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Found 22 results

  1. Thinking of changing up the media in my fx5 a bit. Currently have macropore in one 1L marine pure spheres in the 2nd and noods in the 3rd. Was thinking I might swap out the noods for either more marine pure or some K1. But I have not used K1 before. I am interested to hear what you guys think. Cheers
  2. Just bought a litre of these from AOA. Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Guys just installed these in the 2213 under my Central American tank. Can't wait to see how they work. One big advantage I can see over the Biological media that comes stock in an eheim is that I wont have to go hunting for all the hundreds of little ceramic balls at the bottom of the bucket when I do my filter cleans. Think I might pay you guys a visit and get some more for my other tanks. Anyone else using these amazing little spheres yet ? Great value for money to compared to things like K1 media.
  3. Just wondering apart from the price is there much difference between Bakki Balls ( bacteria House ) and Marine Pure Spheres or do they both do the same thing as they both say they have huge surface area
  4. I keep seeing Flowerhorns for sale everywhere but in recent times , I have not seen a single pure Trimac for sale . Used to be called Cichlasoma Trimaculatum - probably called something similar now ( all the Genera have been changed around ) Although I I like them I can't keep them as my tanks are too small but I would still not like to see them vanish . It looks like the Flowerhorn hybrid has completely displaced them and that would be both unfortunate and a little bit sad !
  5. I am looking at setting up my 40cm cube as a marine tank. I bought this to make it into a planted tank but the wife has her heart set on having a nano reef. I have a small aquel 800 canister filter full of marine pure spheres and was thinking of removing the sponges and running it with the glass lily pipes and a hydor inline heater. There will also be as much live rock as i can fit while still looking good. Would this work, or would it still be a "NITRATE FACTORY"? I can't see this being any different to using Marine Pure in a sump and people seem to love using it in that type of situation.
  6. Deal of the Day - Marine Pure Spheres 1Litre - Today only $12.00 !!!. Last time we can do this due to the falling US dollar so great time to stock up.... Link - Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Ben
  7. 25% OFF all Filter Media for QLDAF Members from now until Sunday night !!. Yes you read this correctly 25% off All Filter Media from all of the leading brands - ROWA - Chemi pure - Marine Pure - Julian Sprung - Continuum - API - K1 Kaldnes - Bulk Ceramic Rings - Activated Carbon - Filter Mat - Bio Balls - Filter Socks - Jap Mat the range is huge. Please mention 25%QLDAFMEDIA in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end. If paying via paypal we will refund the difference back via paypal. Offer ends Midnight Sunday night ( discounts do not combine ). - Great time to stock up on your everyday essentials or for anyone planning a new setup / fish room !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - Filter Media Ben
  8. Hi All. Great price today only on Australia's Favourite Media. - Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Ben
  9. Please read the following….but only if you care about the truth Endlers U.S.A. :: View topic - Puerta la Cruz endler? Endler's livebearers are nearly all hybrids! | Features | Practical Fishkeeping http://www.qldaf.com/forums/livebearers-including-guppies-mollies-platies-swords-etc-33/endlers-white-dorsal-70653/ Fact…99% of "Pure" Endlers offered for sale in Australia are hybrids When endlers were first discovered they were thought to be a variant of Guppy….and only males were exported to Europe where they were line breed by experienced European aquarist to get "Pure Endlers" these "pure Endlers" have a white(light blue) dorsal(some don't but their offspring show this trait) and are know as "Black bar" endlers….. It was only after this strain was well established that it was realised that they were actually a separate species These fish have been imported into Australia…and sold here as "Pure" Those shops have been told(several times,I can post emails sent)…but choose to ignore the advise Lots of really nice hybrids about, chilli endlers, tiger endlers, white endlers….as well as Black bars with a white dorsal If you have an endler you think is pure…..do as I did….post an image on endlers-usa.com You will soon find out what the rest of the world thinks….or alternatively ignore the truth and continue to con your fellow aquarists Hybrid Real
  10. I mix my own ferts and I am almost out of the potassium sulphate that I bought on line through a seller that I cant find any more. I cant find any one else who sells it. I've been to garden shops and the major home and garden retailers and the best I can find is Richgro Sulphate of Potash. It claims an analysis of 41.5% potassium as sulphate. The richgro website offers no more info than this. My calculations show that the potassium in pure K2SO4 is closer to 44.8%. Does any one know if this product is pure? Is it safe to be used for DIY aquarium ferts? Alternatively, does any one know where I can get pure K2SO4? Any input would be welcome Steve
  11. Hikari Frozen Food pricing - For Pick up at Store only. Hikari Frozen Food $6 Per Pack and buy 5 and get the 6th free. Choose from: Blood Worms 100g Brine Shrimp 100g Spirulina Brine Shrimp 100g Baby Brine Shrimp 50g Mysis Shrimp 100g Jumbo Mysis Shrimp 113g Rotifers 50g Daphnia 100g Discus 100g Mega Tropical 100g Large Blocks $19.95 Mysis Shrimp 454g $19.95 Brine Shrimp 454g
  12. Hi All, Due to popular demand we now stock the Marine Pure Blocks & Plates. Here are the links, Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 8 x 1" Plate & Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 8 x 4" Block We have been stocking the Spheres now for several months and have been receiving very positive feedback from fish peeps. Link, Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Usual 10% QLDAF discount applies on all items. Ben
  13. hi all where can you buy pure or clear ammonia from to start fishless cycling thanks for your help
  14. I just had to let everyone know on here what I did yesterday. I managed to clock up exactly 528 km (all up) picking up only 3 catfish. Crestmead to Ballina and back for first pair and then later that night ... Crestmead to Morayfield for the other one and then home. Mind you ended up at the brissy Airport on the way. (Quite typical of me) Yes I am either going mad or totally addicted. I would like to know who else has done a trip like this just to get the fish they were after. When I say I am prepared to travel ... I mean it. lmao
  15. Hi, Anyone any idea where I can buy pure Prazi. Aristopet used to sell it in 500gm and 1kg lots but since they've been bought apparently the new owners don't want to stock raw product. Cheers MAC
  16. This is my big boy, this is what i class as a pure. Not the best picture, taken with a phone camera Hope you enjoy.
  17. Hi Everyone! In process of breeding and producing new stock of healthy pure endlers! Will keep you all posted on how it is all progressing. Jeremy
  18. hey girls and guys any help is this a true synsplium and any id of male or female i think male if any body can help with a partener or point me in the right direction to obtane one thanks homer simpson
  19. Phone camera image of one of my pure strain, Male Class "P" Black Bar (Poecilia Wingei) Endler It was hard to take a descent pic as they tend to be very weary of objects outside the tank :worry: Will post more images, will try get some good snaps of my male & female stock
  20. Using Pure Water in the Aquarium Pure water can have specific uses in the aquarium, including: Topping up water lost to evaporation. This should ensure a constant hardness level in the aquarium, as only pure water evaporates, leaving behind salts, etc. This means that constantly topping up with tapwater will gradually increase the hardness/mineral content of the water because pure water is being replaced with water containing a range of minerals. Lowering hardness (and usually pH at the same time) by mixing a percantage with your normal tapwater. Providing a much purer source of water for your fish, which can have enormous benefits. Note that pure sources of water must never be used alone in the aquarium. They are too pure, and contain none of the essential minerals that fish need, and also have no buffering capacity to stabilise the pH. It can either be mixed with a certain percentage of tapwater (it is possible to produce various hardness levels in this manner), or the commercially available salt mixes can be used to replenish a balanced mix of electrolytes - note that these are not the same as normal 'aquarium salt'. The following paragraphs outline some of the sources of 'pure' water. Distilled water is produced by causing water to boil and turn to steam, which is then cooled (condensed) back into liquid water and collected. This is normally carried out in laboratories and industry, and is not really suitable for the home aquarist to perform. Distilled water is often available bottled however. It may be practical to use it if the required amount is small. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process which purifies water by forcing it through a fine membrane, which leaves impurities behind. This is probably the most practical option for the hobbyist, especially if larger amounts are required, i.e. for multiple tanks. Deionised water (DI) is produced using special materials which attract ions from the water and bind them to their surfaces. Note that this is not the same as ion-exchange, where one ion is swapped for another, as in domestic water softeners. DI units can produce very pure water, but they are generally expensive to use. The cartridges require frequent replacement, and the amount of pure water produced per cartridge will decrease for tapwater which contains more minerals and contaminents. DI can be useful when included as the final stage on a reverse osmosis unit, where the combination can produce very high purity water. Rainwater is in theory pure, because it is water which has evaporated and then condensed, similar to distillation, but on a planetary scale! However, a lot of rainwater is likely to be contaminated from the pollution in our atmosphere. If you live in a largely unpolluted part of the world, and decide to use rainwater, there are a few things which should help to ensure it is as pure as possible: Do not collect water after a long dry spell, there is likely to be a higher-than-normal amount of contaminents from the atmosphere. Collect after an initial rainfall has 'cleaned' the air to some extent. Collect the water from a clean roof or other source, and store in clean well-aerated containers. Filter the rainwater through carbon as an extra precaution - carbon will remove a wide range of toxins and impurities. Apart from the concerns regarding purity, remember that rainwater may be a rather inconsistent source of water at times, so for many people, rainwater is not likely to be a practical source of purer water. Note that spring water, mineral water and other bottled waters can vary widely in their composition, depending on the source, and they are not a pure source of water. They can vary from soft and acidic to hard and alkaline, and in some cases may be no more suitable for your fish than your tapwater or other source! It is also likely to prove expensive for larger amounts. Check the analysis on the bottle if you decide to use bottled water, and/or check the basics with your own test kits. A few additional points to remember: Pure water can leach substances from the containers in which it is stored. It should therefore be stored in clean non-metallic containers, such as glass tanks or high-grade plastic which will not leach colour. Freshly purified water should be aerated for at least an hour, or left standing overnight, before use - as the oxygen content will be very low or essentially zero initially. Test kits for pH and hardness are essential if you use modified pure water for your aquarium.
  21. this will sound really strange, but my wifes dialsys machine is fed by a reverse osmosis unit, which is fed bu 2 large charcoal canisters with 2 1 micron filters in between them, so the water coming out is pure! Every 12 hours the RO unit goes through a half hour flush cycle, which would easly hale fill or over fill one of my 4 footers! At the moment, the water is just going down thwe drain, if I were to catch and store this water, would it be better than a bucket of water out of the tap with declorinator in it to top up my tanks or to do my weelky water changes?
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