research on them and generally I find that you need twice the size pump to get the flow required for a general tank and to go a 3 tier you need almost 3 times the size to get the desired flow. Also the Watts they state on the box isn't actually what they use. I.e. I bought an Atman 20000lph pump that is suppose to use only 50Watt but actually uses 190Watts at 1m and giving me approximately 16000lph (using the graph as I don't have a flow meter). I only found this out cause I bought a Watt meter from jaycar. I heard from a little bird that it's rated without any water (run dry) When run under the pressure of water you get a complete different figure. I've asked several suppliers about this and they all say that whats on the box is the watts consumed regardless of head hieght. So how do you know what you are buying when the people selling you the products don't know themselves?
  23. what is a good brand pump, the one we have is so noisy, going to run maybe four to six 3footers
  24. Hi All, Complete range of Eheim Universal Centrifugal Pumps now in stock. Suitable for use in Marine and Freshwater Aquaria. They are ideal for wet/dry or trickle filter systems. Bulletproof German reliability. Here is a link, Eheim Universal Pumps Ben
  25. Hi All, We now stock the complete range of Eheim Compact water pumps. Priced from $29.95. Here is a link, http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/search.php?search=eh1 Ben
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