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Found 56 results

  1. Can we put yellow and red cherry shrimp together some says they will cross and will get clear color shrimp? can we keep CRS , CBS togther? Thanks
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. A mate of mine is giving me two saratoga that he no longer wants and I don't know what other fish would be okay to put with them or should I put it in the same tank that I have bass and rainbow trout in? Any suggestions would be great ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. .I have a female RED MELON discus, she seems to be losing weight at an alarming rate and i think it is due to her being competed over from 2 males and they seem to give her a hard time, Should i increase her diet and have it contain brineshrimp/bloodworm/krill/speciality hikari discus frozen food also anything else i can buy ? -- I don't currently feed the discus bloodworm or brine shrimp ill go grab some now. she is currently also fed on hikari discus, sera vipan, sera vipagran currently with just some hikari krill / carnivore in the diet. I can see no signs of parasites in any of the discus other than the fact she alone is losing weight/condition, other 3 discus in with her seem FINE&HEALTHY.
  5. Hi, just got a 2cube and found out that I don't have a 2x2 wooden board. Can I put the foam and the tank on top of the two metal bar like in the pic? Thanks...
  6. Just putting it out there to see what people would put in a 1000 lt tank I'm thinking of playing around with some discus in them. Just a thought at the moment but you never know !! What would you put in a couple of ibc tanks if you had them spare. Let us all know. Cheers Marty
  7. Hi guy I have an 8x2x3 tank and can decide what to put in it? Give some ideas and suggestions Thanks
  8. Hi, the below picture is in the Logan area and I'm after suggestions as to what I should do with it. It was dug out a few years ago and the water has finally settled. Don't know how the lillies got there as I never actually planted anything in it. There are sometimes a couple of birds swimming in it and I see dragonflies going about their business. It just seems to be missing some life in the water, so .... What can anyone recommend I put in there? Thanks!
  9. Top Tank. 4x18x18 2 Pakistani Loaches 1 suspected Burmese/ Golden Zebra Loach 1 Panda Cory 1 Albino Cory 2 Pepper Corys 1 Common Bristlenose (m) 9-10cm 3 Albino Bristlenose 4-5cm bred myself 1 L no. forgot which one. Only a little guy. 2 Blue Rams 4 Swordtails 4 Lyretail Mollies 4 Guppies Bottom Tank 4x15x18 1 Albino Bristlenose (m) 15cm+ 1 Albino Bristlenose (f) 15cm+ 2 Common Bristlenose (f) 9-10cm 10-20 grow out Livebearers 50+ Newly hatched Bristlenose
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I have a 2x15x15 that I can not seem to get a 'right' stocking for. It has a internal power head filter so the current is quite strong. It just seems too small for most fish. Can anyone give me ideas lol. Im kinda stuck and have been for ages lol. :roll:
  12. This is my new build up for my Orange Head Tapajo's Species tank. Thanks to Mr Ozmo for holding some great looking Juvi's, Big thanks to Donny and the Boys at AoA for having killer deals for filtration, also Donny for a bottle of black magic and to the missus for doin' most the cleaning of the sand and glass for me since I put my back out! Anyways this used to be my Africans but now time for something different there hope you enjoy the pics and any advise on tank mates or low maitenance plants (no co2) would be greatly appreciated! Only put water in it an hour ago so hence the $h!tty pics!!! p.s this is the above tank in the back of this picture with no water and lights on!
  13. have had malawi chichlids in it for about 8 years, need a change. what are you thinking??
  14. Need ideas guy what Americans to chuck in my 4ft tank Want some nice display fish as I convinced mum to have the tank in the living room haha .
  15. is magnesium epsom salts sulfate ok to put with my fish please help with solution the brand is faulding
  16. hey all id like to start putting some pics up of my fish but i seriosly have NO IDEA on how to do it,is there someone out there that can help me out. i have an iphone and a half decent digital camera,but not sure if i have the connection for the camera/computer(my wife will know if i have or not). so if someone can give me some advice that would be great,but keep it simple lol cheers marty
  17. After seeing the "New fry culling machine" thread it got me thinking. Is it possible to get something that will eat fry (guppy, cherry and possibly bn) that fits into a 2ft tank? :confused: I've got a spare one and don't have any room for a bigger tank. I was hoping for 2-3 fish, but a single fish is fine. I was also considering something like a cray but didn't think it would be able to get the guppy fry. I'm hoping for something that looks nice and is easy to look after. I think it sounds like i'm asking for allot but i figure the more i detail the easier it might be for advice. Thanks
  18. The new tank I have is 2x1.5x1, not huge I know but I have limited space around the house and this will fit perfectly where I intend to put it. I'm not quite ready to set it up yet but want to be on top of the situation when I do. The problem I'm having is deciding what to put in it. Cichlid's would be one option, I also thought of dwarf gourami's and a heap of tetra's, but I'd really like to put some native Australian fresh water fish in it. A mate had a Jungle Perch in his tank but obviously it didn't like company. I'd really appreciate a few ideas from the members here as to which way to go. Also very confused about lighting at this point, whether to go cheaper LED or T5 Fluro's.
  19. Got rid of my split ebjd female yesterday, gave her away for those who missed out, as she was beating the living **** out of my ebjd male. He is now retired in a 3x1.5x1.5 with some melaluca and lots of anubias. Nice little tank. Now wondering what would make some nice (very peaceful) tankmates for him. He wouldn't hurt a fly so not to worry about him picking on anything. I'm thinking maybe some praecox? Or a larger schooling tetra? And cories, cause I like them . Ideas?
  20. Hey guys, I have a spare 2fter tank, looking to breed somthing in it, got any idears? Would any africans suit or is it too small? I have never kept them before. Or I might put a small colony of corys in there, or some fancy guppies.
  21. Im stuck on what to put in my 2x12x15. It 12 wide 15 wide, and in talking inches lol. 2 foot long, wham me haha! I just can't be creative atm lol
  22. I am thinking of changing my 5fter arround, wandering what suggestions everyone has. It is a 5x1x1.5 tank, atm has apistos, ellioti, jd fry, blue acara fry, pair of thomasai, png rainbows and a few small green horse face. I am wandering about doing a geo/discus tank, what are your thoughts and what other suggestions do people have? I am not doing africans.
  23. Hey guys, I have a pair of Green Terrors in a 2x2x3 tank (3ft high) and was wondering what would be the best fish to put in with them to take some heat off the female. They are both around the 20cm size, the male being a bit bigger. Since they have been in their new tank the male has been hassling the female alot, was hoping they would starting breeding but it seems the female isn't too keen? I have caught them lip locking and the male is always showing off so I'm not sure whats up with the girl? They have got some nice sandstone and slate to hide amongst as well as a big chunk of driftwood for privacy. The female is starting to look a bit stressed out and I want to put some fish in with them to help her out a bit. I was thinking some silver dollars? Any other suggestions? I have looked in the LFS's but they only have small silver d's, anyone know where to get some larger ones? Cheers! Jon
  24. Hi everyone, just lookign for some opinions from some of you knowledgable people I have recently set up a 4x3x2 (L x h x w) medium planted tank and have 2x20cm air bubbler/tubes running of a double outlet airpump. This is in addition to running a spray bar (submersed) and direct inlet from our 2 canister filters. We are trying to keep our tank between 28.5 and 29.5 degrees. Tank inhabitants inlcude 2 corys and 4 blue rams at this stage. Is this enough airation? I notice the corys coming up to the surface mainly at night and was wondering if it was because there is not enough oxygen in the water? Water parameters seem fine (0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and 5ppm Nitrate) but ph is 7.5.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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