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  1. Hi all, I have a pair of Albino BN Pleco's in one of my tanks and I have a few questions about her and them in general. What is the L number for Albino BNP's? When they spawn, how long from when they first lay the eggs until they hatch/get tails etc? With Albino BN pleco eggs, can you ever see the eyes of them in the eggs as they develope or are they pretty much impossible to see due to their red eyes in contrast with the orange egg sacks? I have air about 30 orange eggs that I have put into a small birthing tank (the ones that go in the main tank and attach to the glass with suction cups) as I got too curious (first time they have spawned, well since I've had them...). It's been two days since I found them and moved them into the birthing tank, in front of the filter head to ensure water flow and oxygen over the eggs. If I had left them be though, they would have all been eaten by the other fish in the tank so I'm hoping I have saved them.... They all seem healthy still and are still a nice orange in colour (the eggs), so that should mean they are fertilised and healthy, correct? Breeding fish is new to me so it's exciting for the whole family! Thanks for any help, info and or advice in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I received my ro system in the mail today and upon reading the instructions I found it has a recommend operating pressure of 60psi. My house has terrible water pressure and just wanted to find out if the filter will still work if the pressure is low. I assume it would work but with lower output than usual, but as this is my first ro unit I thought I would ask some more experienced people. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm planning on getting an Axolotl in the next few weeks and have some questions to ask 1. Will a 15l tank be big enough for one Axolotl? 2. What kind of black sand substrates can be used? 3. Would fake turf meant for aquariums be okay to place in some parts of the tank or will it cause stress/issues for the Axolotl to move over? 4. How many hides should one put in an Axolotl tank? Any other information regarding care of Axolotl's would be greatly appreciated aswell
  4. Hi, I have a 6x2x2 tank that I'm looking to restock and I've been thinking about getting a pleco. However, I want one that's going to top out at around 30 cm (not 45 cm!) and was wondering what species people would suggest? I was wondering if a chocolate pleco would fit the bill. I also like the gold albino plecos but I'm not sure what species they are and whether they would be likely to grow larger than 30 cm? Also wondering about suitable tankmates. I was thinking about the more peaceful Lake Malawi cichlids but would the KH of the water be too high for a pleco? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. I have a single mono in my all male mixed African tank that is getting a bit of size about it. Around 15cm top to bottom fin. I heard somewhere that they need to be in a brackish setup once they reach a certain size. Is this true? Cheers
  6. Just wondering if anyone here on the forum uses any of the small Fluval, Aqua One, Ista or other small CO2 kits that are getting around and if they are any good. Thinking of grabbing one down the track when it's time to flood the up and coming 'Monte Carlo' nano. Cheers.
  7. OK, I've found an Aqua One Horizon tank in the back room, measures 50cm x 20cm x 30cm, this tank with the Ista 60cm LED I have, would this be suitable for a small Iwagumi carpet display? Would the light be strong enough? Unsure of how strong the light is.
  8. Good morning! Hope everyone is having a brilliant Saturday. I just have a few questions. 1- what are some options for plants to grow on this piece of driftwood at the top of my tank? I'd like mossy/short stuff that fish can swim around in. Its pretty close to my 96watt plant tube so high light level? Preferably one that easy to attach and not too delicate as I have to move the wood around a bit. 2- top level swimmers. Suggestions for these? I've got water just above neutral thats slightly hard and about 26 degrees. Currently stocked with schools of penguin tetras, Rummynose and a pair of young Angels. So nothing nippy please. I'll be progressively trying to soften my water and lower ph a bit so that's also a factor. 3- best all-round algae eater? I don't currently have anything specifically controlling algae in the tank. What would be the best option with my water parameters? Mainly concerned with a small scattering of algae over the glass and some new light stuff on plant leaves. I also have some long brown tough stuff that travelled on Anubis driftwood from another tank. There's probably much more I need to ask but that's all I can think of right now Thanks in advance for any help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hey guys and girls just had a few questions about the rainbow fish for those of you who have them.. is it better to have a little school of about 8-10 of them or just a couple of them? How big will they actually grow in a 4ft tank? And will they get along with many other fish? Or what fish should I put with them? And what water temp should I have ? Driftwood or no driftwood ? Would they breed in a tank or is it hard to breed them? Thankyou everyone for your help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I was wondering, and tell me if it's OK or not, I'm totally fine if it's not OK, but seeing so many of you up in Queensland have access to collecting your own tank and pond fish seeing a lot of you have easy or close by access to creeks, streams, billabongs and what not, is it legal to transport the native fish collected in Queensland into South Australia? Or, is it a major no, no? If it's illegal, not a problem at all, I'm cool with that, but if it's legal and certain fish can be transported into South Australia, is anyone able to collect a handful when out fishing next for their tank, dam, pond? I checked the Department of Primary Industries but have no idea where to actually look too in regards if natives could be transported into South Australia. If anyone knows, I dare say a lot of you serious keepers would, please let me know, I'm keen to try and grab some Glass Fish, Empire Gudgeons and maybe a suitable Rainbowfish. Cheers. If this isn't allowed, not a problem, delete the thread and let me know it's not cool, cheers.
  11. Hey all I am coming back from reef tanks and going to transform my 6x2x2 1000lt total volume system into a planted tank. The aim is a low maintenance setup...if that is ever true haha. I have a sump that is set up like the picture below and I am thinking of filling it with bio balls and using the 2 FBF one for carbon and the other... well not sure. I will run some wool or filter pads before the bio balls. I however cannot suspennd them above the water due to the sump design. Is there another more suitable option? Then it comes to fish list and I am after something vibrant i plan to have a coupple of discus in there and otocinclus for keeping things clean and some rummy nose. Now because of the discus I am thinking 6.5 PH and also safe tank mates. What comes to mind from you guys and gals? In a heavy planted tank with lots of little hide outs will I be able to sustain shrimp enough to not lose them all to the discus but also keep up a natural food supply? or should I ditch the discus all together and go for something else? SO I suppose what i need answers/help with is bio filtration advice and also fish list. I dont want an overly complicated filtration set up but just something that will work well. The fish list I am just after something that has beauty but will leave my plants alone. I am used to the beauty in marine fish so I would love to find something similar. Many thanks for your advise Oh and is there anything around to maintaine PH levels? been a long time since i did fresh
  12. ...which I won't post here. But I will say hello and be a good forum citizen. Just got a 6 foot tank with timber stand and canister (under gravel) filter/pump and two other pumps and stuff... for $400. I think I did OK. But now I got to populate it and make it all work. Which is why I'm here. Coz I know f--- all. And I think I'll go for an unheated tank with natives and loads of plants. I live in the Cooloola Coast region. Quite a nice part of the world. Hope you are having a great time. Keep getting wet.
  13. New to keeping Angel fish, hope to get some advice here!
  14. 1. Does having a sunken log in the tank help soften the water? 2. I've heard of using Liptons teabags to soften water. Is this successful? 3. Without using chemicals or bottled treatments is there a process to soften water naturally? 4. Does soft water always have a low PH? 5. I once heard that when hatching eggs away from the parents, once hatched the water level needs to be lowered so that when the fry become free swimming they can swim to the surface easier to fill their swim bladders. Fact or fiction? 6. Will water flow from a pump affect the fertilisation success, particularly in angel fish. I'm asking because the last time these angels bred there was a high fertilisation and this time there was nothing. I had moved the pump to get it out of their way once I saw they were ready to spawn and didn't want the fry getting sucked up. 7. When using brine shrimp to feed fry, is a small amount of salt water going to bother angel and Krib fry? Most of the online videos talk about washing the shrimp, but we do a 20%-30% water change every day with aged water( 3 day old tap water in a seasoned tank) and never put more than 2 tablespoons of saltwater in there with the brine shrimp. 8. Is 3 days long enough to age water coming from the taps in Brisbane? I have a 30 gallon tank which I usually use around 10 gallons from on a daily basis, and top up with tap water afterwards. There is no smell but the water is slightly green. Can anyone see a problem with that? 9. Has anyone had a problem using logs, rocks and plants from any of Brisbanes creeks? 10. Is there a community in SE Qld that is dedicated to dwarf Cichlids? 11. What are the winning numbers for this Thursdays Powerball?
  15. Hey everyone, I'm looking to chill my 3ft shallow tank of 100L. I am filtering it with an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller. Great flow. Using a lily pipe set up. Looking into a Hailea 150a chiller. Great reviews and good price. The chiller will no doubt be outside the cabinet, I've heard it's not good to be inside the cabinet. I've drawn up this extremely artistic diagram to give you an idea of where it will be in the room and know if the flow will be reduced to the point of not being enough. Two questions. 1. Will this be enough flow? 2. Is it ok to use a canister filter as the pump? (with media, Blue standard sponges, a big bag of eheim substrate pro and 1 litre of marine pure balls) T - Tank C - Chiller Next to the chiller is a computer which is rarely used and sits under the desk right beside the chiller.
  16. Hey guys, this is my first post, I have been in the reef game for a little now but always good to talk to as many people as you can i believe, any in put or experience will be great questions 1, how many fish (in length) do u guys have in your tank? I know there is a lot of variables but if you have a lot then what is working for u (filter system) 2. I run ozone that is controlled by an ozone controller, I run it at 360 on my orp, what are others running theirs at? 3. My sand is dirty and it is so annoying having to turn it over all the time, what are you guys using to prevent this, is a sand sifting star an option? Apparently they die of starvation ? 4. I am currently using the "aquavitro" range which is good but a little expensive, what are u guys using for your calcium and mag ? 5 the last one is that I'm looking for a fish or something that brings something different to the tank, any suggestions? I was thinking a powder blue tang or kole tang ? Thanks
  17. I picked up 2 of these a while back and never remembered the details. 1) What fish is it (thought it looked like a L202) 2) M/F 3) Ball park in buying the opposite gender 4) Are they hard to breed I've bred bristlenose before so i thought it would be similar? If its rather hard to get done i won't bother but thought it might be a bit of fun. Thanks.
  18. Just wondering how everyone with FX5's have there media set up as a mate of mine brought a tank with one set up on it. At the moment it is set up like this from top to bottom Basket 1 Blue Bio Balls Basket 2 Noodles and Basket 3 Matrix in it at the moment and was thinking of getting rid of the Bio Balls and Noodles and replacing them with Marine Pure Spheres and leaving the Matrix in Basket 3 any thought would be great
  19. I want to shut my sump down to move the baffles around and add more media, my first question is there any way I can store the media I have now with out killing the bacteria. Once I've set it back up and hooked it up to my tank if add some API Quick Start will it be fine and will it go through a new cycle again
  20. Hi Guys, I'm looking at getting a used marine tank (I'm joining the dark side slowly haha). I'm looking at getting a Red Sea Fish 130 or 250 depending on the price i can get it for. I want to set it up as a FOWLR tank and when i get the hang of things and more equipment change it over to a reef tank. Would this type of tank be a good for the long run with a reef tank and is is there anything that i should watch out for as i have never brought a used tank before. Cheers R
  21. Does anyone know if Myleus rubripinnis "luna" - "Luna" Red Hook Silver Dollar are common in Oz? I saw one today and thought "I want some of them" What are they worth? Juvenile size, around 8cm Are the spots just a random trait found in red hooks? or are the a species of their own?
  22. Hi Guys, Ive been researching alot for good colour in a cichlid tank and compatibility for 55g/4feet/230l tank and this is what i came up with. if you could tell me what you think and if they will fight for any reason. 5 x Red Zebra 5 x Pseudotropheus Salousi 5 x Rusty Cichlid 5 x Cynotilapia Afra Cobwe [h=1][/h]My only worry is the Afra and Soulousi, they might be too similar and fight?. Ill be swapping males for females once the get older and can easily be sexed. The tank will have a 2200LP/H filter so no problems in overstocking Thanks Francois
  23. Hi all, I've recently upgraded a few things in my 2ft (20 US gal) planted tank to get it towards the "high tech" end of the spectrum. It's running 2x24W T5HO bulbs at 6500K and 10000K along with pressurized CO2 on a solenoid running at about 1.5bps (for the moment) and is filtered by an Eheim 2215 with an inline CO2 reactor. Prior to adding the CO2 I was adding API CO2 booster (excel equivalent) and micro-nutrients, then gave Seachem's NPK a go, though dosing fairly conservatively and dealing with a lot of thread algae during that time. It currently houses 13 rummy-nose tetras, 2 black phantom tetras and 2 juvenile SAEs (smaller than the tetras) as well as 2 riffle shrimp and 15-25 Neocaridina shrimp at a guess. Moderately planted with Blyxa, dwarf hairgrass, a few crypts (wendtii, balanase, parva), Hygrophila difformis, stargrass, pygmy chain swords, and another stem plant species that I can't recall the name of. Since adding the CO2, growth has increased dramatically in the stem plants, but I am still battling with the algae. So much so that I had to severely cut back most of plants to remove the majority of the algae-infested leaves. Ideally I would like to use the Estimated Index for dosing but with Seachem's NPK that will become a money pit unto itself... and sourcing the dry ferts seems rather difficult here, especially KNO3. Regardless, my questions are more about the nutrient balance in a planted aquarium. Quite a few products that are sold as "complete" plant fertilisers specifically state that they are nitrogen and phosphate free, containing mostly potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium, and claim that sufficient N and P produced through feeding and fish waste. Is this likely to actually be the case in a high light system? My understanding is that ammonia is the primary driver for most algaes, at least in the spore stage and that plants are more likely to utilise N and P than algae, provided that other parameters are reasonably good for plant growth. Given the relatively high bioload, is it likely that the algae is benefiting from the immediate form of fish waste (ammonia) and then the plants will be struggling to find enough available N and P, hence I would need to supplement them directly with nitrogen? I haven't seen many obvious signs of deficiencies in the plants themselves, just an excess of algae on some leaves and an increase in green spot algae on the glass. Is that also a sign of there not being enough P in the system? If I dose according to Seachem's calculations and ideal nutrient levels I'll be using 100mL of each in under 2 months... but would providing less NPK than recommended contribute more available nutrients to the algae than the plants? Thanks for your feedback - I'm also interested in anyone else's experience with nutrient dosing and higher tech tanks... problems, solutions, stories, etc. Cheers, Piet
  24. Hey guys, I've got 5 apisto cichlids in a 4x1.5x1.5 fully planted tank. They are 1m 2f cockatoo and 1m 1f borellii apisto. They are housed with 4 small >50m bn, a royal whiptail, a panda Cory and 2 neon tetras. My question is, is it normal for me to only ever see the males? Since going in the tank over a week ago, I haven't seen any of the females at all. Are they just guarding their own little territories in the plants? Regards, Nathan
  25. I have two questions: Q1: how long do you believe it takes for ammonia to start appearing when cycling your tank using the added fish method? My partner decided is impatient and didn't want to wait to do a fish less cycle... So instead she has gotten a couple of Daniel for her two foot tank. I have been keeping my eye on it and testing for ammonia but after a month of them being in there there is not even slight ammonia readings. The test kit is definitely accurate because I've tested on other tanks. I gave her some of my cultured media in the beginning so that could be going to work straight away... But that doesn't explain why there is no nitrite or nitrate either All fish are happy and there has been no deaths... She thinks she has cheated the system and the nitrogen cycle is a myth but I know that bacteria bloom is coming! Q2: does anyone have any experience of stingrays latching around wavemakers/ powerheads (with designs such as the Hydor or tune powerheads? My stingray loves playing near the wavemaker however yesterday I came home to him auctioned around the outside casing... I immediately ran and turned it off and he swam away without any visible scratches etc on him. Wondering if he was just lying on the wavemaker because he liked the feel or if it was because he was suctioned on... i have turned it off and put just a regular powerhead in to agitate surface As i have been writing this ive thought of a bonus question: Q3: what temperate are your tanks getting to in this heat? Tank is at around 31-32 degrees now so starting to get worried if that heats up any more....
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