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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 65L Aquaone tank (with hood) currently cycled, planted and stocked with 1 Betta and about 6-10 cherry shrimp. I was until recently running an aquael turbo 500 internal filter which was brilliant, but it had a fault where water was getting into the sealed motor chamber, and that 5/4 times turning the pump on/off at the outlet it would fail to do anything other than make horrible whirring noises. So obviously with the unit being less than 4 months old I had to return it. Since they have gone up massively in price, are out of stock in the LFS and hardly anyone in QLD even sells them anymore I swapped it at the LFS for an otto PF200N. I was told that they can be great little units, but the otto has waaaay to much current output for the tank and Mr Fish is getting blown around the tank and is not happy at all. It's also the loudest internal filter I've ever used and living in a small one bed apartment this is a major NO NO. I am currently running a small hang on filter until I find the right internal but it is limited in the amount of media I can use in the chamber. I'm not keen on a canister filter since I have a dog and all it would take is for her to chew an inlet/outlet tube and my whole apartment is flooded. What would anyone recommend for internal filters with large media chambers that are QUIET. Thrown in a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of what size filter I am looking at. Shown is the old Aquael. Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who can offer their experiences on internal filters. Kritta.
  2. Hi boys & girls, Does anybody know where could I buy an exhaust fan which is slim and very quiet? I want to build it into a cabinet to move the air around the chiller. I have already checked the Bunnings but those ones are minimum 12cm deep and noisy. Is there any thinner than the 12cm? I am thinking about computer fans as well but I reckon a larger one could be more efficient compared to them. Do you have any recommendation/idea/experience? Thanks, Jani
  3. What's the most quiet air pump/value for money air pump?
  4. Hi all, finally getting my sump connected together. Attempting to do a BeanAnimal overflow, without an actual overflow. Anyway my problem is that the noise of the water falling onto the biological media water level is rather loud, the pipes and pump are perfectly whisper silent so just need to fix this. And the hose that busted off creating an unwanted fountain in my room Anyhow have attached a photo of the trouble area and would like some ideas. More media I guess would be an option, but funds don't support that right now. I have a drip tray but that made just as much noise and couldn't cope with the flow-rate. Thanks in advance, Richard
  5. Hi all, I'm building a rack to go in the lounge room that will run 8 1x18x15 tanks on a 3x18 sump. I've had sumps before on systems in a fish room so noise wasn't an issue, but now it will be. So a shout out to all the sump gurus on how to keep it quiet. I don't want a cannister, just a quiet sump. I want to run the start into a drip tray with Dacron then the rest of the goodies. Thanks in advance, mick
  6. Hey guys, exactly as the title reads. I need a good pump to run about 5 sponge filters but it needs to be as quiet as possible as all my tanks are in my lounge room and the noise annoys my house mates. Cheers, Sam
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi, I am intested to hear what people recommend as a very quiet aerator? I would like something with 4 outlets to run an IBC - but would use a two outlet if it was quiter. So, let me know your experiences and what you would recommend. Thanks!
  9. I'm after a quiet air-pump which puts oyt 70-100L/min or thereabouts... Considering piston type pump (hailea?) or an LP60/LP100 - anyway, the pump will be under our house, but as much as possible, I don't want humming etc coming up. which is quieter?
  10. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a nice quiet air pump for running sponge filters. I currently have an Aquaworld 4 outlet pump but its a bit noisey and the tanks are in the computer room which can get a bit annoying. I need something with at least 6 outlets and 60l/min output. Thanks Damo
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a nice and quiet sump filter that will pump water approx 2m up with a head of 1500l/hr or more. Any suggestions guys and gals? Ideally, anyone that is using a sump pump or pond filter pump that matches these requirements - I would love to hear from. Thanks Mick
  12. Was just wondering if anyone has a silent sump pump? I had a 1500lph pondmate from bunnings it was near dead silent but that died due to my carelessness, so I bought a sunsun 2500 being cheap and it is noisy as hell. Was just wondering what you's use around this capacity, I was thinking maybe a quietone 3000 but have read they can be noisy as well. I sleep right next to my tank so has to be silent, I sleep really light unfortunately.
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