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Found 71 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I have used a couple of old ehiem U-pipes with strainers and taps, and a link to the garden hose for the last few years, and broke them both in one weekend. I feel the need to reinvent the system. Criteria, must attach to a garden hose to go out to the garden and in again. Wonder if I can do two tanks at the same time? If they had a common system would hydrostatic pressure equalise the depths? Any ideas welcome.
  3. So I went to the Doctor's today with Mum to get her blood results back that were taken on Tuesday and results came back with (after many years of being unwell) Hashimoto's Disease, after 42 years of nursing, Mum has never treated or even heard of Hashimoto's Disease, it has attacked Mum's thyroid which is now non existent and is the cause of why she has been so ill for years, the disease also shuts down organs in the body, so she is now on medication to help stop or even slow down the disease. So, as the thread says, "A quick trip to the Doctor's turns into..." Mum going into the local fish store to get some crickets for her two Green Tree Frogs and then walking out with 6 Blind Cave Tetras (Mexican Tetras/Astyanax mexicanus/A. mexicanus), after me shutting down the native tank in the lounge due to mainly funds and putting all plants and Desert Gobies in the pond outside in the garden, Mum get's in the car and tells me she wants the tank set up because she bought some fish, I ask what she got and tells me "Pretty pink fish", I have a look when we get home and see that she has gotten Blind Cave Tetras, she wanted them because they were pretty pink and also blind, so I have set the tank up again, which I have to admit I'm a bit pissed off about because I want native fish in the tank, not normal local fish store fish, haha, but I guess it's better than nothing. So she comes home with Blind Cave Tetras, bags of aqaurium gravel, tap water conditioner and tells me to set the tank up again, so now we have a tank back in the lounge with no natives, damn it! I want natives! haha.
  4. I want to add some API Quick start to my tank once I hook my sump back up to it do add enough Quick start for the tank plus sump volume or just the tank volume and is it safe to add it to the tank if I already have fish in it
  5. Okay so i got my 6ft tank set up its divided for breeding and i filled it up today with tank water and added API Quick Start to each section. Tanks have drift wood. Sponge filter and one section also has hang on filter. Question is can i add my peppermints straight into it? As it has the api quick start. Also got ammo lock should i add a cap full to each section too?
  6. hi everyone, i was reading about this item and am wondering does anyone have an opinion on it,s value, it sounds like it could save time, but on going costs of batteries, has anyone had one for any length of time that can praise/slam it . I will compare any reports good or bad thanks lenny.
  7. Poll... please give reasons below for your answer
  8. Deal of the Day - The ever Popular Eheim Quick Vac Pro. Makes cleaning your gravel / substrate a breeze. Today only $65.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Quick Vac Pro Ben
  9. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has used the eheim quick vac pro? I have got a really fine black gravel substrate, it's pretty well sand. Does it work well for the price or is there a better option to clean my substrate without siphoning all of the substrate out.? Looking forward to your replies Chris
  10. Have 3 copies for some lucky cichlid finatics. There are 3 copies of Celebrating Cichlids book is personally signed by Ad Konings in El Paso so if you are quick you might be able to pick up something a little special. This took a lot of work and effort to make it happen and rather than sell them dearer and profiteer from it we would like to see a couple of lucky QLDAF members pick up this great book and enjoy it and be a bit of a talking point. Please note that you can not purchase more than one. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Celebrating_Cichlids_by_Ad_Konings_p/celeb-cich.htm
  11. what are they like??? are they worth the money and do they do the job????? cheers marty
  12. ok sold the 8ftr and stand, have also sold most my fish to top people on this site also:), now with remaining fish i will knock up a quick 2tier set up to house what i have left will consist of a 4x2x2 and smaller custom tank for the top, and will be run with my FX5 for simplicity.. cheers mike
  13. Hello peoples. Just wondering if anyone out there has used a Eheim Quick Vac Pro and can tell me if they are worth the money and do a good job?
  14. What's the best sand to get from bunnings & how much would I need for a 6x2 tank. Also how much would that cost. Thanx
  15. The other day I got home and one of my angels was swimming weird on its side then straighten back up so I thought nothing of it. But today he is upside down and sometimes comes good but only for a couple of seconds then its back upside down. There are 2 angels in there and the other one is fine. They are a breeding pair and I'm preety sure it's the male. Any help???
  16. hey all just wanting to know what size tank is good for growing african fry in?
  17. Deal of the Day - Eheim Quick Vac Pro. Today only $69.00. Here is a rundown, The EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor makes cleaning an aquarium as easy as pressing a button. Just insert the suction end into the gravel. The water suction lifts the waste up and deposits it into the super-fine mesh cartridge. Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Quick Vac Pro Ben
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Looking to import a fair few fish i.e. guppy's and such. Need someone who can source the fish in a timely manner and ship them. Being stuffed around alot by current person as they seem to have way to much on there plate already. i have money here someone please come take it for my fish lol . Thanks
  20. Hey guys, I need an air pump for my 6 x2 x 2. I went to set up several of the ones I own last night...none of them pump air towards the bottom... SO the question is.. can anyone recommend one that will blast the crap out of the water at that deep? I want two valves so I can have at least two sponge filters going...but any airstone will do, I just need to oxygenate the water. Reason for quick reply, I am going to age of aquariums in the next hour!
  21. Okay so my gh is 6 and my ph is 7.0 my discus and rams are acting a bit shy and a little bit of colour change .. They're use to gh kh of 5 degrees and a ph of 6.5 I have ran out of acid buffer and I have heard chucking a green tea bag into the canister will soften my water ? Is there any house hold remedies or could I do a water change till I get some tomorrow afternoon ... ? 0449931336 message would be much appreciated! Please help!
  22. Hi All, Link below, Age of Aquariums - Eheim Quick Vac Pro Ben
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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