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Found 27 results

  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/232664467099842/ Saturday 14th May AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1024810137577804/1024810147577803/
  4. Hey Everyone tonights meeting is Cancelled due to the weather.
  5. I would like to express my appreciation to the QCG committee and all the others concerned in organizing the FANTASTIC conference that was put on today. I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed myself.... Thankyou. Unfortunately I had to leave early due to personal reasons.... That aside...GREAT DAY!! cheers everyone Gary
  6. This is about this year’s most exciting event. The Queensland Cichlid Group is already known to you for a number of reasons. This time we are putting on a Conference featuring three top quality International Speakers. It is being held on the 14th of March, at the Tavernetta Function Rooms, 144 Dorville Road, Carseldine. [*] The Tavernetta has parking for 100 cars on site. [*] The function rooms are close to public transport. [*] Buses and Queensland Rail utilise the same interchange. [*] Only a 10 minute walk from the Carseldine Bus/Railway Station. [*] Please see the attached map for a better idea of the location. [*] The conference starts with registration from 9am till10am. [*] The conference starts at 10am and goes until 10 pm. [*] This means you get to spend twelve hours soaking up the knowledge of our International speakers. Who are these speakers? Our first speaker is Ad Konings. Anyone who has kept an African Rift Lake Cichlid will have read articles or indeed own books written by Ad. Ad has just written Lake Tanganyika Cichlids - Volume Three and will be available to sign copies you have purchased on the day. Ad will be giving two talks approximately an hour and a half in length (including questions). So you will get plenty of up to date, hand gathered information from Ad. As you will see from the list of books authored by Ad below he has been extremely prolific. o MalawiCichlidsinTheirNaturalHabitat; o EnjoyingCichlidsalongwithKjellFohrman&MaryBailey; o CelebratingCichlidsfromLakesMalawiandTanganyika; o TanganyikaCichlidsinTheirNaturalHabitat; o GuidetoMalawiCichlids; o GuidetoTanganyikaCichlids; o Konings'BookofCichlidsandAlltheOtherFishesofLakeMalawi; o CichlidsfromCentralAmerica; o TheCichlidDiversityofLakeMalawi/Nyasa/Niassa: Identification,Distributionand Taxonomy with Jos Snoeks, and a non-fish book, the, Cacti of Texas: In Their Natural Habitat by Gertrud & Ad Konings. Ad also wrote a couple of books on American Cichlids and still has an interest in them and regularly goes collecting with our next speaker. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas is an aquarist in San Luis Potosí, Mexico (the very centre of it). He has loved fish since he can remember and has kept them steadily in home aquariums for over 30 years now. His main interests are Central American Cichlids and Mexican fishes, but he is also very interested in any other type of fish. He will give two talks of around an hour to an hour and a half. Juan Miguel is the creator and editor of the Cichlid Room Companion. His love for computers and nature, together with the revolutionary development of Internet was too much for him to let the opportunity to create that page pass along. He has found that the maintenance of a real good home page is a life time enterprise, and he is ready to cope to that. Juan Miguel enjoys travelling to the natural habitats of the fish he loves, where he obtains underwater pictures of them. He likes to observe them, trying to understand their natural history and relationships. He has managed to obtain a great knowledge on the biology and geographical distribution of the fishes in Mexico. This gives to his conferences an originality and special interest. He has spoken to Aquarists at conventions in several countries, including Mexico, United States, Belgium, Canada, England, Netherlands, Norway, France, Italy Sweden and Germany and now Australia. Juan is part of the American Cichlid Association - Marineland Speakers Program. Spencer Jack is our third speaker. He has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true "cichlidiot", he has been working exclusively with cichlids over the last twenty years. Spencer has been an active hobbyist within Winnipeg for a number of years. Some of his roles within the fish hobbyist community include; Co-founder of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg (1989), Founder and President of the Canadian Cichlid Association (2000). Spencer has a website w.w.w.cichlaholic.com and is also the organizer of the aFISHionados.com . He collects South American cichlids and for those of us lucky enough to have seen his talk at the Victorian Cichlid Society 40th Anniversary Dinner, he takes great photographs. Spencer is a Canadian with a sense of humour, (I know!) and he also will give us two talks of one hour to an hour and a half each. The cost for this Cichlid Spectacular is $150.00 for non-members, and $130.00 for members of the Queensland Cichlid Group. For this you get twelve hours of International knowledge. [*] It gets you morning and afternoon tea. [*] It gets you Lunch and a Buffet Dinner. [*] It gets you a bottomless cup of tea or coffee. [*] It gets you access to Queensland’s best retailers of Cichlid paraphernalia and some great Conference specials. [*] It gets you a conference shirt and lanyard (only available for the first 150 to book) [*] It gets you a chance to win the Lucky Door Prize. [*] It gets you a chance to win some of the best raffle prizes. Purchase of all other drinks is available from the bar. So, fantastic value for $150.00 So where can you buy a ticket ???? [/list
  7. As the title suggests, Spencer Jack will be making a guest appearance at tonights QCG meeting and will be talking on Fish Farming Around the World.
  8. .The QCG is doing a sausage sizzle at marsters hardware at parkinson on the 8th November .8am-2pm come down and support the club by buying a sausage and drink and have a chat with some fellow fish nuts.. hope to see you there.
  9. Hi all, just wondering if any of you will be going to this? As i just found out about it link below if you are interested. Queensland Cichlid Group Inc Homepage
  10. To be announced soon watch this space It will affect every seller and the way people buy [MENTION=1969]smootheye[/MENTION] FJ
  11. Queensland Cichlid Group Meeting this Friday 6th December AGM and committee vote also Lots of fun talks and debate as usual All welcome members or not FJ
  12. Next QCG meeting is next Friday 4th October. Where: Bar Jai Hall, Alexandra St, Clayfield When: 7:30 to 08:00 PM start Paper work for Fish Only Auction on 12th October will be available. All are Welcome.
  13. The raffle draw for the QCG fish tank will still be drawn at Bar Jai hall Upstairs on the Friday 6th Sep ( Pls note no meeting that night) These tickets were sold at the Ekka A video of the draw will be taken and the winning tickets picked by a third party All winners will be notified by phone asap after the draw FJ
  14. Some of this meeting's topics  Spawnings Losses and Acquisitions.  Leanne graciously volunteered to tell us of her experiences in keeping and breeding Labidochromis mbamba.  Bill will give a talk on PH and Ammonia and their effects.
  15. Our First Art Union is being conducted between now and August. We will be selling tickets at the Ekka and auctions and club meetings till the draw date The funds raised will be used for a Group visit to the American Cichlid Association Convention. The prizes are as follows. First prize is a Aqua-One 980T (Tall) Tank and stand valued at $1369.00. Second Prize is an Aqua-One 24inch Horizon Set up valued at $239.00 Third prize is Westfield voucher valued at $100.00 The closing date is August the 30th 2013. The draw date is the 6th September 2013, at 9.00pm. It will be drawn at our meeting in the Bar-jai hall 178 Alexandra rd, Clayfield. The tickets will cost $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.
  16. *** Want to know more about keeping and breeding cichlids ***** Meeting this month will involve Talks will be about apistgremmas and cyprichromis And how to tie and bag fish for the auctions Where: Bar-Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield Time: 7:30pm pre-meet mingle; 8:00pm kick off club business, then main talks Raffle prizes - quality aquarium pharmaceuticals and products from QCG sponsers Club shop - quality fish food & dry goods at value $And heaters ! For the cold months ahead
  17. *** Want to know more about keeping and breeding cichlids ***** Meeting this month will involve Fish of the month - Labidochromis sp. Talks +videos by members about there DIY filters Where: Bar-Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield Time: 7:30pm pre-meet mingle; 8:00pm kick off club business, then main talks Raffle prizes - quality aquarium pharmaceuticals and products from QCG sponsers Club shop - quality fish food & dry goods at value $
  18. The next meeting on 1st Feb is going to be something new for the club, the whole night is trivia night. If you think you know your stuff about fish keeping or aquarium related come along and have some fun:) Questions are easy to hard and lots of fun ones ,so you don't need to be a pro Club sponcers have donated lots of really cool prizes for winners !!Things to take note of!! No phones in hands or on tables all ?s are aquarium related Club shop will be there for all your fish food needs Club raffle will be going with usual great prizes Cold drinks will be for sale and nibbles All ?s are multiple choice Start time will be 8:00 at Clayfield Bar-Jai Community Hall 178 Alexandra Rd Clayfield QLD 4011 Will up date in the next few weeks as it comes together.any ?s contact my self or fishjunkie.
  19. Next QCG meeting is next Friday 11th January. Where: Bar Jai Hall, Alexandra St, Clayfield When: 7:30 to 08:00 PM start
  20. Queensland Cichlid Group Christmas Dinner Tonight Broncos Leagues Club Redhill 7.30 PM FJ
  21. Saturday 6 Oct Auction - Lock it in! QCG Fish Only Auction Saturday 6 October Bar Jai Hall (is too s-m-all, i know) More details to come .... Bit of a heads up on prep:- condition up your fishees for sale purge at least a day before bagging. Best to add some Stress Guard or Prime etc (your LFS can probably help out here) or a tiny bit of salt can also do clear bags (or at least with one side clear) so fish are easily viewable (clean water helps too) Best to bag with oxygen (your LFS can probably help out here) coolite box + lid - keeps fishees relaxed.... dead, sick or deformed fish will not be auctioned cheers, aqc
  22. Next meet: Friday 5 Oct - usual place Programme topics include: - De-nitrator experience - DVD on Lake Tanganyika - Great raffle prizes - Reminder QCG Auction the following nite, Sat 6 Oct Lock it in!
  23. Thanks SS & FJ for the last post heads up to those asking... *** Want to know more about keeping and breeding Cichlids?**** Confirmed presentation this Friday 6th July by a commercial fish farmer that has recently published a book. Brian has farmed fish commercially in his homeland and worked here locally with one of the major players in the wholesale ornamental fish industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is happy to share to newbies and experienced fish keepers alike. Where: Bar-Jai Hall, 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield Time: 7:00- 7:30pm pre-meet mingle; 7:30pm kick off club business, then main talk What you missed out on last meeting.... Pest Fish presentation by Fisheries - noxious fish species spread throughout Qld Video: Home made fish food - 2 superb recipies QCG Auction wrap - Thanks to QLDAF folk that rocked up, supplied fish and bid Raffle prizes - quality aquarium pharmaceuticals and products from QCG sponsers Club shop - quality fish food & dry goods at value $ Seizures there! aqc
  24. Queensland Cichlid Group meeting this Friday 1st June, 7:30 pm. Bar Jai Hall, Clayfield - Pest Fish presentation by DEEDI Fisheries - Home made fish food video
  25. There will be NO Queensland Cichlid Group meeting for April as it falls on Good Friday. Next Meet: Friday 4th May 2012 Auction - Fish Only: Saturday 5th May 2012 (Auction forms to be put out soon) Bar Jai Hall, Alexandra St, Clayfield (near Clayfield Rail Station & Junction road). Take exit East West Arterial Road from Gateway / M1; Sandgate Road from northern suburbs or city. Meet: First Friday of the month (unless public holiday; 2nd Friday for January) Time: 7:30 for 8:00 Start. Drinks & nibblies available Format: Committee report, General business, main talk/s - discussion, raffle Queensland Cichlid Group Inc Homepage - website works in progress Qld Cichlid Group Inc | Facebook - updating
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