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Found 15 results

  1. Anywhere in Caboolture/north brissy that sells this stuff at a reasonable price?
  2. In my current project I have the need/want to paint a pvc spray bar black to hide it (rather than bright white). I've found on the internets that Krylon Fusion works well and is aquarium safe. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Not at my local supercheap, bunnings or masters. I was wondering if anybody knows of somewhere on the northside where I can get a can of it? Or if there are any other suitable products that work the same, as well as aquarium safe? Also if I can find it would it be suitable for painting internal glass surfaces in a tank (e.g. a divider along the back of the tank). I have use the tank background stuff from the local pet store and it works alright, just it has a few bubbles that have developed over time. Just thinking that painting the glass might work out better. If its even tank safe.
  3. Hello all, Anyone ever painted PVC pipe with normal spray paint? I know that fusion paint works for in take but if its outside the tank it truly cant hurt painting the pipe with standard water based paint? Black pipe is expensive... cheers
  4. Jumped the gun whilst at bunnings today and bought 25mm PVC pipe but got home and clearly it's not 25mm wondering what size it is? I know I could just disconnect it from my tank and measure it but I'm sure someone would know, also any advice as to where to buy the PVC pipe in black as bunnings only carries orange and cream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Anyone here made a PVC overflow? Any tips? Mainly just wondering how reliable they are. Thanks
  6. Hey I'm currently running marine flex hose I think it's called on my 5ft and I'm pretty happy with the noise of the water flow. I have quite a bit of pvc laying around and can use that for my outlets on the 6x3 but am unsure if it's going to be louder or not? What do you prefer? Cheers, Luke
  7. need a sump set up right away on a tank that has a nitrite blowout and in it is some very expensive fish, just set the sump up a couple hours ago and need to know if its safe to run in now after the pvc cement glue has dried, the stuff smells super potent and toxic so not sure if its safe to run now,any help would be great as ive never used this stuff before, cheers
  8. Hi where can i buy some black pvc angle to put around the corner edges of my tanks. Ive tried everywhere but i can not find a shop that sells it. Can some one help me out? Thanks
  9. Chasing some suggestions on plumbing for my new (2nd hand) setup… It currently has black poly for both inflow/inlet and overflow/return which means I have to restrict the amount going in as it’s a pretty dodgy job (the overflow/return plumbing is a smaller diameter than the inlet). I don’t want to be restricting flow as I like to have a pretty high turnover. The best option at the moment is replacing the return poly with PVC. What I’d really like to know is, if there is any way of joining PVC piping (and joints) to the external thread of the bulkhead? Does anyone have any photos of this on their tanks? I will put some photos of the current state up tonight.
  10. I am curious to know if i fit a PVC U-Pipe between to tanks, and remove all the air from the pipe, will it keep the level of the two tanks even. Pic Below. If it works, my idea is to run one canister to filter both tanks. Inlet in one tank and outlet in the other tank.
  11. Hi all, Someone had instruction s for making an external canister-type filter out of pvc pipe. One end was glued on, the other a screw off, with poly fittings to and from the tank. Powered by a power filter in tank, and returning to tank. Where has it gone? I was gonna make 2 this week! There was photos of it in action on a 3 foot tank, and the person who made it had the bits donated. Adam
  12. Put it together today, funny shape because of how it's going to sit around my tank but it fits and should work well. Will test the power of the siphon (and whether it works or not ) tomorrow as it was curing today. Basically, the thick 2" pipe sits in the tank at the back left. Because my tank is completely enclosed with a 2" gap all around, I've got the rest of it running up the left hand side of my tank towards the front (didn't want to do it at the back), hence the curve around to bend flexible tubing in through a whole in the back of my cabinet. Bad photo of the 25mm flexible tubing hose end. And the water level inlets, still need to clean them up a little. Will update the thread tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.
  13. Haha ok so i've been trying to seal and glue my pvc pieces together with silicone it works but it's fragile. I wasn't sure whether pvc glue was safe so i steered clear. But if it is i'll take it apart and try again. Better than leaking everywhere. Cheers, Rusty
  14. does anyone know the cheapest place to buy blue line poly pipe and pvc pipe and pvc fitting? cheers lloyd
  15. PVC PIPE FILTER… The idea. To build a cheap effective external filter. Materials. 800mm x 100mm storm water pipe 1 x end cap 1 x threaded sleeve 1 x screw cap 2 x 90 degree female 19mm barbs 2 x straight 19mm male barbs 2m x 19mm clear water hose 1 x power head Aquarium silicone pvc glue As I was given a lot of the materials I am unable to give a cost for this project Directions Push the cap on the bottom and the threaded sleeve on the top and mark the tube for you holes. Remove the end pieces and drill and file the holes so the straight male fitting is a tight fit. I put my holes at 90 degrees to each other. At the bottom, put the 90 degree fitting on the out side facing up. At the top, put the 90 degree fitting inside, facing up. Use aquarium silicone around the fittings and on the threads Use pvc glue to seal the cap and the threaded sleeves on. Leave for a day for silicone to cure I filled the bottom half of the tube with bio balls, then put some filter wool on top of that, although you can use your own media configuration if it pleases. Maybee add a bag of charcoal. Connect hose between the powerhead and the inlet at the bottom Run a hose from the top outlet back into the tank. I have this filter running on a 3 foot tank with a 2100lph power head pushing water through it. The height of the filter can be changed to suit the tank it stands behind or beside, i would make it at least 100mm higher than the tank.
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