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Found 20 results

  1. Hi guys, not sure if these pics uploaded properly. I have purple spotted gudgeons in my tank, is anybody able to id them for me as to whether they are northern or southern purple spotted gudgeons? Thanks
  2. Hi all, can any one id these as to whether they are northern or southern spotted gudgeons? Thanks
  3. hey does anyone have moscow purple guppies? i've been looking for them for aggggges
  4. My better half has been putting in some extra food for me again and it has inspired a few of my purple/blue morphs that I collected a couple of months back, to split. Intact. In just one hour, there are two now where one was.
  5. I have a 100 litre round concrete pond. Imitation half barrel. Have weeds, bullrushes, three PSG's amd a school of gambusia. I have been feeding the PSGs bits of chicken, fish, leftovers really and they seem to be doing well. On of the PSGs is about 12 cm and expected the gambusia to be reducing gradually but they are not. So either I have been feeding them too well or they are not interested in the small fish? Do PSGs eat gambusia? If I stop feeding them would they be ok?
  6. I recently added a purple tang to my tank. Unfortunately ich appeared within 24 hours. I treated with medic but it died 3 days later. I was a little surprised that it succumbed so quickly as it acclimated very well, was eating right from the get go, and showed no obvious signs of stress. Also none of my remaining fish showed any sign of ich and are still ich free. I have decided to move my remaining fish ( 4 chromis, 1 clown and flame hawk ) to my old tank and let the display tank go fallow for 8 weeks. I will then use old tank as quarantine tank in the future.. I have also bought a uv sterilizer for display tank.. So my questions are : 1. Is the purple tank prone to ich and if so, is it usually responsive to treatment. 2. When I put the next tang in quarantine, should I expect ich and start treatment before it appears. Also should I start to lower the salinity straight away or wait until ich appears. 3. In general, when I quarantine a fish, what treatments should I be looking to apply so that the fish enters main tank healthy and disease free.. Thx
  7. too my knowledge, "hugo" as was named by my partner is only 3 years old, eats a varied diet of pellets/frozen foods and has always been a much loved pet. to the all of lastnight he was still eating fine, and first thing this morning although not in his usual territory he was down the other end still seemingly fine.. now ive had to rescue him into a net trying to keep him up right, as i found him rolling over on what appears to be his "last legs", quite shattered as a fish's price doesn't always matter when its a pet just wondering if anyone knows the general lifespan of PSG's and maybe he was getting quite old for his kind ? im really not sure, he is a good 15cm+ i dont have high hopes for him at this current time, but im going to try save him regardless,
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Purple lights and math help PlantLab grow food more efficiently | VentureBeat
  10. Hard to get in pics but you get the idea :-)
  11. is it true that you can get a purple discus?
  12. Just noticed a little purple snail slowly making the rounds on one of my bits of live rock, and I am quite curious as to what he might be. He is quite a cool looking little fella, with a purple shell and what I can see of his body appears to be purple too. Not going to make any rash descisions about getting rid of him, but if he is actually a pest then he will need to go. Can anyone help with an ID?
  13. hey today i was scooping some shrimp for bait and i came across some purple spotted gudgeon just wondering if its illegal to keep them in my fish tank, thanks.
  14. my male malau and female purple flame have laid i think it wil be interesting to see what the babies turn out to look like
  15. just woke up to my male texas x flowerhorn spawning with my female purple flame flowerhorn. pics are on my camera phone so they are crappy not showing their awesome spawning colours. the female is in the middle of pealing so she looks a bit funny.
  16. just want to know a price on what i could sell these guys for, around 5cm to 10cm
  17. hey guys just after some info on these guys i have found there ph is ok between 6-7.5 , i'm also curious as to if i would be able to put these guys in my african display tank they are 10cm and my africans are 12-15cm but my african tank is at 7.8ph any info or help with these would be great cheers Terry
  18. Anyone know anyone with these Tropheus...WC is prefered but F1's will do...Cheers People's!
  19. i have about 30 odd purple moscows now!!! yay! go the guppies!!!
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