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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys I'm just putting it out there to see what would come of it ! I'm a trade qualified boilermaker/ welder and I'm making custom galvinized stands and racks for fish keepers. The stands/racks can be made at my place or on site at yours to order and built completely to your design and specifications to meet personal requirements. The stands can be made in any length height width and configuration to suit your needs and any size materials depending on tank sizes and weight limitations. Basically there's no job to big or small you design what you want and how you want it and I'll build it if this is something you guys might be interested in pm me and we can discuss things and go from there thanks again hope to hear from you soon!
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  3. Hey guys, judt about to tackle a large xmas/ new year project, partitioning half the garage off and building a fidh room It will have 2 sections Discus breeding room And grow, holding and selling tanks in main part Looking for ideas on lighting, room lights or tank lights? Insulation between plasterboard? Roof on it just inches below garage door when up Worth a small reverse aur cin 2 kw maybe? All help advice greatly appreciated Cheers. Darren
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  5. Wooden racks are easy to dismantle and a pleasure to look at, but need proper treatment with several layers of wood protector and waterproof varnish to last for a long time in a moist environment. An advantage of this material is that it’s relatively cheap, especially when you assemble it yourself. With a minimum of tools like an electric drill, a level, good screws, carpenter glue and basic DIY skills, they’re easy to build. Be sure to use thick enough beams to carry all the weight. Compared to iron and aluminum the bulk of wooden racks limits the space available for tanks. Of course the price of such racks depends on the kind of wood that's used. Pine is the cheapest, but if you want better quality like beech, chestnut or oak, you'll definitely pay a higher price. As we fish keepers have a bit an ecological heart, tropical wood definitely should be avoided. All we have to do is take accurate measures, go to the lumber yard and let cut all the parts needed for the rack Iron is cheap, but a professional welder must do the construction. Few people have such an apparatus in their toolbox at home, and it’s quite questionable they’re able to assemble a safe rack with strong connections. Can you imagine a rack full of tanks collapse when you’re in the neighbourhood? A drawback of this material is its sensitivity for corrosion, especially in a moist environment. Several layers of a good quality paint (some brands can be put on the iron and even directly on rust) and a yearly repaint is a must. There is also a possibility to let "powder coat paint" the complete frame. In this procedure the paint is sprayed as a fine powder, not a liquid. After the powder has been applied, the heat from an oven liquefies and hardens the paint. Also electroplating is a possibility. Plastic pads under the legs of the rack helps to protect it from rust at the most critical part of the construction. Aluminum is the perfect material for building racks. It's light and practically immortal, and if you additionally use electrostatic coated beams, then you can forget about it once and for all. You can also choose any color that matches that of your basement. Aluminum is very expensive compared with wood, iron or electroplated iron. The construction of racks must be done by a professional, and his wages are also expensive, although the tools needed for such constructions are cheap and easy to use. All you need is a clinch tool and rivets. There is a special technique to fit the beams together. The best craftsmen use aluminum profiles in the joints that they can fit within the beams, so the rivets do not rumple them when clinched and practically the beams’ thickness and durability is doubled. Additionally the joints are not evident.
  6. Hi just curious what peoples opinions are in regards to the best way to plumb up air to suit a rack , do you run a continuous line from top to bottom Zig zagging through each layer or just run a main line down the side that branches out via t piece to each layer/row? Also what size pipe works best? Cheers
  7. hi i need heaps of info on woodern tank racks (eg. type of wood and things needed) thank you, rion
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