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Found 24 results

  1. Just wondering how people would plumb this rack if it was there's not sure weather to go 1 x 32mm overflow at the top in the middle of each tank and 2 x 20mm returns above the tank. Or 2 x 25mm overflows in each corner and 1 x 20 mm return at the top in the middle of the tank through a 20mm bulkhead any advise and pictures would be nice
  2. Just wondering if having 2 x 25mm bulk heads as outlets and one 20mm bulk head as an inlet would work on each tank when setting up a 3 x 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 Rack and am better off having 50mm return pipe all the way from the bulk heads to the sump
  3. Hi Guys hopefully will be getting this under way soon. want to build 2 racks 1 with 4x 48x15x18 and 1 2x 60x20x24 fed into 1 sump with sponges aswel. Now where im currently renting is very limited on height under the house where my fish room is so the racks have to be long and short gona be a little quishy but not useless. and hopefully a long shallow sump. if anyone has any ideas on how to get maximum height so i can get in and clean tanks please feel free to give your opinon. not against removing a tank to swap with sump. will be keeping calvus and compressiceps in there at this stage also there is a slight possibility of moving in April so can always wait until then and work off a standard 2400 ceiling height. changing the plans i drew is no prob is a couple secs work Project 0.pdf
  4. With the Easter holidays fast approaching we are pulling down the crappy shelving that the last owner built and putting some some proper shelves. As part of this one section will be for a new breeding setup . We have been looking at the option of using plastic storage tubs for the tanks. Tubs would be between 30-50L each 4 per row and 4-5 rows high depending on the height of tubs/tanks we choose. Does anyone have any advice good/bad or other on using plastic tubs over glass tanks. Or any recommendations on tubs to use or not use. 30-50L seems to be a good size for growing out fry as the breeders will be in the current 100L tanks. This will be for fry only and maybe breeding some small live bearers. Apart from the tubs costing less than similar glass tanks we are looking at this option because 1. easy to drill all the holes (system would be sumped) 2. tubs are light and no real risk of breakage can be picked up and cleaned easy when needed 3. total weigh of all the tubs less than an all glass setup 4. easy to stack away when not needed.
  5. So on my 3 tier rack if I get the flow going a bit faster they will gargle. So they will fill to a point and then flood down the 19mm tube and gargle until they drain out slow again,then fill higher and woosh out again and GARGLE. So my question is if I put a t piece on the back to allow air flow will this stop the flood and fill problem?? Thanks in advance to any help on this.
  6. Hi all I currently have a 3 tier 4ft tank rack which I am using for breeding. The filtration is all over the place with a large canister, sponges and internal filters everywhere so I want to convert the bottom tank to a sump. The top 2 tanks already have a 25mm hole drilled in them (one in each at opposite ends) as I was running a 700gph canister on the top two. I was wondering If when I turn the bottom tank into a sump if these pipes would be adequate for overflow and for the pump and what size pump you would recommend?
  7. ill start off with: i should have just bought prebuilt rack for sale. thinking that getting some company to deliver me a tank rack would be too much hassle. but on hind sight.... doing one yourself would probably cost way more monetarily and time.
  8. Looking to buy a 5ft 3 teir rAck if anyone has one or can build me one would be great let me know! thanks please pm me or txt on 0447606420. Like the one in the attached picture .
  9. Finally up and running! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking LOL but here are a few specs: 6 tanks 2ftx18"x16"h sump 2x18x18- 3 compartments. First compartment K1, need a heap more and need to put some gutter guard so it doesnt flow into compartment 2, which is a variety of sponges. Compartment 3 has a few litres of ceramic rings and soon to have 2L of marinepure spheres (just ordered some from AOA, for my marine tank and this rack). And yeah I'm also waiting on a filter sock to come lol. Sump pump-italian made (forget brand LOL) 3500L/h pump. Seems to be going well! Also sponge filters comming for each tank. More diftwood coming as well and plants! Substrate-natural river sand from my old discus tank Stock (mostly still comming)- bottom 2 tanks will have a trio of pep breeders in each one + some cherries. middle tanks will each have a variety of cherrie shrimp and tiger shrimp at a later date. Top tanks will have a cherrie colony in each. Chiller: hailea hc250a - not hooked up yet. Temp will be kept at 24-25c. Lighting: top and middle tanks will be lit with T5s and bottom tanks will be natural sunlight/T8 when needed. Excuse the plate in there lol, forgot to get it out [MENTION=7908]corymad[/MENTION] [MENTION=6305]Gazzdogdiddy[/MENTION] [MENTION=2309]chopper[/MENTION] thought you guys would wanna see some pictures lol
  10. Hi Just wondering if anyone has ever used a basic storage shelf to rack tanks on? I have this one i got from Officeworks as im a bit short of time to do much else... Adjustable 9mm MDF board decks on reinforced steel frames Dimensions: 1226 x 615 x 1830 mm. Weight Capacity: 350kg per shelf Plan is to cover the MDF boards with black PVC so they don't get water damaged, foam on that and then start stacking. Heaviest tank i'd be placing on it would be a 4'x2'x16", roughly 300kg on one of the bottom shelves. Has anyone ever done this cheap n easy rack or am i taking a bit of a structural gamble? Should i keep it as 2x90cm High shelves instead of the 6ft height? Maybe get some 15-20mm board decks? Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback Cheers
  11. Setting up 2 new racks with four 4x2x18s on each one. Will be run on canisters for now, until early next year ill sump them both.
  12. Ok so I have the tanks to build a breeding rack but looking for some stands for the rack or cheap 25x25 steel to build own stands. This is my quick drawing to show how I am setting up. I will be using or wanting 3 separate stands as it will be easy for transporting and moving if needed. The stands will need to be long enough to fit 2x 2ft tanks long and 450mm wide. The stands together will make a length of 12 ft or a little longer. So if anyone has some stands this size for sale please let me know or other wise where I can get some cheap 25x25 steel. Thanks Anthony
  13. hey guys just a quick look at my rack i have set up, it arrived at my house lets just say needing a bit more than a large doze of TLC!!! the sale had its own issues aswell , but after working my way through and eventually getting it , i stripped it back , painted, painted again , cleaned tanks, re-sealed a couple, bought 5 new ones, a couple new lights ... water and livestock ! breeding just now i have bronze corys ..... thx col from toowoomba albino corys koi angels thx col again 2 pair of mixed angels albino kribs normal kribs red jewels convict .. shhhhhhh ! and my discus have spawned twice .. hoping third time lucky for fry here is a couple pics from old to new 1 wee happy chappy here
  14. HI, finally some progress ! it has been a long hard slog . just a few two footers to paint and go on the end. give it a good cleanup and possibly give it a trial run in a few days. would i have done things different......... yes lots.. ideas change as things progress but i am pretty happy with it so far .any advice on the fine tuning when i start her up ?. i will have a sponge in each tank as well , running an lp 60 do wondering if i will have enough spare air to turn some k1 in the sump? thinking of running a six mm line to the k1 chamber to turn it over. cant wait to stock it up !!!! cheers mark
  15. This will be my Fry grow out rack i will be making for my Mollies, Swordtails, Guppies & BN Suckers. They will be Clear 60L tubs up top each with a Sponge filter in it. Blue line will be the air line, with a big Aerator to give correct amount of air. The white shelf, will be for if i get over run i will put another 6 tubs in there. Bottom shelve will be left over for Bags, Food, Nets Ect: Let me know what you all think?
  16. I've been thinking about setting up a sump for my 6 breeding tanks. Ive got a spare 2.5ft tank that i was going to use. I've got the basics of how a sump works(never had one before) but still have a few questions.... Will the 2.5ft tank be big enough for 6 tanks 2x1x1? Was going to have 3 compartments, coarse filter pads, fine filter pads/ceramic noodles and then heaters & pump. At what height to i drill the tanks for the bulkheads? What size pump will i need? If power goes out, how do i prevent a flood? Is it worth doing? Tanks are on a 3 tier bunnings rack, top shelf is about 1.6mtrs from ground. Stock at this stage is only bn fry Tanks are currently only filtered by air sponges. Cheers Dan
  17. Hi gang, thinking about making a breeding rack at some point. Specs are that it needs to be built out of framing timber. It needs to be three levels and it needs to be able to accomodate 2 standard 2ft x 1fters side by side endways. There wouldn't be a sump as I would run it on air and sponge filters being a breeding set up. I guess something about 7 ft tall would do it. Thx, Phil
  18. i have an idea of how im going to do it but i want to make sure. im not to keen on having the rack collapse and spill hundreds of Litres of water and fish all over the ground.
  19. Has anyone used the rack it system for tanks, I have worked out I can do a nine tank rack for about $150, and thats using ply instead of the mdf available with the kit, they claim each level can handle 750kg if using braces... Has anybody had any experience? Good/bad?
  20. hey guys i am just about to start my rack was just looking for some ideas and some pointers of what to use.... ok so i am going to sump this rack i will have 2 4ft tanks on top level and 2 on the bottom i am going to put a sump under rack what size sump will i need for the bio of this rack. and pipe sizes for flow and return i will have the top 2 tanks flowing into bottom 2 then from bottom 2 into sump... then the sump will feed back into top 2 tanks... very simple but i need to know pipe size and flow rates for a good turn over and a good return pump what size its about 2m head to top of the top of the top 2 tanks any ideas are welcome.... i will be adding 19mm ply to the chip board that is on racking to add strength to shelfs and will be sealing the ply and chip board so no water damage can occur... thank you in advance for any help or tips... =]
  21. I'm setting up a multitank rack (2 levels) with 8-10 tanks. looking to plumb for central filtration but a little uncertain if I will drill at the top (i.e. front or back) or on the bottom for the plumbing.. in brief - hole in the bottom means that the plumbing passes under the tank - so no hoses at teh front or back.. but hole at the top of the front or back means if there are any leaks you'd only loose a bit of water at the expense of having the plumbiong stick out.. at the moment i am leaning toward the bottom towards the rear.. your thoughts and experienced welcomed..
  22. G'day folks, Well I've just finished setting up my new 3 tier rack I built and thought I'd share a few pics and how I made it. Its really quite simple to do Start off by making three of these: Then with the base on the ground attach the lower vertical supports ensuring they are square, then the first shelf and the upper supports: Then add the next lot of supports and the top shelf: Nail some ply to the tops, slap on a bit of stain, throw on a few tanks, add some and your done: All up I'd say this would take about 2-3 full days including sanding and staining if you have all the materials ready to go (took me longer cos I did it bit by bit). The occupants: The bottom and middle tanks are 3'x20"x15" and the top is 2'x15"x15" (this will be replaced by another 3' eventually). The 2' has my pair of Brevis, the bottom is a growout for the swarms of fry they are producing (you can't see many in this pic but there is about 70 in there and another batch with the parents): And the middle tank houses my latest additions... M.msobo "magunga" and Lab. Joanjohnsonae juvies: Cheers Damo
  23. my next project. wont happen straight away, but soon i hope 13, 2'x18"x15" tanks with sump stand will be made from 50x50 and 25x50 galvinised RHS 13mm polystyrene under tanks all tanks plumbed to a sump with 40mm pvc pipe tanks drilled 60mm from top 60mm from side stand dimensions return plumbing opinions?? ideas? anyone?
  24. ok, im building a new rack thought i might post some pics as i go. . this rack is gonna have three tanks which i am building myself i have a pile of glass i have already cut to size. i will drill and plumb the tanks with two overflow pipes each to run to a sump. the overflows are 25mm poly fittings, with strainers on the ends, one drawing water from low in the tank one from the surface , i will have pics of the plumbing later tank sizes are as follows (they are odd sizes cause i used the glass i had) top- 1080x530x600h middle-1020x530x530h bottom-1170x530x530h the stand has 50x50x2mm legs the rails and cross supports are 40x40x2mm i also used 1/2inch x 2 unc bolts as adjustable feet heres the pic i will have the first tank in place within a week, stay tuned
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