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Found 38 results

  1. Hey peeps, have had a few Ls of purigen in my sump for sometime and it seems to not be doing what i needs to in a sump setup prob better with water forced through it like a canister filter etc so im going to make a reactor, anyone done one or modified a phosban reactor or the like for purigen? Needs super fine foam or a slower feed lph to work id say or??? Ideas. my tanks super clean but only the outside of the purigen is getting dark and soaking up the crap so i have to massage the media bag to get newer media to the outside if that make sence, so purigen needs to be force fed or fluid bed in my opinon
  2. Does purigen or macro pore remove medications??? I know carbon needs to be removed but what about these others? I dosed my tank this morning with multi cure which contains melachite green and other wonderous things and instantly my water went green. That's cool but not even 6 hours later tank is back to normal?! No green left?! Wtf!?! I'm trying to battle an outbreak of ich. So ideas?! Help please... [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION], now would be a good time to impart your wisdom mate...?? :-)
  3. ok who has it and how do u regeneration it and what do u use to do it
  4. Hi all Is Macropore as good as purigen ? It is a fair bit cheaper but is it as good if anyone has compared these can u let me know before I go spending my money lol Cheers Trev
  5. Has anyone got any opinions on this seachem product called purigen? I was thinking of trying a bag in my canister filter.
  6. hey guys just wondering what the difference is and which one you would recommend im currently using purigen however its starting to expire and have never reset it. i will be using it with africans americans and turtles looking forward to all feedback
  7. I have recharged the purigen and done two buckets of water and prime over 48 hours, it still smells like bleach, is it safe to put back in tank???? Cheers
  8. I have read about purigen and wondered what peoples thoughts are on it? I have a 6 x 18 x 20 tank (approx 445 litres) and run a UVS and Eheim canister filter - would adding Purigen to my tank (freshwater planted) be of any advantage to me? Also how much would I need to add to the filter? Do you just put it in with the Seachem "The Bag"? And re-generate it each filter change? Just saw my typo in the thread header - Mods can you please correct it to purigen? Sorry
  9. got my order from guppys and have upgraded my purigen system check it out ! running about 3l of purigen now and get about 3-4 months before cleaning .
  10. is that ok? if i have my main canister set up and have a hang on filter with purigen in it? for easier access etc. would that work? cheers sean
  11. Quick question. Who sells Seachem Purigen on Brisbane southside? Thanks Richie
  12. Hey guys, Will Purigen effect peat moss' (and ketapang) ability to lower pH? I know purigen removes the tea colour from the water caused by the tannins in peat moss and my understanding is that tannic acid is the reason peat moss lowers pH. Also what are it's effects on things like liquid amazon extract (that add humic acids etc)? Does it render them useless? Thanks, Beau.
  13. I'm looking for a more effective way to use Purigen than in the 100ml satchets or in "the bag" for my sumped systems. Has anyone had any experience with putting loose Purigen into a reactor such as the Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550? Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 550 Any other similar products that would work or any interesting DYI projects around this?
  14. Has anyone had any experience with using Seachem Purigen in a bag other than the Seachem Bag? I've got 1/2 of a 1L container sitting here but I don't want to pay the $15 for a Seachem The Bag is there a DIY alternative? I want to use the 1/2 container on a couple of tanks and don't want to spend a small fortune on the Seachem Bags. Anyone got any advice as to what they've used? Thanks
  15. Hi guys, Just curious as to what everyone uses as many have different products they use. I heard some people use pool chlorine and others just bleach? What brand and model bleach and also what instructions do you follow when cleaning? Thanks, Adam
  16. hey guys. This would be a question more for people that have an fx5 i guess but i was wondering where abouts i should put the purigen into my fx5 for the best outcome? i am getting some in the next couple of days and have been told it needs to be in the right area of the filter for best outcomes. Oh also can the fish overdose on this stuff if you use to much????? Thanks heaps guys
  17. I just checked cleaned my filter and I noticed that my Purigen looks dark. Can anyone tell me if it is Exhausted? If it isn't can anyone show a pic of what it will look like if it is Exhausted?
  18. Hey Peeps, Looks like i got a outbreak of flukes or the like, im going to treat with "sience" parasite eliminator. Question, Should i remove the Purigen whilst the tank is being medicated ? Done a heap o research an keep getting conflicting answers. Any advice appreciated. Brendan
  19. Ok so i got 250ml of purigen 100 for one and then the rest spare. I went and bought filter bags (aqua one) decent size they were called Large bags and just put the purigen in it and it went straight through once water was run through it?? what do i do?
  20. Hiyas I just bought a 600 LPH Aqua one internal filter , I have placed 100ml of purigen in it , but would this be strong enough to do a a 3 X 1.5 X 2. Or would it work better if placed in the cannister ? Thanks E'tienne (:
  21. As it says up top i did it the other day then i rinsed it in water then i put it in a bucket with prime and water but it smells a bit like bleach still. Is that normal or keep rinsing it. I have never done this before i usually just buy new stuff. If someone can let me know what they think that will be great. Cheers.
  22. just wondering if it is possible to over bleach purigen when recharging.. asking because one of the 100ml sachets i am in the process of recharging has come out with about half the little beads coming out brown and the rest looking like new.. solution was 1:1 bleach to water as advised and was soaking for about 28 or so hours. any ideas?? ps. bleach was lavender scented also the other still has tannins stain but dont think they will be coming out.. cheers jacob
  23. Hi Guys just put 500gms of Purigen in my ehime 2075 filter in a bag. but it seems the bag was not fine enough and some purigen has come though the filter a nd gone in my 6ft tank. I believe some of my fish have eaten the purigen by mistake. any info would be great.....i have turn the filter off for now to take the bag out. just worried about my fish.
  24. How do i use purigen in a 3ft tank with a hang on filter ? I'm curious as to where i would put it and how much better the water quality will be. I just set my tank up took about 4 hours lol. Really pleased with it, and I'm thinking about getting some purigen from Redlands pet Centre obviously. How do i use it and store it in the hang on, does it help with fish and plant growth or is it just a show thing ? Thanks in advance Trent
  25. I am using ceramic thingies and charcoal in my canister filter. It has also been suggested I use Purigen as well. I looked the stuff up on the net and some people make almost mystical claims about its properties. I only have a 4 foot tank with two small bristlenose, 5 loaches and a few guppies in which seem to be doing ok, as evidenced by the fact they are still alive... Is there anything to be gained by using Purigen in addition to, or in place of charcoal? Thanks
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