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Found 14 results

  1. hey guys i recently bought a 6x2x2 as my rtgg keeps getting bigger an bigger ( hopefully his jaw gets better ....... ) so ive decided to go with a blue background i was just wondering what was the best way to put it up as ive tried the usually taping the background to the back but the colour looks very dark once the water goes in and the lights are on so how can i make the background look brighter and clearer thanks
  2. Hi all, I will be starting a dedicated shrimp tank very soon. I am looking for some CRS to put in it. Also i would need them shipped. They don't have to be of high quality, as i am a novice and wouldn't like to murderise anything of high value So, could you send me a pm with what you have available & prices please. Cheers all.
  3. Most of the stock has arrived - bit more to go. Here are some pics of it. Running out of room already...lol These are the tanks that we finally put moved and got up and running last night and today.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I'm thinking about running a sump on my 4x2x2 and was wondering what size tank I should be looking at to use as the sump, what pump to get and if its possible to do all the plumbing without having to cut the glass because the tank is still being used. Also what sort of price range would I be looking at to get it all setup and plumbed. Cheers, Adam
  5. Hey gang, Was wondering if someone might have tried or seen what I plan to do. Basically, I want to put a second tank under my 5x2. Putting an identical second 5x2 (or any tank with a 2' width) will clash with the vertical supports of the stand and would be too tall. I was thinking of putting a shallow 4x1.5 or 5x1.5 underneath the 5x2 on the top. My question is, how would doing something like this look? Is it too much weight for the stand? I assume someone would have already done this before. Here's an artists perception of my plan: Just wondering how it was for accessibility (between the bottom of the top tank and top of the bottom tank) and aesthetics. Seems like a good solution for someone with a small space. Cheers,
  6. Is there any hope for me.Thought i was goimg to be working away from home for 6months. And heard today that it is going to be put back a couple of months.So today i set up a spare tank i had in the shed to grow up some ellioti fry i have.I can see what is going to happen 1 leads to 2 then all of a sudden you have 20 tanks.What am i to do. Anyway was setting up the tank today and the missus caught me in the act she didnt even object.Looks like it is game on.
  7. Just wondering what peoples though on putting a couple of. Ikola frontosa in with a community of 4 Bala sharks, 1 clown loach and few L002. The tank had Been running fine with No problems for a while now. It's a 6x2x2, I know people say Bala shark are aggressive But I have never seen these guys be aggressive towards any other fish. So I have 11 ikolas around 7cm at my house and I don't want that many in Tank nor do I want to sell them. So I'm thinking of just putting 3 in with My mates Bala tank. Anyone think I will have any problems With that? I know they aren't from the same place around the world but I have see several Tanks on YouTube that have Bala in with frontosa. Thanks
  8. What do you use to be able to remove your divider so its not permanetly fixed?
  9. What are the issues running small Malawi fish in water set up for L numbers. Baz
  10. hi just wondering what is the best and most humane why to put an oscar out of its pain
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Ok, so I have a 3 foot tank with : 1 m/f convict 1 m/f red jewel 3 yo yo loaches 2 rainbow sharks 1 silver shark 1 goldfish looking thing ... lol 1 tetra 1 large yabbie 1 small yabbie 1 cat fish striped 1 gourami 2 mollies I want to divide all these fish into 2 x 2 foot tanks So far I have come up with having the convict pair in 1 and the red jewel pair in the other I'm wondering wich fish I should put with who ? Any help would be much appreciated Thank you
  13. Would like everyones thoughts on EOI. My personal opinion, if you want the best price someone is willing to pay put it in the auction section. If you are thinking of selling something, then you are thinking of how much you want for it, and that should be advertised. You can always drop the price if it doesn't sell. Anyway would like to know everyone's own opinion and ideas. Shane
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