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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering how long you should quarantine wild caught feeder fish/shrimp before feeding them to your fish? I have an American display tank setup and would like to start giving them occasional feeder guedgon and shrimp from a local creek any sugestions
  2. Hi Everyone, just got some new guppy's and was wandering how long to quarantine them, before adding them into my main tank that has Endler's and some guppy's in it as well. Also how can I tell if the new guppy's have a disease that will wipe out my current population, (last time i introduced new guppy's, i lost 20 guppies, Out of 23), and how do I then treat them. thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Hi All, just wondering how long to quarantine new fish for as a general rule? and if anyone does a standard preventative treatment whilst in quarantine? I've just got around to setting up a quarantine tank (due to some losses because of me being stupid and not quarantining), and just want some tips from people more experienced than I... Ta
  4. Hi Guys, An online petition has been started by an interstate lfs regarding the changes to fish importation. If you are interested in this issue, the below link contains information and a link to the petition : Protect Our Fish - Protect Our Fish Cheer, Doug
  5. <BR><BR>Hi team, I am wanting to buy a good medication for quarantining wild caught fish in. I used to use some great stuff that I think was called Monkeys Nuts but searching for that all I can find is literally peanuts. Can anyone remember what the best stuff was, or, what is the best stuff available these days? Thanks, Andrew. - Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
  6. I am taking the advice of members on here and setting up a quarantine tank, I have been seeding an extra filter in a tank for about 3 weeks and being that it's only a small tank I am able to syphon water from the top tank to the bottom. Providing this tank has been cleaned thoughly before filling is this tank ready to be used? I'm only asking as I've read on here a few different theories on setting up tanks. What other measures if any should I take before using this tank? Please feel free to add advice no matter how basic it seems. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks for reading :cool
  7. Picked up 5 tetras yesterday, all seemed fine in the shop. Put them in the tank when i got home and 1 really didn't look healthy after 30 mins, found him dead this morning. Another one had developed a spot on it's tail by morning. I have a 1ft tank, filled 3/4 of water from an existing tank and 1/4 new water. 3 sponge filters (1 been in a tank for a while, 1 in a tank for a week and 1 new one), no gravel. I set the temp to 26. I did have a light on the tank and turns out it generates more heat than i thought, got the tank up to about 28 I've got a picture from this morning, trying to get an updated one but they keep hiding from me! I was going to put some treatment in but held off, the spot seems to be shrinking so i'll give it another day. I don't have a reading from this morning since i locked myself out my place and was late to work, going to get some readings later but need to duck out quickly. So is that the right setup for a quarantine tank or did i stuff it up? I was told they can be hard to move and i'm wondering if it was that. Would the white spot transfer to the other fish if it didn't shrink?
  8. Hi Just got some fish from interstate and have them in a quarantine tank. 1) How long should I leave them in there for?? 2) Is there anything I should be doing?? Like extra water changes or anything like that? Thanks in advance
  9. I want to quarantine my tank As a friend gave me an eel to then later tell me he had just caught it in a river down the road from me I'm not shoure if it had a disease or not but to be safe I want to quarantine the tank any help would great
  10. Could someone please point me in the right direction. I am looking for a Quaratine room in Brisbane, Townsville or Cairns. I am currently talking with Jodi Lea. So any other contacts would be appreciated. Thanks Brett mackayfish@westnet.com.au
  11. i have a 2foot tank with a sponge filter in it , it is in a heated room . how do i keep it cycled so it is ready at any time ?????
  12. im looking to import some cichlids and i need to find someone with a quarintine room for all intensive purposes of satisfying our sensational import laws, any suggestions on where i could find someone with one?? thanks guys,
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